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Lisa Leeds

"Lisa Leeds is the only candidate in Tennessee House District 58"

Nashville, TN, USA
female, age 54
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Joined Jul 10, 2008
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Help Save the Race Track/Fairgrounds

If you have read the newspaper or watched the news there could be a great injustice going on at the [Nashville, TN] Fairgrounds/Race Track. They (city) are trying to take your Fair Grounds and sell it to a Developer and move your State Fair and you the people of the State of TN that is your property and you have a say on if you want the Fair to Stay or Go. You the people of the State of TN need to tell the Fair Board to leave your property alone. And leave the State Fair right where it is. And fix it up. The City/State does not need to burden on the tax payers to move the Fairgrounds. Because, if they move the Fairgrounds the property taxes around the Fairgrounds property will go up. No, this is not right at all. According to the City Charter the Fair Board can not sell that property and could be a great injustice being done to the people of the State of TN.

Where you need to look in the City Charter is Administration Fair Board Commissioners Acts of 1909 Chapter 490 Section 7 and this was passed 1909.

SECTION 7. That should any property be conveyed or leased by Davidson County to the
State of Tennessee as aforesaid, for the purpose of holding thereon said annual fairs, the said Board
of Fair Trustees shall use and maintain said property for the purpose set forth in this Act, and should
said property, without good and sufficient cause, such as bad weather, fire, storm, pestilence war, etc.
cease to be used for the purpose herein set forth for a period of two years, beginning with the last day
of any annual fair, then and in that event said property, with all fixtures thereon, shall revert back to
and become the absolute property of the donor or conveyor, and all right, title, and interest whatever
in said property which shall have been acquired by the State of Tennessee shall become null, void, and
extinguished. This provision shall constitute a condition of the acceptance and use of said property
by the State of Tennessee. In this manner and upon this condition the State of Tennessee through
its said Board of Fair Trustees, shall accept and use such property as may be conveyed, leased, or
otherwise tendered to the State of Tennessee by Davidson County for the purpose of holding thereon
an annual State Fair; ...
Passed: May 1, 1909.

The other matter is the Race Track and truthfully that is part of NASCARS History.

To all would you all please find in your heart to help us save the Race Track at the Fairgrounds here in Nashville, TN.? As some of you know they are trying to do a way with the State Fair and also the Race Track so if you like racing please sign this petition.

I am just one person and I alone can not stop what could be an great injustice by myself I need the people of the State of TN to help so I call on you the people of the State of TN to stand with me and help me fight what could be an great injustice. And together we can beat the Fair Board and the City.

Here is my proposal that I have sent on behalf of the people of the State of TN.

Lisa Leeds
Candidate in 08
State House Dist. 58 TN
Vice Chair
Libertarian Party Nashville,TN
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Groups (AGR) A Green Road, Americans for a BETTER America, Amnesty International, Christian Stewardship, DONE with Dubya (Formerly Down with Dubya), Get Out The Progressive Vote!, JESUS FOR THE HOMELESS!, PETA - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, REVOLUTION, Ron Paul 2008 - Hope for America, Ron Paul 2012/ Campaign for Liberty, Save The Manatee
Hometown Nashville, TN 
Birthday Jan 16, 1964  
Languages english  
About Me Lisa Leeds supports reducing the size, scope and power of government at all levels and on all issues, and opposes increasing the size, scope or power of government at any level or for any purpose.

Hi! I am Lisa Leeds and I am the Libertarian candidate for State House
District 58 in Tennessee.

I was born in Arizona on January 16, 1964 and moved to Wisconsin when I
was very young. I lived in Wisconsin until 1993 when I moved to
Nashville, where I've been for 14 1/2 years.

I have been married for 14 1/2 years.

I have been involved in some way shape or form in politics since I turned
18. I worked on the Mondale campaign that year, and other campaigns
through the years. In 2004 I worked on the Kerry Campaign and this when I
came to see the light I did in fit the mold of a Democrat.

I was home schooled for my high school education. I earned a college
degree in Music Technology from Nashville State Tech in 2000. I also
earned a degree from National College of Business and Technology in
Computer Applications Technology in 2007.

I am self employed. I do MySpace and Facebook pages, light computer
repair, taxes and some A&R. I am also the Vice Chair of the Libertarian
Party of Nashville, Tennessee.
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My Philosophy The Libertarian Approach

As a Libertarian, Lisa Leeds believes that it is more desirable to use the freedom of competing choices to solve the problems faced by society, than only having a “one size fits all” solution offered by the government. The founders of our country recognized this when they started it based on the basic concept that all men receive rights from their creator. With every right we receive from our creator, we also inherit a responsibility. Whenever we ask government to assume one of our responsibilities, we loose the rights that accompany that responsibility. As a government grows us eventually loose much more than rights and responsibilities, Read 1 Samuel 8:10 – 22 for an explanation of the problems caused by big government. Most of the problems we face in Tennessee are linked directly to the current political situation in the United States of America.

My political philosophy is:

You shouldn't spend money you don't have.

Taking property, for the benefit of another, against its owner’s will is theft.

You should know the difference between your needs and your wants.

Do your duties without overstepping your limitations.

This leads to:

Compassion at another's expense is not compassion.

The government is not a bank.

Our city/state/country should be attractive to business through freedom, not bribes.


As a fundamental right we all should be able to enjoy life and liberty. The right to life is the most basic and fundamental of all liberties. The purpose of government is to provide for the common defense, and defend the defenseless. These rights extend to the born and the unborn alike. The 5th Amendment to the Constitution for the United States enumerates that no “…person… [Shall] be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law….” Abortion deprives the unborn child of life and liberty without due process of law. Government at all levels should work to ensure all equal protection under the law.

The center of the abortion debate revolves around when a child becomes alive. If a fetus is alive, then clearly it should receive equal protection under the law from being deprived of its life. If the fetus is not alive then it has no life of which to be deprived. Currently a women choice is limited to bringing a child to full term or aborting it. In a Libertarian society, with its prosperity and competing alternative healthcare, abortion could be made obsolete by developing the technology to transfer an unwanted fetus to a natural or artificial womb. This technology would be particularly helpful when the life of the mother might become threatened if the child was brought to full term or if the child was conceived due to rape. It might well be possible that if the pro-life and pro-choice groups had put their time, money, and effort into this research instead of lobbying, that abortion might already be a thing of the past. It is time to give women a real choice.


The amount of our population that has served time in prison is growing more rapidly than ever before. Many of our population have had their lives ruined by being prosecuted and imprisoned by committing victimless crimes. A state legislature that is acting responsible in fulfilling their Constitutional duty must stop this dangerous trend.

The tenth amendment to the Constitution for the United States says, “The Powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively or the people.” The United States has no Constitutional power for their “War on Drugs” or “War on Terrorism”. A majority of prisoners being held in our state are Political Prisoners and victims of these wars. The Tennessee General Assembly must resolve to enforce the tenth amendment, within the bounds of Tennessee. This is the only way Tennessee can reduce crime. This is the only way we can stop the insane growth in our prison population.


Compulsory government psychotherapy is not education. I know first hand what a disaster our schools have become. The tenth amendment to the Constitution for the United States says, “The Powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively or the people.” Nowhere in the Constitution is there any mention of Education, yet the Federal Government has created the monster of the Department of Education. This department only burdens our schools with regulations that hinder true learning. Our State Constitution requires, “The General Assembly provide for the maintenance, support and eligibility standards of a system of free public school.” The General Assembly should, as a matter of conscience, see to it that our children get the best education in the world. As a legislator I will ensure that our schools do not just function as administration sites of compulsory government psychotherapy. We need schools that educate, not indoctrinate. We must instill in our students urgency for being responsible for their learning and life choices.

From the founding of our great nation we have recognized the importance of keeping the government out of religion. It is time to recognize that the entire idea of a government monopoly of education is flawed. Groups such as the Alliance for the Separation of School & State recognize that the only way for our children to receive the quality of education they need is by separating schools from the control of any level of government.

From the mid-1600s to the mid-1800s, public schools as we know them today were virtually non-existent, and the free market met the educational needs of America. In these two centuries, America produced several generations of highly skilled and literate men and women who laid the foundation for a nation dedicated to the principles of freedom and self-government.

The voluntary system of education in which our forefathers were educated included home, school, church, voluntary associations such as library companies and philosophical societies, circulating libraries, apprenticeships, and individual study. It was a system supported primarily by those who used the services of education, and by gracious benefactors. All was done without compulsion. Although there was a veneer of government involvement in some colonies, such as in Puritan Massachusetts, early American education was essentially based on the principle of voluntarism.

The General assembly must encourage parents to seek out alternative ways of educating their children. We must develop a system in which parents can become responsible for what their children are learning and how they are learning it. The key to a successful education is parent support. The General assembly must do all it can to promote learning in our state.

Research from all across America shows that our tax subsidized schools is failing. Individually owned and operated schools produce better results at about one-half the cost per student compared to government sector schools. The national average spent on each student in a school owned and operated by the government is $8383. The average spent on each government sector school student in Tennessee $6,648. Hamilton County spends an average of $7,200 for each student in our schools owned and operated by the government. Over 33 years, average per-pupil expenditures for schools owned and operated by the government have nearly doubled, rising from $3931 in 1971 - 1972 to $8383 in 2003-2004, in constant dollars. The largest contribution to the increased costs of government education has come from the growth in the administrative sector of government run schools. Between 1960 and 1984, the number of non-classroom personnel in America grew almost 600%, nearly ten times the growth rate of classroom teachers. The number of non-teaching, administrative employees, (46 percent of total) is now almost equal to the number of classroom teachers (54 percent of total) and continues to grow.

The most prestigious schools (McCallie and Baylor) in Chattanooga, Tennessee charge $18,700 in tuition for each day student. These prices are actually high above the average cost of sending a child to a market sector school. On average individually operated school in America charge $3267 a year for tuition. In America, parents may choose from well over 27,000 competing schools that charge less than $2,500 a year. Less than 21% of free market schools in America charge more than $5000. Market sector schools have a proven track record of producing better results than their government owned and operated counterparts. The average cost of a market sector school in America, $3267 is less than half of what Hamilton County is spending on each of its students, $7,200, in schools owned and operated by the government. According to Education Week in 2003 417 schools owned and operated by the government across America are now individually owned and operated. Since 1999 the number of government schools to be returned to the free market had tripled.

In short, our government owned and operated schools have no obligation to produce success. As a matter of fact, the worst our government schools perform the more money they get. Salary differences prevent them from going to teach at the most effective schools. Your tax dollars are used to keep failing public schools in operation. Because of tax subsidize, which allow government controlled schools to pay teachers more, market sector schools are unable to compete for the best teachers. The good teachers that work in the failing government run schools cannot perform to their full potential because of bureaucratic red tape. The government education system restricts them from reaching their full potential. Government regulations restrict their teaching methods. Once all education is moved to the free market, competition for good teachers will dramatically increase the pay for all teachers. The bottom line is that an educational system operating in the free market will provide our children with the best education possible, and this is ultimately what we all want.

The first thing the Tennessee Legislature should do to improve our schools is amend the state constitution and remove its mandate for government owned and operated schools. Then the Legislature should move to move all education in the state from kindergarten through our universities into the free market. The legislature should make education totally competitive in Tennessee and allow it to operate in the free-market economy. Schools that show results will stay in business, those that fail to teach basic skills will be closed soon because all the students will leave them. Schools that produce results will be self-sustaining and require no government subsidies. This was how American school operated before the 1930s, and these schools produced some of the greatest minds in history. Research has shown that areas with schools with the least amount of government control produce the best results. Parents must have total choice over their child’s education. The privatization of our schools would not have to mean the end of free education. Those members of the community that think it is important to provide free education would be able to establish their own private school that was funded through voluntary contributions. Those supporting free education could donate as much money as they wanted to the free schools. Perhaps corporations might even set up free schools to teach students the skills they need to work for that corporation.

The Environment

If government regulation of industry and the environment were the solution to solving environmental problems then the former Soviet Union and Eastern Block should have had the most pristine environments on earth. The best answer is to allow the free-market to help the environment. For example, when a trucking company or production facility pollutes it is also working inefficiently. This means that polluting costs companies money. Below are just a few examples of how the free market can be used to improve the environment.

The first thing we must do to help improve the environment is deal with the largest polluters. The United States Federal Government is the largest polluter in the country. Additionally, the court system in Tennessee has shown that it is more than willing to cover up serious pollution problems. Obviously the Democrats and Republicans methods of trying to fix our environmental problems through more government regulation are a miserable failure. The best answer is to adopt an environmental policy that stresses individual responsibility over governmental regulations when seeking to solve environmental problems.

Research has indicated that a reduction in the speed of trucks increases fuel economy while decreasing the required maintenance and emission of green house gases. A long-haul truck with 90 percent highway operation that reduces its top speed from 70 to 65 miles per hour could cut its annual fuel bill by $1,450 while eliminating nearly ten metric tons of greenhouse gas reductions. The most effective speed management programs combine technology with driver training and incentive programs. Clearly a reduction in speed would be a great idea. However, the National Road Authority reports that only one in five truckers obey posted speed limits. This means that the aggression of reducing speed limits would probably not produce the desired environmental impact.

A much better solution would be for voluntary environmental groups in Tennessee to educate trucking companies about the positive economic impact that speed reduction could have on their bottom line. Most trucks are already equipped with speed regulating devices. Companies could adjust the maximum speeds on these devices at very little cost. Most companies already are using GPS to monitor the location of their trucks at any time. GPS data can easily be used to track the actual average speed of trucks. With this technology trucking companies can keep track of how fast their trucks are moving. This would make it very easy for them to provide incentive programs tot heir drivers to reduce their speed. Companies that adopted this policy would have lower operating costs and larger profit margins. This would mean they could offer to transport goods at lower costs to their customers. The free-market would eventually require that all trucking companies reduce their speeds to stay competitive. Interestingly, recent increases in fuel costs have caused the airline to reduce their speeds to increase fuel efficiency. This happened as a result of demands of the market place, not government sanctions. The problem could be solved without any government intervention.

Clearly the emissions of trucks must be considered when we look at the overall air quality of Tennessee. Simply limiting the number of hours trucks operate in Tennessee will not accomplish this task. Most trucks will idle (keep their engine running) when they are not moving. In reaction to this many states have enacted anti-idling laws. The problem with this type of regulation as with any other oppressive regulation is enforcement. With millions of trucks passing through Tennessee each year, enforcement of such restrictions on trucking would become impossible and cost prohibitive.

A better solution would be to set up a voluntary partnership similar to Smart Way Transport. Private environmentalist groups in Tennessee and Tennessee’s trucking companies could head up this partnership, without any interference from government. Smart Way is working on programs encouraging idle reduction, improved aerodynamics, improved logistics management, automatic tire inflation systems, wide-base tires, driver training, low-viscosity lubricants, reduced highway speed and/or lightweight vehicle components. All of these elements have the potential to increase profit margins for trucking companies while reducing the negative impact on the environment. Pollution, it turns out, is not profitable. Preliminary findings indicate the positive environmental steps taken by a trucking company can also be used as a marketing tool to attract new clients. Apparently, the free-market will require all trucking companies in America to adopt environmentally positive policies if they want to be able to compete with those companies that implement such policies. Obviously the free-market can do more to improve the environment than oppressive government regulations ever could.

Government regulations on off-road equipment would even be more impossible to enforce than regulations on trucks on Tennessee’s highways. A better answer is to establish a private voluntary partnership between producers and users of off-road equipment and environmentalists. The development of more efficient off-road equipment will reduce pollution while saving the users of such equipment money. Once the users of off-road equipment discover they can get equipment that saves them money, the demand for its production will increase almost overnight. Construction companies and framers will be able to cut costs. This will mean savings for their customers. This will mean they will get more customers. Some construction companies and farmers may want to advertise that they use the new environmentally friendly equipment. This fact will attract environmentally conscious consumers. Again this means more profits. The free-market economy could probably do a much better job at restricting the use of inefficient / highly polluting off-road than oppressive government regulations ever could. These measures would produce both a positive economic and environmental impact for Tennessee.

Open burning produces undesirable pollutants. The problem with prohibiting open burning at certain times of the year is with enforcement. The Center for Progressive Regulation reports that currently as many as twenty to forty percent of firms regulated by federal environmental statutes regularly violates the law. More environmental laws will not do the trick.

On average American produces about 236 million tons of trash a year. Each ton of garbage has the potential of producing the amount of electrical energy produced by a quarter ton of coal. Unlike coal, we will more than likely never run out of garbage. If companies and individuals could sell their trash to energy plants that use garbage as fuel, they could be making a profit from what they would otherwise just throw away. This would mean that individuals and corporations would now have an economic incentive to stop open burning of trash and sell their trash to a garbage energy plant. Each plant would want to minimize emissions from the plant because doing so will increase the efficiency of producing energy. Currently it costs more to use garbage as an energy source than coal or nuclear energy. However, in a free-market where substantial profits could be made from finding better ways of turning garbage to energy, surely a more efficient method would be developed. The current oppressive system of government environmental regulation gives companies no real economic benefits for finding a better way of making trash into energy. A waste to energy program can often also be combined with a recycling program. As recycling programs would become more common they would also become more cost effective and produce larger profit margins. With an emphasis on making trash into energy, open burning may become an obsolete practice in Tennessee.

EPA regulations are already being ignored. Stricter regulations from the state of Tennessee would more than likely also be ignored. The Tennessee legislature should use the free-market to encourage environmentally friendly behavior in Tennessee. Tennessee should require all polluters to clean up the messes they create. If would be polluters knew that they would have to provide restitution for environmental damage they cause they would become less likely to cause pollution. The Tennessee legislature should turn all state owned land over to private individuals. When people have ownership of land they are more likely to take care of it. In England, people with waterfront property enjoy ownership of the fishing rights to the water touching their land. If the water adjoining their land is polluted, they may seek damages and restitution from the polluters. Private property ownership is the surest way to protect the environment. Private property ownership protects the environment much better than oppressive government regulations ever could.

Employment and Affirmative Action Issues

Workers must have the skill they need to perform various tasks in the work force. The best experience any worker can gain is on the job training. Minimum wage laws and union demands restrict the access of unskilled labors to employment that could give them the important skills they need to enter and advance in the work force. When minimum wage laws are repealed, workers will be able to get the skills they need to function properly in the work force. In today’s work fore it is important that workers can learn how to use ever-changing technology. The repeal of minimum wage laws and reestablishment of a free-market work force will make the necessity of tax-payer funded job training program obsolete.

Regulations on the private sector should at the very least be greatly reduced, if not all together eliminated. A company will reap increased productivity and lower cost when it treats its employee’s right. In the free-market companies that offer the best incentives will acquire the best employees and become most productive. Workers should be rewarded for the work they do and not because some government regulation says they should. Nations that have the least regulated economies are the most productive.

The most important place to remove regulation on businesses is on small businesses. Regulations on small businesses hurt minorities and the poor that could easily escape poverty and welfare if they could take the skills they have (such as auto repair, child-care or hair braiding) and turn it into a home based profitable business. The need for licenses and permits makes this an impossible task for the needy. All these government regulations stop the poor form making a decent living. Those that manage to start a small business must often close it in the first year because of all the expensive fees, taxes, and insurance requirements associated with operating small businesses.

Minimum wage laws prevent employers from hiring unskilled labors to give them important experience. The laborers in turn are unable to become employed at all. Furthermore, minimum wage laws restrict the number of people a company can hire. Each company only has a limited amount that they can pay their employees. When minimum wage is increased the number of employees that can be hired is decreased. The first people to be let go or not hired are those who lack skills (the skills they will never get in the first place due to minimum wage laws). Many service-oriented businesses only pay their employees minimum wage. They only give raises when minimum wage is increased. These jobs are important because they often provide a first job for young workers. The creation of minimum wage laws removes competition for jobs within this important sector of employment. In this way the minimum wage laws actually create lower average pay rates for entry-level jobs. With all the economic harm caused by minimum wage laws, the best thing to do would be to repeal all minimum wage laws.

Governments have long recognized how attractive “tax credits” are to individuals and companies. When government is returned to its proper and limited function most, if not all taxes should be able to be greatly reduced if not totally eliminated (see taxes below). When this is done every company and individual in Tennessee will get a “complete tax credit”. When Tennessee becomes tax free, it will see unprecedented economic and employment growth. This would have a far greater economic impact than giving only a few companies or individuals a “partial tax credit.”

Affirmative action creates quotas for the number of certain employees and promotions at each company. While doing this affirmative action send a negative message about minorities. Affirmative action essentially conveys the message that the minorities being “protected” by affirmative action are incapable of achieving employment or promotion on their own merits. A free society that advocates the equality of all must stop supporting racist and sexist policies such as affirmative action. It is an outright insult to minorities to say that they need a government regulation to help them make it in the business world.

The number of single parents is on the increase. Often in two parent homes, both parents must work to just make ends meet. For these reason childcare is becoming an important issue for Tennessee’s workers. Many of the working poor cannot afford to put their children in childcare, and so are prevented from entering the work force. This delimit may be solved in just a few simple steps without using any taxpayer money. First the state legislature must cut taxes and deregulate Tennessee’s companies to encourage economic growth. This vast creation of employment opportunities will mean that companies will have to compete for employees. When companies begin to compete for employees they must meet the needs of perspective employees. With today’s changing family structure will mean that companies will have to provide childcare. When companies begin providing childcare tot heir employees, the childcare industry will also experience phenomenal growth. People who are currently unemployed, that have child care skills, will be able to enter the childcare workforce.


Tennessee must lead the nation in reforming healthcare, by getting the government out of it in all ways possible. The process of removing government form healthcare will be long and difficult, but it must be done. The idea of government in healthcare is antiquated and must be abandoned. We need healthcare that allows you to choose which health provider you use. Patients must have a choice of treatments, not just those recommended by the medical establishment. Patients should be able to use the drugs they need without fear of criminal prosecution. The States only role in healthcare should be to provide a legal arena to protect those harmed by incompetent healthcare providers.

The Tennessee state legislature must work to encourage open competition in healthcare. The legislature should encourage research, through our state universities, in herbal remedies. Of paramount importance should be exploring the healing potential of cannabis. For many centuries cannabis has been known to have a large number of medical benefits. The state legislature should do everything in its power to allow industries in Tennessee to explore the medical benefits of cannabis.

Since the Federal Government has no authority to regulate the pharmaceutical industry, the General assembly of Tennessee must lead the way in deregulating the development of new drugs and treatments. The Tennessee Legislature should urge congress to replace the FDA with a private approval process for pharmaceuticals. Medical professionals currently doing research on the effectiveness of medications can operate this private approval process of pharmaceuticals. Their research could be funded through small fees paid by the pharmaceutical companies for having their new medications tested. This would allow the system to operate without any support from taxpayers. The integrity of the approval system would rest upon it approving only safe and effective medications. Free-market competition among a number of companies approving pharmaceuticals will insure that the highest standards are maintained while costs are kept to a minimum. The privatization of the pharmaceutical process will allow new drugs to become available much more quickly and at a lower cost.

Scientific research shows overwhelming evidence for the benefits of medical marijuana. We can no longer afford to allow the sick to suffer because they cannot get access medical to marijuana. The Tennessee Legislature must move immediately to pass a medical marijuana law. It would be best if Tennessee adopted legislation similar to the model legislation being proposed by the Marijuana Policy Project.

Marriage and Family

Historically the family served as the most fundamental unit of government. The family in turn is based upon the sacred covenant relationship of marriage. Originally, marriage was a sacred covenant relationship entered into between a man and a woman in the presence of God. A covenant is based upon trust a can never be broken.

In the late 1800s, governments began to sanction interracial marriages by issuing marriage licenses. When marriage became sanctioned by the state through marriage licenses, it was cheapened from a covenant relationship to a legal contract. Contracts are based on distrust among the parties and can be broken when either party becomes dissatisfied with the fulfillment of the contract. Eventually everyone was required to obtain a license for marriage. The licensing of marriage gave the state the privilege to grant divorces, and ultimately caused the disintegration of the family. The state has no more right to license or regulate marriage than it dose to license or regulate any other religious activity.

Marriage should once more be strictly a religious affair. The state should have nothing to do with marriage. Just as a church may decide who they baptize and a synagogue may decide who they bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah, religious leaders should be the ones to decide who gets married and who does not get married. It would be considered a direct violation of the First Amendment if the state started requiring a license for each bat mitzvah, bar mitzvah, or baptism.

The only way we can truly save the family, and ultimately our society, from further damage is to remove the state from the business of licensing or sanctioning marriage. Only when we have a separation of marriage and the state will we have strong families once again.

With More to come....

* Foreign Policy: We support the maintenance of a sufficient military to defend the United States against aggression. The United States should both abandon its attempts to act as policeman for the world and avoid entangling alliances.

* Gun Laws: We affirm the right to keep and bear arms, and oppose the prosecution of individuals for exercising their rights of self-defense. We oppose all laws at any level of government requiring registration of, or restricting, the ownership, manufacture, or transfer or sale of firearms or ammunition. For the LP's amicus brief in the Heller Supreme Court case, visit here.

* Healthcare: We favor restoring and reviving a free market health care system, and oppose any attempt by the government to regulate healthcare.

* Privacy: We support the protections provided by the Fourth Amendment to be secure in our persons, homes, and property. The government should not engage in illegal surveillance of American citizens.

* Social Security: Retirement planning is the responsibility of the individual, not the government. We favor replacing the current government-sponsored Social Security system with a private voluntary system.

* Poverty and Welfare: The proper source of help for the poor is the voluntary efforts of private groups and individuals--not the government.

* Taxes: All persons are entitled to keep the fruits of their labor. We call for the repeal of the income tax, the abolishment of the Internal Revenue Service and all federal programs and services not required under the U.S. Constitution.

* Immigration: We seek a balance between the need to protect the nation's health and security through control of our border with the need for a free-flow of human capital to fill our economic demand for cheap labor. While recognizing illegal immigration is a growing problem in the United States, we believe ineffective laws governing immigration are at the root of this problem.

* Monetary policy: Individuals engaged in voluntary exchange should be free to use as money any mutually agreeable commodity or item. We support a halt to inflationary monetary policies, the repeal of legal tender laws and compulsory governmental units of account.

* Crime and Violence: Libertarians want a safe society where citizens do not feel that they are threatened by other individuals or by government itself. By focusing manpower on real crimes instead of prosecuting people for nonviolent, consensual crimes, police will be able to better protect and serve society.

* Environment: Protecting the environment requires a clear definition and enforcement of individual rights in resources like land, water, air, and wildlife. Free markets and property rights stimulate the technological innovations and behavioral changes required to protect our environment and ecosystems.
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    I got into this campaign to make a difference and to have a voice for the people that are not heard. But my campaign is going to fail because I have to have money and I do not. My campaign is need of money to even be a challenge in this election (Nov. 4)

    My opponent has held the office I am trying to win 11 times. That adds up to 11 2 year terms. And I have no chance to even get on the map with out your help and your Donations to my campaign. So I am in desperate need of your Donations. I would really like to be a challenge to her. Where my Dist. is here in TN is very poor. And I know if they could help that they would.

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