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Roshani S.

"My current Mission is to understand self and co-existence."

Bhilai, Chhattisgarh, India
female, age 42
Speaks: Love and Gratitude
Joined Jan 23, 2010
What I Want to Do: Live with nature

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One message for the world from sister Roshani...
Don't say that I'm Hindu/ Muslim/ Christian/ European etc.. 
Say... " I'm human being, Humanity is my Nature and Happiness is my Religion." 
Say.... " I'm a wonderful, beautiful, kind, happy, loveliest Human being. " 
Say... " I'm placid, Spontaneous, Generous, Gallant, Compassionate Human being...having full of Mercy, Compassion, Grace in my heart for me and for others.
"Others" means "you."  
If we understand "Self" (I), we will understand "others". We will find we are "ONE".  
When we will think and work with this thought, all problem will be solved one day automatically.  
In present situation the main cause of all problems is that human being understand self "Body". Their all activities, hard work only for self body or other body. So nobody is satisfied with each other. Everybody is filling only the requirement or need of body which is very less in amount. 
So what we forget here?
We forget the important factor is jeewan/ conscious unit. We are the combination of conscious unit and body. We only satisfied when our (jeewan/ conscious unit) needs will be fulfill. 
Body's basic needs are - Food, cloths and House.
Jeewan/ conscious needs are-  Love, respect, gratitude, peace, care, believe, reverence etc..
Body needs are momentary while jeewan needs are continious. So without understanding jeewan atom/ conscious unit humanity will not arise in this world. And without understanding self and humanity, we can't live peacefully in another planet too.
For making the atmosphere of humanity, we need to concentrate on Education System. Education system need to be humanization.. 
Study of self (who is running his/ her life journey) is missing in our Education system while we are living our life. We (oneself) are the important unit to live our life with understanding. When we understand self then we can understand others. It is the only solution for the all problems.
What I'm saying is just proposal, don't believe it without knowing. Thank you.
"Consumption is not as priority in Humane living, it is negligible in Divine living, while it is known to be having highest priority in Inhuman living. This (misplaced priority) itself is the main cause of Wastefulness (abuse and misuse of resources) in Inhuman living. Consumption while neglecting Dignity and Values in Behaviour itself is 'Wastefulness' and the Consumerist tendency itself is 'Intoxication'. It is because of Consumerist tendency that human being turns away from Family and Society, resulting in conflict, revolt and exploitation. The first step towards Humane living is to become liberated from Consumerist tendency." - Shree A. Nagraj     
"Human-being becomes happy upon attaining perfection in behaviour, production, study, work, and ethics of humanness." - Madhyasth Darshan (Shree A. Nagraj) 
"Whatever one believes to be goal, one is trying to achieve that. In reality, goal of all human-beings is resolution, prosperity, fearlessness, and co-existence." - Madhyasth Darshan (Shree A. Nagraj) 
"All human-beings are aspirants for happiness. All human-beings are trying for happiness. All human-beings want to experience happiness. Human-being has wished happiness from his whole behaviour. Humanness itself is happiness, and only way for becoming happy is accepting and following of orderliness and behaviour that realizes resolution and good-use." - Madhyasth Darshan (Shree A. Nagraj)
"The effect of one person on another depends on the need and status of their relationship. Need and status of their relationship depends on their progress towards awakening (jagruti)."- Madhyasth Darshan. (Shree A. Nagraj) 
"Only for effortlessness, human-beings on this Earth are busy in endeavors and experiments of knowing and recognizing their own significance. "
"Effortlessness  itself is eradication of misery and liberation from delusion itself is salvation."
"The ultimate-purpose of cosmic-order is effortlessness  and its evidence is awakened human-tradition only.  Therefore every human-being in delusion also thirsts for effortlessness .  Resolution itself is effortlessness.  This itself is all-round resolution. "
"A human-being in delusion alone is free  at the time of performing actions and is bound  at the time of experiencing results  of his actions, while animals are bound  both while performing actions and while experiencing results of their actions. An awakened human-being is free while performing actions and is free also while experiencing results of his actions."
"Fate (prarabdh): - The extent to which one can know, one cannot desire that much; the extent to which one can desire, one cannot do that much; the extent to which one can do, one cannot enjoy that much; the extent one could not enjoy is fate."
Madhyasth Darshan (Shree A. Nagraj)

"Happiness if occurred then Jeevan would have its Continuity. The elation that we feel from our Senses is not Happiness - it is mere Conduciveness. Happiness is not there in the purview of Senses. When Happiness happens - Peace, Contentment and Bliss also happen. Happiness is only upon Realization (in Coexistence). If one wants Happiness, then one needs to Recognize (ascertain) the realities that are Apprehensible. Most of Human living is Apprehensible and least part is Tangible. There is no other way (to Happiness) apart from ascertaining the Apprehensible realities. Being in Agreement for ascertaining the Apprehensible realities alone is not enough. Along with Agreement, one must have Dedication. It is only with Dedication that Studying becomes one's Priority.

Happiness means Healthiness of Mind. Healthiness of Mind means the State and Projection of Mind (mun) to be in Influence of atma (Realization). Mind remains in the Influence of Body until Illusion."

- Shree A. Nagraj ji


Conscious (chaitanya) unit 

Conscious (chaitanya): - Units that are continuously-active in whirl-form in a span that is more than their length, width, and height.


Conscious (chaitanya): - The unit whose span of function is more than its length, width, and height and whose thought-aspect is active, such unit is known as conscious."


*Atma: - Nucleus of conscious-atom itself is atma. 

*Buddhi: - Particles in first orbit around nucleus are known as buddhi. 

*Chitta: - Particles in second orbit around nucleus are known as chitta. 

*Vritti: - Particles in third orbit around nucleus are known as vritti. 

*Mun: - Particles in fourth orbit around nucleus are known as mun. 

From Holistic-view of Human-Behaviour

A. Naagraaj


 Knowledge of Self -Conscious unit or ‘Jeevan’


Jeevan’ is the name given to the conscious aspect of a human being (what we commonly call as ‘I’ or ‘self’ is actually referring to this conscious unit or jeevan without actually knowing it).

This ‘jeevan’ or ‘conscious’ or ‘self’ has been known to be a ‘constitutionally complete atom’. (gathan-poorn parmaanu)

I.e. it is an atom in which there cannot be any further structural change (change of form, or constitution). As a result, it becomes ‘conscious’ (chaitanya) and co-exists with the body. This ‘conscious unit’ cannot be seen with the naked eye or via any instrument, since it is subtler than both of these. Only ‘jeevan’ can know ‘itself’; or, only ‘I’ can know ‘myself’.

A human being is a combination of the conscious unit ‘jeevan’ (Self) and the physio-chemical body (jad). The activities and ‘nature’ of ‘jeevan’ can be understood. ‘Jeevan’ or the conscious-unit has been identified as having 10 activities – 5 in state (stithi) and 5 in motion (gati). [every unit has state (stithi) and motion motion (gati) . state or sthiti of a unit is its being in itself, while motion or gati is its expression in the larger order]. These 10 activities of the ‘self’ or ‘jeevan’ are inseparable from each other: 

The conscious unit is an activity; it is a “constitutionally-complete atom”. It is’ material’ in the sense it is made up of matter’ and hence a ‘substance’. It has dimensions and occupies space (has volume) but its weight cannot be ‘measured’ (weightless), whereas physiochemical atoms have weight. The conscious unit’s (chaitanya ikai) span of function is more than its length, width, and height and it has an active thinking-aspect.  The physiochemical unit’s (jad ikai) span of function is limited to its length, width, and height and does not have any thinking-aspect. 

The conscious unit   has the faculty or potential of cognition, The ‘conscious unit’ is not space. The conscious unit is endowed with consciousness by being saturated (soaked, submerged, and encircled) in space, hence space is also called ‘consciousness’. 


"Baba Nagraj Sharma ji (born, 1920, at Agrhar, Hasan-Karnatka) started his bodily-journey in a family staunchly adhering to vedic-tradition. He too was initiated in Vedanta in due course of time. At the end of his learning, he had some fundamental questions on the knowledge and practice of vedic-propositions, for which he didn't get any definite answers from his elders and present-day renowned scholars like Ramana Mahrishi and Sri Aurobindo. They advised that he will find answers to his questions only in the state of samadhi. Finally accepting their advise, he decided to devote his life to find answers to his questions through sadhana. He performed sadhana at Amarkantak from 1950 to 1975, and achieved the state of samadhi. To testify that he had indeed accomplished samadhi, he performed sanyam (a step beyond samadhi)- and as a result, whole existence revealed itself to him, which he studid. With this he found answers to all his questions, and recognized these answers to also be the need of whole humankind. He presented this wisdom in the form of "Madhyasth-Darshan Sah-astitv-vad" as alternative to scientific-materialism and idealistic-theism lines of thinking. Madhyasth-Darshan is study-able proposal for consciousness-development through value education. Information of this proposal is being taken to common-public through seven day Jeevan Vidya workshops. Efforts are ongoing at many places for integrating Jeevan Vidya into mainstream-education. Baba ji lives in Amarkantak with his family, as a living-proof of the wisdom he achieved.
Please for further information visit this site :- 
The Message from Baba ji

"May Earth be Heaven, May humans be divine.
May religion get realized, May Goodness arise always. "
Human-beings found at present on this Earth, which is a part of one among many universes in the all pervasive Space, are extremely fortunate, because they have the golden opportunity and means for studying and experimenting progression and regression in existence.  
Abhyudaya (all-round resolution) is inspiring everyone everywhere that – “Appraise your own self’s worth so that you will not make mistakes or commit crimes, and resultingly you will never become miserable, beaten, or poor.” 
For appraising the value of self, the following naturally-evident fundamentals are required to be internalized, and those are: - 
1. Earth is One (undivided-nation) - Nation-states are Many. 
2. Human race is One - Human-actions are Many.
3. Human Religion is One – Resolutions are Many.
4. Almighty (Omnipresence) is One – Divine-beings are Many. 
(i) This proposal is for developing potential, ability, and receptivity in every human-being for recognizing human-being as an orderly unit and thereby fulfill/respond to that recognition. 
(ii) This proposal is for realizing natural continuity of coexistence, balance, resolution, fearlessness, and happiness.
(iii) This proposal is for becoming capable of living resolutely with righteous-wealth (having only what is rightfully one’s own), righteous marital-relationship (physical-relationship with one’s wife and husband only), and work-behaviour with kindness. 
(iv) This proposal is for finding a simple-path to move from inhumanness to humanness, and from humanness to super-humanness. 
(v) This proposal is for becoming capable of fulfilling one’s responsibilities naturally in undivided-society and universal-orderliness. 
(vi) This proposal is for realizing the expectation of humane culture  and civilization with its understanding. 
(vii) This proposal is for developing culture and civilization of humanness in the Nation (all Earth). 
To make above study available to all, I experience great happiness while handing over first part of “Madhyasth-Darshan Sah-astitva-vad” under the title “Manav Vyavhar Darshan” (Holistic-view of Human-behaviour) to entire humankind. 
I fully trust that after studying the facts indicated here, this book will inspire you for instilling perspective, characteristics, and tendency of humanness in your behaviour and it will help in holistic-development of your personality.  And thereby:- 
Earth itself will become heaven, Humans themselves will become divine. 
Religion will get realized, And only good will happen always. 
- A. Nagraj

I am grateful to all those guides of righteous-path from whom the sources of actuality are alive even today.  Gratitude  is the fundamental value for progression towards awakening.  Gratitude  itself is the foundation and conserving value for culture  and civilization. 
One who is not grateful cannot produce evidence of bearing culture and civilization.  One who does not bear culture and civilization cannot follow norms  and orderliness.
Culture, Civilization, Norms, and Orderliness are mutually complimentary.  Without these, it is not possible to determine the Undivided-society and Social-order.  Therefore – without gratitude glory  is not; without glory simplicity  is not; without simplicity coexistence is not; without coexistence, continuity of gratitude  is not.
The human-being who lives with gratitude, only his conduct is educative and inspiring for further generations.  This is achievable only in the purview of Humanness.  Gratitude  is for all those who have been helpful, in whichever way, towards Consciousness-development – Value-education.
“Knowledge alone liberates Self”
- A. Nagraj
Pranam friends, 
I just want to share about Pranayam and it's importance. You know friends I was suffering from Arthritis since 4 years. Dr. said that no treatment for this disease only they give me painkiller in the form of steroid. Without medicine I couldn't hold anything even walk. Sleeping was also very difficult for me. I know that painkiller is not good for body but I had no solution at that time. After 3 months I took Aurwedik medicine but finally after meeting with baba Naagraj ji I saw some hope. And I took regularly Aurwedik medicine and slowly I leave Allopathic medicine. And doing also Yoga. You can't believe that within one month I get result from Yoga and now I leave also Aurwedic medicine. Now I got permanent, believable and spiritual cure for this disease, not only this disease but yoga and Pranayam can cure every type of disease. Yes one thing I want from you, Hope and Believe. :) 
Please friends never leave hope and never be depress in life because if problem is present then solution is also present. 
Please watch this video 
Pranayam arouses the internal energy of a person and makes him healthy, balanced and active. The seven-step pranayam package is sufficient along with daily routine. 
The whole process takes around 45 minutes and the duration can be increased up to two hours also. Morning time is ideal for its practice. Take bath and wear loose clothes. Sit straight; keep the neck and head absolutely straight. If a person cannot sit on floor due to some reasons then you can sit on chair. The body should be stable and spine should be straight. This seven-step pranayam package can be followed daily to maintain good health. 
1. Bhastrika: Take deep breathes and fill the lungs with air and then exhale. Take deep breath but do not fill the air in the stomach. Air should be filled up to the diaphragm. Inhale deeply and exhale completely so that the lungs become free of air. Do not stop the breath. This is one step. Repeat in this manner several times. However, the patients of high blood pressure and heart patients should do it slowly. During this breathing exercise, imagine that you are throwing all the disorders present in your body. The mind is becoming pure and pious. Practice pranayam from three to five minutes. 
2. Kapalbhati: Do not pay attention on inhaling and exhaling.Breathe in normally and let the air go inside and then exhale. Exhale the air filled in the stomach. Make the process fast and repeat it ten to 15 times. Imagine that the diseases and mental thoughts are being overcome. v=EYFf0KE1o8E&feature=channel 
3. Bahya pranayam: Keep the hands on the knees; bend the chin and try to touch the upper portion of the chest and the chest should be stretched. The stomach muscles should be pulled inside.
The muscles of groin area should also be pulled inside. Then breathe out completely like Kapalbhati. Imagine that the disorders are going out of the body while breathing out. The time taken for each repetition is 15 seconds and this should be done for at least three minutes. 
4. Anulom-Vilom: Close the right nostril with the right thumb and breathe in from left nostril. Then close the left nostril with the little finger and ring finger and breathe out from right nostril. Breathe in and breathe out completely and deeply. Imagine that the divine energy is coming inside you and the disorders present in the body are going out of the body. Begin from five minutes and increase the duration up to 15 minutes. 
5. Brahmari: Take a deep breathe.Press the inside edges of the eyes with the middle fingers and breathe in with the sound of a honeybee. Breathe out and chant Omkar. Breathe out and then breathe in and repeat the process with Omkar sound. Repeat this pranayam 11 times and increase it up to 21 times. Breathe in and breathe out and imagine that the divine energy is entering into the body. 
6. Udgeet: In this pranayam one has to concentrate on inhaling and exhaling and try to concentrate the mind. Breathe normally and chant Aum. The breathing should be so simple that the sound of breath should not be heard and even cotton kept in front of the nose should not move. Chant Aum and visualize it while practicing this pranayam. (in Hindi (in Eng.) 
7. Meditative pose: Concentrate the mind on inhaling and exhaling and think of god. God has created our eyebrows, eyes, nose, ears, lips, heart etc. in Aum shape (Hindi word). Imagine the presence of god in every particle and meditate. Deeper the experience, deeper the physical, mental and spiritual energy. Pranayam overcomes the physical disorders, gives good health and the devotee proceeds on the path of spirituality. 
Ok dear and respected friends/brothers/ sisters  this is only just an information. If you want to do Yoga and Pranayaam (is very Important) then please contact good Yoga teacher in your area.  
Thank you :) God bless you all...  
                    30 Essence of Madhyasth-Darshan
 1. Announcement for Awakening of Humankind
        Let Live, and Live 
 2. Wish for Universal-Goodness 
        May Earth be Heaven, May Humans be Divine 
May Dharma Prevail, May Goodness Arise Forever 
3. Knowledge from Existential-experience 
* Infinite material and conscious units of nature are saturated in Space. 
* All units saturated in (transparent and permeable) space are with structure, attributes, true-nature, and dharma, exhibiting orderliness with its being- 
ness and participating in holistic-orderliness.  
4. Fundamental-Principle of Nature  
Forcefulness - Movement - Constitution  
5. The Sermon 
* Know what you Believe,  
* Believe what you Know. 
6. Status of Existence 
State-full Nature saturated in Complete Space.  
7. Evidence of Knowledge 
* Evidence of Knowledge is in Experience, Behaviour, and Work.  
* Knowledge-experience is the ultimate-evidence  
* Experiential-evidence itself is Understanding 
* Understanding itself is expressed  
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Birthday Aug 13, 1975  
Languages Love and Gratitude  
About Me I'm in the process of being human being. When I will start to see all people in same dimension, when I will start to live harmoniously with nature, yes that day I would be called as a Human being.
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Pets love2 see them in their natural place  
Activist Aspirations
Political Leaning
Religions Humanity  
Eating Habits VEGETARIAN!!!  
Wild Fact About Me
My Philosophy As we remove darkness from a source of light like that we remove all problems from the light of understanding.
What Gives Me Hope We are human being, combination of Jeewan (conscious unit) and body.
We take birth for continuous happiness but due to lack of understanding we find happiness in material world or in sensation (5 sense and 4 subject- food, sleep, fear & sex- it has purpose) which will not give continuous happiness.
In the light of "right understanding" (I find in Madhyasth Darshan) I can get continuous Happiness. So this alternative (Madhyasth Darshan) gives me Hope that one day I not only I but we all human being can get continuous Happiness.
If I were Mayor, I'd make the world a better place by then I stop all the work who destroy the nature and teach people that who are they? and why they take birth in this earth. and what's the aim of their life. and also how they can live their life with nature.
I tell them about God and so many things.
What/who changed my life and why Madhyasth Darshan changed my life because earlier I can't believe in soul so I am very frustrated.After study "Madhyasth Darshan" I'm in the position that I could know everything like Naagraaj ji. Baba ji is the evidence of knowledgeable person. I saw in my this body journey, he is the only person who is living as a divine person. After meeting him, knowing him I can believe that we all human being could live like him.
What Bugs Me Nothing  
Passions Living with understanding  
Inspirations Baba Naagraaj ji  
What Scares Me Nothing  
Role Models Baba Naagraaj ji  
Quotation May Earth be Heaven, May Humans be Divine
May Dharma Prevail, May Goodness Arise Forever
Interests Study of Co- Existence  
Books Madhyasth Darshan  
Music mukesh, Mohammad Rafi, Gulaam Ali, Lata Mangeshkar, Nat King Cole, Jagjeet Singh, Kishore Kumar, meaningful, harmonious  
Movies Nostalgia, pyasa sawan, vivaah, mili, Abhimaan, Masoom, Umraawjaan, Aanand, Gandhi, Golmaal, Tare jamee par, Seema, Bandini, 1942 A Love story, Khamoshi (old), Aandhi, Sadma, Akhiyon ke jhorokhon se  
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Favorite Foods rice, daal and vegetables  
Favorite Places Amarkantak  
Can't Live Without Study of Madhyasth Darshan  
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