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Karunamayi Amma

"Sri Karunamayi Free Hospital and Free School"

Tucson, AZ, USA
Speaks: Sanskrit Advanced, telegu, hindi, English as a 2nd Language
Joined Sep 16, 2007

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Amma Sri Karunamayi 
2008 World Tour
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Seattle, WA* March 14-17  
Portland, ORMarch 21 - 23
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San Francisco Bay Area * ^      March 27 - 31
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Tucson, AZ* April 10 - 13
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Fairfield, IA * June 30 – July 3
St. Louis, MO *July 4 - 7
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Houston Guru Purnima July 18 
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Languages Sanskrit Advanced, telegu, hindi, English as a 2nd Language  
About Me In response to the various problems and needs of humanity, Amma's mission seeks to address both physical and spiritual suffering. During her time in the Penusila forest, which is in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, Amma became intimately familiar with the special problems faced by the villagers living there, including a lack of access to adequate health care and education. Amma's humanitarian mission grew out of this direct exposure to the problems faced by rural villagers in South India.
During Amma's travels in the US, she has personally talked with thousands of people across the country as they shared their grief, their problems, and their hopes with her. This has given Amma a unique perspective on the spiritual and emotional needs of Westerners, which has helped her to develop her teaching mission.

Teaching Mission

On a spiritual level, Sri Karunamayi aims to inspire and encourage everyone to make progress on whatever spiritual path he or she has chosen, as she believes that all paths lead to the same goal of spiritual liberation. For those who are interested in the Vedic teachings of ancient India, Amma provides instruction and guidance in meditation, mantra japa, Sanskrit chanting, and sacred worship. It is Amma's feeling that the eternal truths of Sanatana Dharma, India's ancient spirituality, were intended for the benefit of all humanity. In light of this, she has dedicated her life to making the spiritual essence of Sanatana Dharma accessible and understandable to all sincere seekers.

During public programs, Amma speaks from a Vedic viewpoint about such universal principles as truthfulness, divine love, compassion, and the inner beauty of the Divine Mother-the feminine face of God. During meditation retreats, Amma gives teachings on specific spiritual practices in greater detail. Recent topics have included the Gayatri Mantra, the Vedic lifestyle advocated in the Rig Veda, and the spiritual meaning of such scriptures as the Sri Suktam, Purusha Suktam, and the Mahishasura Mardini Stotram.

Amma does not just teach philosophy, as it is her belief that spiritual practice and experience are absolutely necessary. The practices she teaches are designed to enable people to make maximum progress in their spiritual lives. She focuses on teaching Sanskrit mantras designed to relieve the various forms of suffering that result from physical disease, mental disturbances, and spiritual delusion. The practices she teaches are designed to enable people
to make maximum progress in their spiritual lives.

Amma's teachings focus on the compassionate nature of the Divine Mother as well as the scriptures dedicated to Her, including the Sri Suktam, Lalita Sahasranama, and Mahishasura Mardini Stotram. Many of these mantras and scriptures have not been taught openly in the West or even in India, and some have questioned Amma's willingness to teach these sacred scriptures openly. Her reply is that Veda Mata, the form of Divine Mother who has gifted the holy Vedas to humanity, is the Mother of all and loves all of Her children impartially. Therefore, all have the right to worship and approach their Mother through studying and chanting these holy scriptures.

To read published articles or edited transcripts of Amma's discourses, please visit the Message page. Amma's teachings have inspired a number of books and learning tapes/CDs, which are featured in the online Bookstore.

Humanitarian Mission

During her time in the remote Penusila forest, Amma saw for herself the physical suffering of the villagers, who often did not have enough to eat or suffered from diseases and conditions that could have been treated had they had access to a doctor. Seeing this suffering first-hand, she arranged for free meals to be served and for medical camps to be held free of charge. Wishing to provide the villagers with full-time quality healthcare, Amma has initiated the construction of a 100-bed hospital that will provide free care to the 500,000 villagers who currently have no access to health care. Although most effort has gone into completing the construction of the hospital, free outpatient clinics are now being held on a weekly basis in an effort to address current health needs, as many villagers lack the means to obtain even simple pain-relievers, like aspirin.

In Penusila, Amma also saw the need for better education for the villagers' children, so she founded a free school. The school now serves the needs of over 200 students, and a new building is currently being constructed to accommodate the growing numbers of children who wish to further their education. At the Sri Karunamayi Free School, students are provided with free uniforms, materials and books, as one of the greatest obstacles to education in India is access to appropriate learning materials. Classes currently include math, science, social studies, English and Sanskrit as well as spiritual instruction in meditation and yoga, as Amma believes that education should be well-rounded.
It is Amma's feeling that the eternal truths of Sanatana Dharma, India's ancient spirituality, were intended for
the benefit of all humanity

Distributing blessed offerings (prasad) to villagers.
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My Philosophy Sri Karunamayi is revered in India as an embodiment of divine motherly love, due to the love and affection that she showers liberally on people, animals, and even plants, the spiritual knowledge and guidance that she gives freely to all of humanity, and the humanitarian works that she has undertaken. "Amma," as she is affectionately called by her devotees, is simply the Telugu word for "mother," Telugu being Amma's native language. Although it is not possible to convey the experience of being in Amma's vibrant presence through words or pictures, the links on this page attempt to provide a brief glimpse into her nature, through a brief biographical sketch, a description of Amma's mission, and an account of a devotee's first experience of Amma.


Born in the traditional South India of 1958, Sri Karunamayi spent a childhood immersed in an atmosphere of prayer and worship created by her deeply spiritual parents. Both of her parents had received visions indicating that Sri Karunamayi was not an ordinary child, and her astrological chart indicated that she would dedicate her life to serving humanity.

Naturally inclined toward charity as a child, Sri Karunamayi, or "Amma," would often give away food and clothes to whoever needed them. When a family servant contracted cholera, a deadly contagious disease, Amma tended closely to the servant without concern for her own safety. To the delight and amazement of Amma's family, the servant survived the illness and recovered quickly, despite the doctor's dire prognosis.

One time, during a religious festival, Amma came to know that some poor people who had come had not eaten in several days. Amma immediately brought and served them some food that had been prepared by her grandmother specifically to be offered to God during a special ceremony. When her grandmother saw what she had done, Amma told her, "Ammamma, today you have done a very good thing. This is how the food so nicely prepared by you has been accepted by the Lord in the form of these people." Amma's grandmother was moved by her granddaughter's universal outlook, and quickly brought out the remainder of the food for distribution to all who wanted it. [Amma's biography is available in English, Telegu, Hindi, and Spanish, in the AmmaStore.]

As a child, Amma enjoyed helping her mother by making flower garlands by hand for her mother's daily practice of worship to Lord Rama. She also delighted in hearing Sanskrit prayers and verses sung by her father. Though she had never studied Sanskrit, she would often surprise her father with spontaneous insights into the inner spiritual meaning of the verses. When Amma's parents invited learned scholars to their home to give teachings, these scholars were often shocked and amazed to hear the original thoughts that flowed spontaneously from Amma's mouth. They had never heard of such a young girl discussing the spiritual essence of the Sanskrit prayers with such expertise.

Austerities in the Sacred Penusila Forest

As she grew into a young woman, Amma felt an inner urge to begin spending more and more time in the family worship room, immersed in prayer and meditation. As she was now a first-year college student, she was forced to make time for meditation by reducing the time she spent sleeping. As her meditations deepened and intensified, she also began reducing her intake of food. These meditation sessions grew in length until one day Amma locked herself inside a room of the house and remained there in meditation for a month. Though her family members were perplexed, they did not dare to disturb her, having witnessed the profundity of her meditations before.

When she finally emerged, she seemed like a different person to her family members. Though she still showed the same sweet affection to which they were accustomed, her demeanor now expressed a more impersonal, universal love. Determined to fulfill the sacred purpose of her life, Amma gently told her mother that it was time for her to go into seclusion in the sacred Penusila Forest, to meditate there in solitude. Always respectful of her daughter's divine nature, and trusting completely in God, Amma's mother did not try to stop her from going.

In the year 1980, at the tender age of 21, Amma left the comfort and security of her parents' home and traveled by foot to the remote and sacred Penusila Forest, where a number of India's ancient sages had meditated for many hundreds of years. There, she was free to live according to principles established by India's ancient Vedic sages. Rising at 2:30 in the morning, Amma would bathe with cold water from a pure river. Wearing only a simple cotton sari, she would go to one of the forest's many sacred groves and remain there, absorbed in meditation for hours, days, or even weeks at a time.

Local villagers who spotted her sometimes mistook her for a statue, as they could not even detect the movement of breath in her perfectly still form. Some of the more mischievous ones would toss small pebbles on her, just to see if she was really alive or just a corpse! Others, feeling that only an incarnation of the Divine Mother could sit for so long in deep meditation, would leave small offerings of fruit before her. Whether she emerged from her meditations to find stones or fruit in front of her, Amma always maintained a state of perfect equanimity and gave her blessings to all, regardless of how they treated her.

Amma never felt that these meditations were done for her own sake, as she was following the example of India's ancient Vedic sages, who meditated for hundreds of years in order to discover the best teachings for all of mankind. Through Amma's austerities, she determined which of the Vedic teachings and practices would be of greatest benefit to people living in this difficult modern age. After performing such intense tapasya for ten years, Amma decided that it was time to share her knowledge with all those who thirsted for true spirituality, wherever they may live in the world.

Current Activities

Emerging from her relative seclusion, she was invited by a devotee to stay in Bangalore, where a simple building was constructed to house a temple as well as living quarters. She began giving public discourses on various aspects of Sanatana Dharma, India's ancient spirituality, and conducting sacred ceremonies to promote world peace and universal well-being. As these discourses began attracting more and more people, she also began working toward fulfilling her dream of bringing medical care to the villagers of the Penusila area by arranging for free medical camps and initiating construction of the
Sri Karunamayi Free Hospital.

In 1995, Amma was invited to come to America to give public programs, and since then she has returned to the US every year to give teachings and blessings, hold meditation retreats, and perform sacred fire ceremonies for the benefit of the world. During her visits to each city, people come by the hundreds to express their worries and problems and to request blessings or guidance. Amma's feeling, as she comforts each person like a mother, is that even her sari has become sacred because she has used it to wipe away the tears from her children's eyes. Amma often likes to say that her only work in this world is to remove the suffering from the hearts of her children. This she does through her kind, loving words of spiritual guidance and encouragement, her healing touch, and her divine knowledge and insight. Today, Amma divides her time between the US, Europe and India, fulfilling her life's mission of providing comfort, solace, and spiritual guidance to all who come to her.
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Quotation It is Amma's feeling that the eternal truths of Sanatana Dharma, India's ancient spirituality, were intended for
the benefit of all humanity
Books Karunasagari, Divine Wisdom, Sacred Feet, Sanskrit Mantras, Verses and Hymns (Chan, Sri Gayatri: Inner Secrets Revealed 1-3, Blessed Souls, Volume 1- 5, Sri Lalita Sahasranama (Chanting Booklet, Light on Sri Lalita Sahasranama - Newly, Sri Karunamayi Bhajans  
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