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Giacinto G.

Florence, AA, Italy
Speaks: minoik, sumerik, Sign Language (American), Sign Language (Other), dutch, finnish, greek, norwegian, illyryk, italian, latin, danish, french, german, english
Joined Jun 6, 2007
What I Want to Do:

          history of the myth is the history of the places of the myth, the history mitika of the myth is the history of the Being mitiko, or the eternal return of the myth or the infinite resonance of the being in the myth, in the latenza, guarded, cured for eventuarsi in the epokè mythical. The history of the myth is the history of the glade of the Being, of the diradato Being, clears, free of Being in the abyss mitiko, without null, nothing, aim, sunset, eclisse. Nobody still has been free to search the history of the ontologia of the myth, afterlife of the theological ermeneutica, beyond the categorical, epistemica, paradigmatica metaphysics nichilista. Not there is neither the ontologia of the mythical being, neither ontosofia of the myth or the history mitika of the myth. The history of the myth I found myself on the mythical history of the libertà:senza it are free to contemplate the myth, not is myth but single theological fondamentalismo, teocrazia:la history mitika of the myth is the history mitika of the freedom of Being in presence of the contemplation of the Being divinity. The myth is when the being places itself dinanzi in the contemplation of the Being that gives itself, throws itself to the presence in the glade, in the topology of the Being, which ontologia of the poetante Being, the Gegengrundsein that eventua in the ontovarietà of the gettatezza of the myth is the poetante glade that it guards, kriptata, latent the cure of the Being. The places of the Gegengrundsein are the kaosmici spaces where are thrown dinanzi, It are mitiko the places of the myth are those that are are found to us of forehead not to a horizon of the world, or to one perspective mondana, or a sunset or eclisse cosmic, but the Being is inhabited poeticamente from the horizon and the perspective of the Being without aim, decline, sunset, without eclisse, which eternal return of the resonance of the Being mitiko. Only therefore eventua the epochè of the history mitika, not teokratica, of the myth. A lot for being rigorous until in fondo:il myth are not the topology of the teocrazia, neither the myth are the cosmic nichilista singolarità of the imaginary time, giacchè those evocative topologies are always categories of the perspective of the tramontante world while the horizon of the Being mitiko is not never found of forehead to the eclisse, to the sunset, to the end of the history, the time, the space, the kosmo. In the myth instead there is the eternal return of the ontologica difference between the Gegenseyn and the Widerseyn: not null or the nothing, but the Being that us comes encounter, the Being that is thrown to the presence, in order to inhabit the Being that contemplates the glade. The history mitika of the myth is the history of the difference that eventua in the poetante ontologia, which presence that inhabits the kaosmico place. The history mitika of the myth is the history of the Being that contemplates the being of forehead, which presence of the glade, never has where not inhabited neither the entity, neither Is to us, neither the mondità, neither the metaphysics, neither the teocrazia, but only the resonance of the Being that us encounter comes, which eternal return...........the history mitika of the myth of the Physis is the history from the origins to the templari, a lot in order to inhabit the historical places of the myth, eventua in the resonance which To be itself mitiko divine Being that us comes encounter, Being that inhabits the Being, Being that meets itself kriptato in the Being mitiko of the Physis. The topology, the place where the Being us comes encounter and it lives to us is “mithos†: the topology of the myth is mitika the topology of the history of “mithos†only in the topology of “mithos†the history eventua which history mitika of “mithos†: giacchè lì it is only the free of being history mitika of “mithos†and never more history of the teocrazia, metaphysical history of the teocratica theology, metaphysical history of the teocratica theology, history of the will of power of the teocrazia, history of teocratica ethics. The places where “mithos†us come encounter, or where the being meets the being that eventua and inhabits the essence of the poetante thought, they are the places of “mithos†sacred, dark, the misterici ones, kriptati, because that proximity of the being with its ikona that it is thrown to the presence and inhabits it is mythical in the sense of inexpressibile, inaudita, and from the cosmic physical paradigms, the history mitika of the myth it is the history of the free spaces, inhabits solo to you the Being that us comes encounter, which Gegenseyn, never invalidity, and in contempo:Essere that it is met in the being that is thrown and lived, in the contemplation, The varieties of coming encounter of the Being are infinite, inexpressibile, without eclipse: because the places of “mithos†escape to the classification of the categorical imperative of the rigor ration them or of the nichilista ideal metaphysics, sinergetica, supersymmetrical, inferenziale, logistic, teocratica. The events of “mithos†are always in relativity with the events and the ontovarietà of the Being that us comes encounter, than eventua which ontologica freedom: the Being meets itself, contemplates the freedom of being kaosmica. The places of “mithos†are the topologici spaces where the Being are arranged in the contemplation, listen, the vision, the sensibility and the poetante thought of the Being of forehead, dinnanzi, that encounter comes us, in the kaosmica Gegenseyn. The history mitika of “mithos†is the history of the glades, the empty ontologici of the Physiseyn, where the being eventua for being contemplated and in order to inhabit the forehead being poeticamente, beyond that to inhabit only the world, the “Physis poeticamente†, the kosmo. When a place, a glade, an empty one is inhabited poeticamente the Being that throws itself and that encounter to the Being comes, eventua “mithos†and the its history which mythical history of the mitiko to inhabit the poetante Being poeticamente, in freedom, truth, proximity with the ontosofico Being. The freedom of search on the mythical history of “mithos†of the Physis eventua in the history of the ordinary places of the sense of “mithos†, of its essence, its presence here and afterlife of the world the places of “mithos†, indeed better the topology of “mithos†, the empty space, the glade, the free space from the mondità where is guarded, cured, evoked and contemplated the Gegenseyn: the Being that comes encounter in order to live poeticamente, not only the world, but the ikona of the Being, the essence of the Being, the poetante Being, the ontologico Being, the ontosofico Being. Eventua therefore in the space and the time of the world the ontologica difference: the topology of the Being is introduced mitiko, the fluctuating topology of the world of Is to us here and here, of the virtual world, the imaginary world, the ontologico world, the poetante world. The world of the Being mitiko throws itself in the mondità also which world mitiko, chaotic world cosmic world, caosmico world, onirico world, estatico world and its metaphysical infuence unfolds itself in the ethical world, epistemico, paradigmatico, ermeneutico, constituent, noetico. Which foundation of the truth of Is mitiko its infuence gives sense to the kaos, to the invisibile, the inexpressibile one, the inaudito one, the present absence of its providential sacralità: the only one that can save to us or cure in the world of the afterlife, the good and the evil. the Topology of ssere mitiko and its animated topology of the animated Being that it extends It are to us, but is not the ontologico or poetante Being. That ontovarietà unfolds the complexity of the fondatezza of the Being mitiko in virtual, animated, ontologico, imaginary, onirico, metaphysical, sinergetico, supersymmetrical the world and disvelano how much will of power is in the history mitika of “mithos†of the Physis. Will of power of the eternal return of the Being “mithos†, in the epochè of the history of Are to us, but also will of categorical imperative hegemonic infuence in the metaphysics, ermeneutica, poetica, aesthetic, epistemè, virtual, imaginary, onirica, estatica, mythical, magical ethics. In the Being “mithos†, the animated Being does not adapt itself, in truth neither to Is to us, neither to the ontologico or poetante Being. In the world of “mithos†the animated world it does not find again the metaphysical adequacy, epistemica, rations them, poetica, aesthetic, ethics with the world of It are to us, neither with the Being in cosmic, imaginary, virtual, kaosmico the world. But that ontologica difference of the adequacy does not neglect the influential ortogonalità of the will of metaphysical power of the history mitika of “mithos†, indeed its categorical imperative gives sense, identity, teocrazia historical and transcendental. The Being “mithos†, which to be animated in the mythical world is the measure of all: of the kosmo that there is and of the world that not is, or invisibile, inexpressibile, it is inaudito, mythical, magical, estatico; the Being “mithos†is indeed the only gravitational center that gives sense, stability, peace, and above all and for more it gives the system, the creation, the Gestell to the world of It are to us, of It are here, of It are here, of It are afterlife. The topology of “mithos†, which history mitika of the myth of the Physis is the Gestell of the world and the animated Being, which Is to us that encounter in its morfogenesi of being animated comes us: and therefore to contemplate and venerare. Giacchè only that Being is “mithos†of the physis that it will be able to save to us, or to cure, or to console, or to guide in the destiny in the fate, in the adventure of the history mitika of “mithos†. The Topology of the Being “mithos†is implemented in the bistability of the paths that are branched off: the world is the surface of the founding Gestell of Is to us, virtual, important, imaginary, metaphysical, ethical, poetico, aesthetic, sinergetico, cosmic, epistemico, ermeneutico, but there is, which eternal return in the supersymmetrical surface, the animated Being that encounter in the empty ontologico comes us, in the free glade from the nichilismo, in the kaosmica singolarità of the null one, which Gestell: Contro-Essere, Being that meets to us and happens, is thrown in the Being but also in Is to us, in order to live to you with the sense of “mithos†of the Physis or the animated Being. The history of the myth has been, and is, always interpreted which will of power of the influential imperative metaphysics: not poetante history of the myth is one, neither one ontologica history, neither one mythical history, neither one ontologica history, neither one mythical history in the sense of Topology of “mithos†of the Being more than of the world or the mondanità. The future of the freedom of search of the mythical history of “mithos†is introduced in the plesso, or chiasma, of the Being the history of the Gestell mitika of Is to us and of the world, and history of the Gegenseyn of Is mitiko that which resonance of the always animated Being meets us, that happens encounter, eternally returning in the aldiqua from the afterlife. It are to us mitiko that encounter comes us, which Gegenseyn is the donation of measure, the topologica measured one of “mithos†and the history mitika of “mithos†animated that it inhabits the Being poeticamente, beyond that the world and Is to us, eventua which stability of the Kaos, morfogenesi visible of the invisibile, koinè, ethical and ethnic common language of the inexpressibile one, of the inaudito one, mystery of undecidable, the mystical one revealed of the ermeneutica eternally and infinitely interpreted myth of the empty one Hush of the singolarità of “mithos†, which history mitika of “mithos†. The history mitika of Is “mithos†is the history of the abandonment, the kriptazione, the latenza, the oblivion of the ontologico Being in is animated: it is which vivenza of It are to us, is which vivenza of eternal, infinite, mythical, inexpressibile the mondanità, inaudita. The Being that you comes encounter or that it is met is the being animated that from the kriptata, guarded latenza, cured, of the glade of the Topology of the Being, eventua imperatively which measure of the time and the space, ethics and the aesthetic one, the kosmo and the Kaos, the good and the evil. But that gettatezza of Is “mithos†is not simply imperative metaphysician of the power will that one is only its teocratica, influential metamorphosis, otherwise “mithos†would be only one of ermeneutiche, epistemiche, aesthetic, astronomical the varieties Is throws to you, which “mithos†of the animated Being it gives stability to the most complex Ontoteologia or Teoontologia. Afterlife of the good and the evil, indeed which fondatezza that eventua hour one hour the other or destroys is the unit, is the alterità the history that is thrown, which history mitika of “mithos†is always introduced in its influential ontoteologica variety that is given, than us comes encounter, than it is met in the paths interrupted of “mithos†, which metastabilità of the Kaos, perspective horizon of it are animated that it gives sense to It are to us, to the vivenza, the creation, the mondità, the afterlife. The animated Being ......          ontologia della poiesis         di     g.p. di monderose                                                                                           maggia                                che cos'è che dà magia al giorno?                                     che cos'è che dà magia al tempo?                                      che cos'è che dà magia ai sogni?                                       che cos'è che dà magia all'universo?                                 che cos'è che dà magia alla notte?                                    che cos'è che dà magia alle stelle?                                     che cos'è che dà magia ai suoi occhi?                                che cos'è che dà magia?                                                      magia?   maggio?   maggia?                                                    che cos'è che dà magia a maggio?                                      che cos'è che dà magia al mito?                                         che cos'è che dà magia al silenzio?                                    che cos'è che dà magia all'anima?   l'essere? l'interessere?  l'interesserci....essere assentemente presente essere presentemente assente....essere  nella magia dell'essere, essere la magia dell'essere, essere magia in essere....?                 ONTOLOGIA DELLA PHYSIS
by Plescia Giacinto, Plescia Giacinto


My previous comment on this book:

"To of the several interrogations in the new millenium it has entered here in crisis is the eternal return of the nichilismo is the spirit of the time idealist is progressive, saliente and imperative categorical of the illuminismo the telematico technical classic. In field permane variable the decostruente temporal ermeneutica or or variety the ontologia of the time of the poetante thought. In the uninterrupted path that leads to the glade of the diradanza of the space and the time eventua the new epochè of the new millenium: on the ruins of the modern one and postmodern of the progressismo and the eternal return of null, which the Koinè, opportune time ontologico time poetante time that reveals the essence of interests, which physis that it inhabits the world poeticamente which koineseyn to be koinè to be poetante time of it interest......Descriptions object to you, programs and methodology of the search It objects to you The search on the ontologia of the ontologico or k!
 airologico time reveals us the path of the being in field in the topology of the being, which space of the time of the new epochè. It will be attempted to comprise if that temporal event, beyond embezzling from the oblivion the essence of the being and putting into effect the overcoming of the eternal nichilista return, or the spirit of the time idealist, or the categoriale imperative progressismo of the teleteologico illuminismo tecno knows also to offer or to throw the fondatezza of the poetante in quality, at least virtual or imaginary being, of ontologia, ermeneutica, but above all of new epistemè of the knowledge, or at least which new model of the mathesis of science Programs The philosophical search on the ontologia of the time is indifferibile of forehead to the events of the being of the epistemè, the technè and the physis. The irreversible progressive time has left the field the imaginary time, negative, neghentropico in astrophysics, quantica microphysics the!
 time has been left the reversibility of a front future that n!
 ot was.
Not there is still neither in the epistemologia, neither in mathesis a theory that it not only knows to offer the classic necessary adequacy of the temporal truth, but above all and for more jets the fondatezza for one ermeneutica interpretation of the ontologia of the time of the being in the physis, the world, in the ontologico universe, congruente and conjugated with one mathesis topologica: from the topology of the being in the world to the topology of the ontologico time this will be the program unfolded in two bifurcations classic and virtual. The program classic will be centralized on the ontologica difference of the temporalità: in the epistemè, the technè, the mitopoiesi, the fenomenologia, the intenzionalità, the physis, the poetante thought, the imaginar....."       

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      Giacinto G. (43)
      Please help me get my work seen in a major show taking over New York City this Fall & win a year free in a $1.2 Million apartment by supporting me. Simply click "Support Me" above to get started! #creativesrising

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      Giacinto G. (43)

      Heidegger si muove verso un "ontopoetical"(Piuttosto che ontologica), approccio che cerca di pensare,

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      Giacinto G. (43)
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      Giacinto G. (43)

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      Ivy S. (2169)
      I'm so sorry I missed your birthday. Hope it had been a special one, as special as you my friend. But I believe it's always "better late than never"  - what do you say?
      Be happy always!
      hugs - Ivy

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      Giacinto G. (43)
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