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BULLFIGHTING: The Murderous "Fiesta" We're SO Ashamed Of

The following article is about the other side of the horror that is bullfighting, the side that most people don't know about. (For those who don't know, let me explain before you read it that other animals are involved in a bullfight as well as the bull: horses ridden by 'picadors', ie, 'men' with sharp lances who torture the bull from the safety of the horses' back during the same bullfight where the other 'man', the matador (literally translated as "killer", though Spanish campaigners know them as murderers), endlessly tortures and kills the bull. These horses' abdomens are charged at by the bull who is in agony, which cuts them open making their intestines hang out. But this is not all.) The following was written by a bullfight critic who had access to all areas and saw it all:

There was a mad horse among the horses taken to a bullfight. Nobody wanted to ride it, and it was unwise to take it to the ring. Do you know how they managed to control its wild fury? Think of something repugnantly hateful and monstrous. Have you thought of something yet? Well it's much worse than that. They took its eyes out. They pulled out its eyes, coldly, calmly. Overwhelmed with pain, the beast took to the ring with a tamed step...

...I have been in the horses' patio at the Madrid bullring during a bullfight afternoon. I have seen the picadors' assistants sink their hands inside the horses' bloody abdomen to fill the huge wounds with coarse cloth. An incessant pain going through the poor animals' legs, they shook their backs and their mutilated tails, trembling with horrible suffering. Blood dripped through the many reddened threads. Afterwards, to revive the moribund beast, the assistants threw a barrel of water at it, and the victim of the long torture wobbled again under the weight of the picador, and staggered to the ring.

After that visit, I could have written a chilling article, describing the many acts of cruelty I saw and heard, an abridgement of wicked acts of cruelty, of brutality, which adhered to the memory of good-hearted people. Only one thing would have been equal to the horror of such an article: its futility.

That's not all... the horses' vocal chords are cut to stop them from screaming in agony, their ears stuffed with wet newspaper so that they can't hear the bull (though they can smell him and are just as terrified), and now their eyes covered so they cannot see what awaits them. How brave of the bullfighters and what a fair fight, huh?!

  The horror!!

Then, ALIVE STILL, the bull is lowered on to a lorry, hanging by his horns, where he will be stabbed to death.

    Bull being killed 20 minutes after being

SIGN petitions to ban bullfighting:

THE ACTS OF THE BULLFIGHT and other facts:


Torture and death for entertainment



Please visit and sign:
Warning: pictures in the above site will upset those who are too sensitive.

Savage torture and murder of an INNOCENT animal!!
ONLY A SADIST CAN ENJOY THE SUFFERING OF OTHERS" Torture is not necessary to have fun

Basta ya   

Por que


                DEMO Stop Our Shame, OUR HEROES!

On the whole, the majority of Spaniards (a large percentage, around 80%) are either not interested in bullfights or against them (just one proof of this is the result of the recent general elections where, out of over 94 parties including the main two, a mainly unknown party called PACMA - Anti Bullfighting Party Against Cruelty to Animals - came 14th... a very significant figure, especially bearing in mind the fact that it's a party with no funds that people know through word of mouth!). The bullrings have less and less attendance and about half the people attending are foreign. They survive mainly because the government supports them with subsidies coming from our taxes (to which most of us object but can do nothing about), and from the European Parliament (shame on them too).

We need all the support we can get, so letters/emails to your European Member of Parliament demanding that this extremely cruel spectacle be banned (don't forget you're paying through your taxes too, which the European Parliament
uses to help them!), letters to any travel agency that promotes them by selling package tours which include bullfights, boycotting them too and letting them know, etc. Pocsy celebrities such as Madonna and Celinne Dion should also be targeted, as they support bullfights (surprise surprise), etc. Other celebrities who support bullfighting are the ugly Severiano Ballesteros, the even uglier, up-his-own-arsehole Almodovar (I never liked him before I knew about his support for bullfights, so just imagine now), Adrien Brody and Penélope Cruz (amongst, unfortunately, many others).

Tortura   We want the cruelty to STOP!

Boycott Spanish goods and tourism, do everything you can, and don't forget that these spectacles of horror also occur in France and South America. Boycott our country!

It's strange and ironic to think that bullfighters are uncultured people who have a low educational level, performing in their ridiculous clownish outfits for supporters who are mainly upper class twats. One of these twats is the king and at least two of his children (Elena and the prince whatsisface), unlike the Queen who is against them (ironic also that they're married!). The only respectable (unwillful) presence is that of the bulls and the horses, bless the poor creatures' souls.



Click for interesting information that not many non-Spaniards know:



"Pitiful, theatrical bullfighting is currently the last remnant of a barbaric past, which still disgraces our civilisation. If the bull is a symbol of nature, then time and time again we are seeing to its ritual destruction, allowing ourselves to be entertained by its downfall. The significance of this attitude in terms of the future of our biosphere is alarming to say the least." --Desmond Morris, British Zoologist, Ethologist, Painter and Writer


End Bear farming!!

Go vegan!

 We want to live Liberate them!

                     Weapon of mass desctruction

                    MEAT is the dead body        
         of someone who wanted to live  


 Stop murdering dolphins!!

"Barbarism in the Afternoon: Bullfighting, Violence, and the Crisis in Human Identity"
by Dr.Steven Best

"We have enslaved the rest of animal creation and have treated our distant cousins in fur and feathers so badly that beyond doubt, if they were to formulate a religion, they would depict the Devil in human form." - William Ralph Inge

Spain is the third largest of the European countries and, without question, one of the most beautiful on the vast continent. From the surreal architecture of Antonio Gaudi in Barcelona to the stunning Moorish palaces of Granada, from the snowcapped mountaintops of the Sierra Nevada to the hilltop towns of Pueblos Blancos, from the gorgeous beaches of Costa del Sol to the marvel of the Balearic Islands, from the frantic metropolis of Madrid to the serenity of Ordesa National Park, Spain offers a treasure trove of beauty sure to steal your breath away.

The Spanish people have a beautiful language, a rich and varied culture, and a fascinating history established by Phoenicians, Africans, Celts, Carthaginians, Greeks, Visigoths, Arabs, and other peoples. Unfortunately, like nearly every other nation and culture, Spain has “traditions” of extreme animal cruelty that are central to their cultural identity. Like Italians who behead geese, Pakistanis who attack bears with dogs, English who hunt foxes, Canadians who kill baby seals, and Americans who fight cocks, many Spaniards are horribly cruel to animals. At their worst, Spaniards – and the moronic tourists who flock to their bloody rites -- can be bloodthirsty barbarians, Dionysian devotees who succumb to mystical rapture during the torture and killing of animals.

Bullfighting is as pervasive in Spain as baseball is in the US, and bullfighters claim the same celebrity status as do sports stars here. But Spain honors unique cruelties that are unthinkable in the US.

Spain seems to be at a crossroads of change, however, as their blood sports have come under fire both domestically and internationally. Spain is a critical test for whether or not human beings can overcome their violent traditions and construct new identities no longer rooted in violence toward other species.

As I write this, thousands of revelers from around the globe swell the streets of Pamplona for the Encierros -- the annual “running of the bulls.” By their own estimation, these moral misfits are having the time of their lives while helping to torture and kill bulls during the eight days of the San Fermin festival.

As this dark cloud hovers over northern Spain, where cruelty to animals is a cause for celebration and joy, I shudder in horror over the sad spectacle of human cretinism as I brood over the possibility of a viable future for such a disturbed and demented species. I contemplate how much the future of humanity depends on its ability to end wicked traditions, to stop hating animals and the natural world, and to adopt an ethics of reverence for life. Of course humans are cruel to one another and need to bring peace to interpersonal relations, but their war against nature is far more costly and arguably lies at the root of the current evolutionary impasse. In so many ways, the “animal question” is central to the human question.

Nothing less is at stake than the future of humanity and biodiversity. With its deep-seated traditions that tie the Eros of joy to the Thanatos of death and violence, Spain is a flashpoint for human transformation.

"Of all animals, man is the only one that is cruel. He is the only one that inflicts pain for the pleasure of doing it." --Mark Twain

"Compassion for animals is intimately connected with goodness of character; and it may be confidently asserted that he who is cruel to animals cannot be a good man."-- Arthur Schopenhauer

One automatically associates animal abuse in Spain with bullfighting, but bullfighting is only one form of animal cruelty featured in national “fiestas.” Throughout the year, there are ten to twenty thousand fiestas, and every town and village has their own patron saint they honor with prolonged celebrations. Fiestas can be secular or religious in nature, but they always involve animal torture. Perversely, fiestas are most popular during religious holidays and particularly during Easter Week – with nary a word of objection from the Catholic Church. Spaniards also delight in rituals of animal cruelty on October 4, St Francis of Assisi's day, and they mark January 17, the day honoring San Antonio Abad, Spain’s patron saint of animals, with chicken beheading competitions.

Animal rights activists in the US are rightly horrified by the animal abuse inherent in circuses and rodeos, but it pales in comparison to the catalogue of evils showcased in Spanish fiestas. Spaniards light the horns of a bull on fire and laugh at his torment while exploding firecrackers. They wrestle ponies to the ground and cut off their manes and tails. They suspend pigeons and squirrels in pots that they pelt with stones until the animals fall. They bury birds with their heads sticking up in order to decapitate them with swords. They throw ducks with clipped wings into the sea so that swimmers can rip them apart in tug-of-war contests. They grease pigs for catching contests that badly maul the animals. They string geese up by their feet and wrench their heads off.

Some fiestas are particularly infamous, such as the goat fiesta of Manganeses de la Polyorosa where villagers throw a goat from a church (!) tower. If the goat survives, it is drowned in the town fountain. Every year in the village of Villanueve de la Vera, drunken revelers drag a donkey into the streets and beat it to a bloody pulp. The “running of the bulls” in Pamplona is held every July. Each day for a week, six terrified fighting bulls are set loose in the cobbled streets as thousands of mindless daredevils try to dodge their deadly horns. The party ends with the brutal killing of the bulls. In the annual Fiesta of San Juan in Coria, Spain, tourists and locals armed with blowpipes shoot bulls with darts until their bodies are a bloody mess, and then they castrate and kill them.

These are dramatic examples of what author Jim Mason (An Unnatural Order: Uncovering the Roots of our Domination of Nature and Each Other) describes as “misothery” – human hatred and contempt for animals. Beginning at least with the emergence of agricultural society ten thousand years ago, human beings constructed their cultural and personal identities to a large degree as species identities, premised upon a sharp line of opposition between their animality and that of all other species. They thereby endowed themselves with special privileges by virtue of their powers of reason, speech, technology, or, in the Christian tradition, their alleged likeness to God. The result is what Mason calls the “dominionist” worldview whereby human beings arrogate to themselves supreme authority over the Earth and its living inhabitants.

A steady decline in reverence for animals is present in the transition from the Egyptian deification of bulls to the Greek naturalization of hierarchy to the bloodletting of the Roman Colosseum where sometimes thousands of animals a day were slaughtered for “entertainment.” Once a rigid opposition between human and nonhuman animal is made in theory, it is perpetually established in practice through rituals of domination. Animals become objects onto and through which human beings release and generate aggression. In endless “contests” ranging from bullfighting to rodeos to alligator wrestling, “civilized man” asserts, affirms, and celebrates his superiority over “wild nature.”

The tragic flaw in the human species is its historical need to define itself not only as radically different from all other species, but also as infinitely greater and more advanced. This schizophrenia is a general human phenomenon, but Spaniards have elevated cruelty to an “art form,” which in fact is how they view bullfighting.

Dr. Steven Best is Associate Professor and Chair of the Philosophy at University of Texas, El Paso.

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    *Happy Birthday* Marisa......    I hope you have a lovely day and that the coming year will be filled with lots of happiness for you.......  also thank you Marisa for all you do for our animal friends.....   Best wishes....your friend Valerie, in British Columbia, Canada 
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    Sorry I missed your birthday - had no internet for a few weeks. Hope you had a great day!
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    *Happy Birthday Marisa*.....I send you lots of good wishes on your special day!! Thank always....for ALL you do for our animal friends!   Best wishes, your friend Valerie,over in British Columbia, Canada  
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    *Happy Birthday* Marisa ~ hope you have a super day...and that 2012 brings you only good things! Thank you Marisa, as well, for ALL you do for our animal friends! Best wishes, your friend Valerie,over in Manitoba, Canada.

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    Wishing you a Wonderful Year - 2012
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    Raja G. (142)

    and Blessings

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    Best wishes for your birthday!
    PeekAMew Happy Birthday to you

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    My Beloved Marisa Wishing You The Best Birthday Ever! GOD Bless You Today and Forever!  ~HAPPY~HAPPY BIRTHDAY WITH MANY STARS!!!!!!!!
    Much Love, Light, Cake, and very Big Hugssssss, B.D♥

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    Raja G. (142)

    and All the Best Wishes, Dear Marisa
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    Huna Blessings To You and Yours, May your weekend be full of joy...much love and peace...namaste

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    Many happy returns

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    A greeting on your birthday
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    Enjoy your special day!

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    *Happy Birthday* Marissa~ hope your day is just super!!! Thank you so much for all you do for the animals! Best wishes, your friend Valerie up in Manitoba xo

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