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Please join the campaign on Facebook to support a Comic Relief type event for animals and write to the BBC, there is a template email on the wall and contact details, so it will only take a few minutes.  Please click one of the horses.



                            DRINKING BOTTLE

This product does not work; it does not dispense water causing unnecessary suffering to many innocent animals.

I have informed Bob Martin of this but they refused to acknowledge that there was a problem, they did however, put an inaccurate warning on their bottles to try and cover their backs which
should not be allowed.

The warning reads
"Please check this bottle daily to ensure the water can drip as required, Sometimes the ball bearing can stick, stopping the flow of water", the ball doesn't 'stick', it is exactly the right size for the tube and is completely round so it has nothing to 'stick' to.

The problem is with the plastic lining inside the tube and the ball bearing, this combination does not allow air to flow back into the bottle, which causes suction and as the only free moving part is the ball bearing, it gets sucked up the tube which stops any animal from being able to tap at it. 

I have done extensive research into this with 6 brand new bottles,
consisting of two different sizes, all bought from different places, from at least four different batches, the only way you can get water out of this bottle is to physically shake it, but no animal can obtain water in this way, so it renders the bottles useless and very dangerous.

You can see by my photo that my pets tried to chew at the plastic around and inside the tube to get at the water, you will also see that the ball bearing has slid upwards because no air is getting in, preventing any water from coming out. 

Trading Standards agreed with my findings, unfortunately they do not have the same powers over pet products and have told Bob Martin to take action if they have more than three complaints in one month and although I am not the only complainant they have had - I know they have had others because they told me (!) - They have not yet had the required amount. But let us be honest, how many people find a dead pet and instinctively blame the water bottle, especially if they didn’t really care

I have already convinced and proven to two major internet retailers that these bottles are dangerous and have managed to get them to remove these bottles from their site.  I am now in the process of trying to convince another retailer to test them and hopefully once they see the defect, will also remove them from their items sold on their site, as well.

If you have one of these bottles, or knows someone who does, stop using it immediately and contact me, if you were thinking of buying one for your pet…. Don’t!!!!

If you are sceptical about my ability to test these bottles, or think I have jumped the gun, or that I am a bitter customer who wants revenge, please ask yourself, would Trading Standards agree with me? (I have a letter to prove it), would two internet retailers remove it from sale? But most of all, would Bob Martin advertise a warning on the bottle saying it doesn't work properly if it wasn't true?

I am the only one speaking up for these animals at the moment, please spread the word and help me prevent any more suffering.

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Love us    Candle

"The assumption that animals are without rights, and the illusion that our treatment of them has no moral significance, is a positively outrageous example of Western crudity and barbarity.  Universal compassion is the only guarantee of morality."

Arthur Schopenhauer, German Philosopher

"It is as if life had said, 'I am going to send you into a world of cruelty. I shall make you sensitive to pain, fear, heat, cold, hunger and starvation. In this world of cruelty, I shall make you defenceless. In addition, I shall strike you dumb.' This is the kind of world that animals are born into."

Grace Johnson, Animal Activist



stop animal abuse Pictures, Images and Photos

Remember me? To the Irresponsible Breeder

Remember me, though I know that you won't
I'm the rabbit you bred, I'm the soul that you owned

Remember my mum, though you'll just get confused
She's the doe that you broke, she's the womb that you used

Remember the vet that you didn't call
When the blood ran so dark in the middle of fall

Remember how cruelly you shoved me away
When I dared nip your hand - I just wanted to play

Remember the age that you wrenched me from mum
With my hold on life fragile and my weaning not done

Remember the home that you didn't check
That kept me confined, picked me up by the neck

You'll remember the blood money you exchanged for my life
You'll remember the goodies it bought you and the wife

Now imagine my fate and cringe with your shame
See my sad lifeless eyes and my skeletal frame

I've known neglect and abuse I feared never would end
and when Death came for me, it came as a friend

There are thousands just like me in the yard, street and pound
And whilst bad breeders breed this grim cycle goes round

You failed in your duty though I was born at your will
Now I'm your fatal shadow that walks by you still

I hope, my cruel breeder, that your guilt's worth your gain
You filled your car with my fear, bought your beer with my pain

But no act goes unnoticed and no sin goes unpaid
You'll account for my life at the end of your days

I'll be right there beside you when at your Reckoning you stand
You'll remember me then - it's my blood on your hands.

Adapted from a poem by Trudie James


   The Briar Patch Story

"I Can't Remember My Name"
by Laurie Hanson

I remember when I was smaller that someone cuddled me in their arms and spoke to me softly. I remember always being warm and safe. I remember always having enough to eat and that the food was good. I remember that once I lived in a house with humans. When I got a little bigger, the humans didn't cuddle me so much any more. They sometimes yelled at me if I made a mess.

Then someone said I was too messy to be in the house and they put me in a hutch in back of the house. Pretty soon, nobody came to see me much at all any more. They just came out to put some pellets in a dish and some water in a bottle. No more cuddles, no more soft words. Sometimes I got very hot and then later I got pretty cold.

One day I heard the humans talking, "He'll be better off free, with his own kind. He can fend for himself. Besides, it's not like there's no food or shelter there." They put me in a cardboard box and took me for a ride in the car. I remember being there before when I was really small and they brought me home from the pet shop. The humans took me out of the box and put me on the ground. It was pretty scary. I didn't recognize anything. It was all strange. Then the humans turned their backs, walked away, got into the car and drove off. I knew they would be back soon, so I sat and waited. I waited a very long time. The sun started to go behind the mountains and it got colder. The wind off the river was piercing. Pretty soon it was dark. The humans didn't come back.

Some other rabbits came out and sniffed at me. One of them jumped on me, another bit me whilst a further one slashed my ear. That really hurt and I cried and ran away. I tried to find a place to hide, but everywhere I looked and scooted into, some other rabbit was already there and chased me out. It was really dark now and really cold and I was hungry and thirsty. I smelled some food and went over to get some, but the other rabbits chased me away. I cried again.

My fur isn't sleek and glossy any more; it's dirty and raggedy. I don't know how long I've been here. They call it "The Briar Patch." Some humans come sometimes and leave food; it isn't very good. Once a human came and I thought I knew her. I started to go up to her, but then I remembered, humans don't want me around. I ran into the bushes.

I never have enough to eat because I'm not very brave and can't fight for food, so I just have to eat what's left and that's usually pretty sorry stuff. I'm never warm and dry; the only place I have to curl up and hide in is muddy and dank. Sometimes I remember the better days, but more and more those days seem like a long ago dream. I still cry sometimes.

I can't remember my name.

stop animal abuse.jpg

Adopting A Rescued Rabbit

There are so many rabbits out there that have been neglected or abused, the lucky ones end up in a rescue centre, but this should not be where their life ends, they all deserve a loving, forever home.

There are so many benefits to adopting a rescued bunny, not only does it feel good to give a second chance
to a poor bunny, but sometimes it is the only option.

If you have a pair of rabbits and one of them sadly dies, the remaining rabbit will almost certainly become very distressed and probably ill; you cannot pair this rabbit with a little ball of fluff from a pet shop.

It is not really anything to do with the age, sometimes age can be a factor but it is more about personality, gender, neutering and them being bonded by someone who knows what they are doing.

Rescue centres will want to visit your home and make sure that it is suitable for a rabbit; they will also want to visit again to ensure that the rabbit has settled in ok.

Most rescue centres neuter their rabbits before they allow anyone to adopt, this is very important for a number of reasons, the first is obviously, we don't need any more unwanted bunnies, but more specifically, in females, an un-neutered rabbit will constantly be expecting to have a litter, if they don’t it can be distressing for them.  Neutering will also prevent ovarian cancer, which is a high risk factor in rabbits.  For males neutering may impede their desire to be territorial.  In both sexes it will stop their need to mate and can make them more likely to get on with another rabbit and also people.

The rescue centre may also offer a free bonding service, this normally means that you take your own rabbit to the centre and they introduce them to their new friend in a neutral environment, this normally takes around 3-4 days, but it can be longer.  Bonding should not be done by anyone who has not had experience, they will fight and try to mate, you need to know the right way to handle this, they also must not be left alone for at least the first 48 hours, so much sleep is needed beforehand.

Rabbits do love company, especially company of their own kind, if you do not have a rabbit of your own, you may wish to adopt two.  Most rescue centres will be happy for you to chose two rabbits and they will bond them for you, or they may have a pair already bonded.

Once home your rabbits should be introduced to space slowly, to prevent territory issues, this can take anywhere between a few weeks to many months, so you do have to be patient.  Eventually you will have two lovers who won’t bear to be apart and must never be separated, even if one needs a vet visit, you must take both, unless infection is an issue or one is far too weak to be around the other.

                Children and rabbits

You must also understand that rabbits are a terrible pet for children.  Children can frighten rabbits, by nature children can be loud, impulsive, rough and want to handle rabbits, most rabbits do not want to be held, or cuddled, as it simulates being trapped by a predator and the rabbits natural reaction is to flee, but if they are unable to flee they could become aggressive and turn on the child, this is neither the rabbit, nor the child's fault, the only way to combat such a problem is to teach your child to only interact with the rabbit on the rabbits terms, NOT the other way around.

If you were to look at an x-ray you would be scared to ever touch a rabbit again, their bones look so delicate, children can be quite heavy handed and can do terrible damage, not only by squeezing, but most rabbits are fantastic wrigglers and will inevitably be dropped by a child.

Although rabbits are very clean animals and will often make their own toilet area, they still smell and need their home constantly cleaned, children get bored with this chore very quickly.

Rabbits also need a constant supply of hay/grass for two reasons, firstly their bellies can't be empty as it will damage their very delicate gut system, secondly, their teeth grow very fast and constant nibbling helps keep a healthy set of teeth, if a child is too busy playing to feed the rabbit it could be fatal.

A rabbit can hide an illness very well and children are not normally astute enough to realise there is something wrong, this can be so dangerous as a rabbit can go from hopping around happily to dead within hours. My rabbit had over 75% kidney failure and only I could tell there was something wrong, even the vet wasn’t convinced until after he did a blood test.

Rabbits also live for around 7 years, some have been known to live past 10, so if you buy a rabbit for your 9 year old daughter, do you really see her still interested when she is 19?


Rabbits are not cheap to keep, they need to eat their body size in hay everyday, have fresh vegetables and a small amount of high fibre pellets (some people/vets say pellets are not needed).  They will need toys for stimulation, 2 Myxomatosis and 1 VHD injection every year, a course of Panacur (to protect from E.Cuniculi) 3 to 4 times per year.  The hutch should be at minimum 6' x 2' x 2' for one rabbit, larger for two or more (the hutches sold in most pet shops are normally far too small, a well built hutch of the correct size will cost in excess of £150), they need an outside run and should be allowed 4 hours per day for exercise and to graze naturally. Not forgetting any unexpected vet bill or pet insurance.

If you chose to allow your rabbit to run free around your home, there is a lot of damage a rabbit can to to themselves and your property, so you have to 'rabbit proof' your home.  Some rabbits will be obsessed with wires, if they bite through one it may kill them, the best you can hope for is that you have to buy a new wire until they do it again.  They may scratch at your carpet as rabbits love to dig.  Naturally they like to be high up, one of my rabbits can jump onto my 4 foot high work top!! But normally anything under 2-3 foot high they may want to explore, not only could they break your things, but they could also eat something dangerous or fall.  Some like to chew, so say goodbye to nice chair legs or that cabinet you saved up for.  They also should only walk on low pile carpet, any wooden floors, lino ect. can make it extremely difficult for them to walk and can damage their spine.  These are just a few ways rabbits can hurt themselves or destroy your property, believe me.. there are many more.

If you are still with me, then you are ready for a rescue bunny, I have not written this to put people off, only to make sure that a bunny does not go to a home that can’t handle it and end up back in rescue again, that is no life for anyone.

Bunnies are gorgeous, to watch them running around the garden, jumping in the air with happiness is beautiful, they are worth every moment.

I have only scratched the surface regarding owning a rabbit, but the Web has a world of information for the serious owner.

I do not claim to be an expert, any info/advice I have is what I have picked up after years of owning rabbits, but if anyone wants any more advice or queries anything I have written, I would be happy to hear from you.

One last thing, if you have an pet which dies away from it's mate, don't forget to allow the surviving pet say goodbye,  just lay your pet down so the other pet can get to them, they may ignore them, have a quick sniff, or in some cases try to feed their still friend.
  This is very important as they need to know why their mate is no longer around, remember, they need to grieve too.


The Dangers In Housing A Rabbit And A Guinea Pig Together

Twenty years ago having a rabbit and guinea pig crunched up in a tiny cage was normal, but things have changed.

Rabbits and guinea pigs should not be bought to live together, they both carry diseases that are harmless to themselves but deadly to their house mates, they also need a very different diet.  Guinea Pigs are like us, they do not produce their own Vitamin C like most other animals, so they cannot be fed on rabbit pellets, as they do not contain enough Vitamin C.  It used to be thought that rabbits are ok to eat guinea pig food, but this is no longer the case, they both require an individual diet to suit their needs

Now I have had both living together very happily, but I have also had a few accidents, a rabbit is normally a lot bigger than a guinea pig and can do fatal damage as they can move very quickly without considering the guinea pig underfoot.  Rabbits also like grooming and to be groomed, this is an important part of their relationship and as guinea pigs rarely reciprocate, rabbits miss out on this type of bond.  With all that said, separation should still be carefully considered, as they may be very close become ill once their only friend is no longer around.

I would not advocate buying these two together, the only thing they have in common is that they eat hay and live in a cage, neither is a good reason to house them together, but I would not break up a happy life long pair either, I would get them tested for the deadly diseases and if that is all good then I would house them separately but let them mingle every day in a large supervised area.  Some people will strongly disagree with that, but allowing a pair to die of sadness is far crueller.

I also have knowledge in keeping guinea pigs, so although I may be a bit rusty, if anyone wants any advice or queries anything I have written, I would love to hear from you.

Hay Experts    The Hay Experts

This is a fantastic site which should be commended for their commitment to sell only healthy small animal products.  So many other Pet Sites sell items solely for profit and don't really care about the long term health of your pet.


Ban  Animal cruelty.

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