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What I Want to Do: Try Truth

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Peoples of Russia, I love each of you

You don't find me there ?
I am yet Here & Now, beyond the Maya-Illusion-Box.
My Major Vision ? A NWO Of We-The-Mankind
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I am committed to peace alongside policies for economic, political and financial independence, because for me it is the basis of true freedom.
I want with my life leave traces not just dust !
Tracks, which point others the way and give hope.

'In the current New World Order, boundaries of countries are increasingly blurred, sovereignty of individuals and nations slowly eroding, critical thinking portrayed as conspiring, and truthfulness perceived as trouble-making.
Meanwhile, unholy unions are formed and new duplicitous treaties are signed to allegedly solidify elitist friendships.
At the same time low intensity (proxy and colorful revolutions) wars applied to reduce population, pillage and impoverish nations, as well as balkanize rogue states, in order to subdue them and bring them into the global family of the supranational business community that consists of predatory financiers and economic vampires of imperial ambition'
- Parsifal Rain

'There is no way to peace.
Neither from the left nor from the right.
Peace IS the way and we have to find it every day'
- Parsifal Rain

DUO 'for' World Peace Care2 Group Host Banned me for speaking out about Syria !

above: screenshot DUO Peace Group login

'To recognize the small things one must first try to acquire the great degree'
'It Is In The Power Of Every One To Create The World Every Day A New'
'Each Single Second We Have The Choice: Love Or fear...'

'...Everything That Does Not Feel Like Love - Is fear'
(Which one feels better?)

'We Cannot Fight The Evil - We MUST Strenghten The Good'
- All by Parsifal Rain Satori

Appeal to the Radical Forgiveness
May we all trust in the knowledge
that all things are here and now in divine order,
that they always were and always will be,
and that everything unfolds according to a divine plan.
May we give all of this truth, whether we understand it or not.
May we ask for support for the conscious perception our connection with the divine part of us, in everyone and everything, so we can feel truly
and say:
We are one.

'We need something - beyond the drama of our lives - that we gain distance and to recognize that truth can be that is hidden from us at the moment.
When we awaken to this truth, we will understand the cause of our suffering and see how we can transform our suffering directly.'
- Colin Tipping

'When you hold resentment toward another,
you are bound to that person or condition by an emotional link that is stronger than steel.
Forgiveness is the only way to dissolve that link and get free.'
- Catherine Ponder

'Anger makes you smaller, while forgiveness forces you to grow beyond what you were'.
- Cherie Carter-Scott

Free A Prisoner!
To you from the bottom of my heart
- your brother

Free Leonard Peltier!
Call White House Every Friday:
Ask the President to Free Leonard Peltier...

The White House:
Comments 202-456-1111     202-456-1112 
Switchboard 202-456-1414

Emperor "Standing" Naked

Things are changing, the old order is in disarray, like a House of Cards exposed to the wind.
INTERPOL are in the Federal Reserve, Obama is being deserted by his backers.
The military is beginning to realise and question their orders.
Time to leave the sinking ship.
Time to escape the coming Fall.
The longer you serve the System, the harder it will be to excuse.
The truth will set you free, Money will not save you.
The Finance Houses are going broke, the fake Gold Bars are exposed.
The Age of Lies and Empires, the Fear is fading into laughter.
The "Royals" are now being flushed out into the open.
No more cards left to play.

CIA neither confirms nor denies pension fund shortfall
CIARDS has an unfunded liability of $6.4 billion
The Central Intelligence Agency Retirement and Disability System could go bankrupt by the end of 2012 without an appropriation of USD513.7 million, according to a request in the 2012 federal budget.

Free the weed today !
Happy 4/20 !

Divibe Travellers II

Harrison On Soul

Gandhi On Tyrants

War Is Over Merry Christmas
Gods Master Plan

Critical Mass has been reached.
The hundredth monkey has rinsed his food, and a new core knowledge of Oneness is being born.
Mitakuye Oyasin

The courage to accept the truth
Pula, July 20, 2009 - Parsifal
Although more and more people wake up and no longer believe the lies, it is a fact that the majority is in a state of total denial of reality and do not want to see what is happening before their eyes.

You can still show them as much evidence of the contradictions; they bury their heads in the sand and close to all logic and reason.

They obviously do not want to come into the state where they have to accept everything what they believe is wrong, that the world around them is  ... an illusion.

It looks as if they would rather die before they admit they live in a (bad) dream from which they have to wake up again.

Only they have to wake up, either way.

There is no other way out.

The ship keeps on sinking.

How high does the water have to rise until they give up the lie of the unsinkable ?

If they water up to their neck ?

All alarm calls have been ignored; they laugh at those who are already sitting in the lifeboats.

Since the music is still playing and the captain continued announcing, ‘everything is fine ladies and gentlemen, we have everything under control, it is only a slight mishap, amuses you, have fun,’ they hide the difficulties; ignore the huge hole in the fuselage.

The society we live in has rammed the iceberg; it's only a matter of time when it goes upside down.

The unsinkable is a lie and on the bridge a group of psychopaths driving us to bane. The first class passengers have secured their places in the lifeboats, but they have already taken care of in time.

Just what about the other in the second, third, and in the timber class ?

They be drown like rats.

There are too many of them anyway and who cares about their fate. (click)

The globalists have said that the security bulkheads between the departments are annoying obstacles, and are no longer needed.

They have ripped out the doors to the free passage to enable the free movement of goods and capital that benefits only them.

Just so is the protection gone too.

What has proven to be the best protection is no longer available.

Now, if a compartment has a water break, the whole ship is in danger, everything awash and the boat is sinking.

This is the situation in which the ship called 'The World Economy' is.

They have sold us the benefits of globalism and the masses have swallowed it without thinking about the consequences.

Countries, borders, languages, cultures, customs have become obsolete.

We should not have our own identity anymore, be part of a world citizen and artificial uniformity.

So unnatural rubbish was turned on us and the people even like giving up their homeland.

With free trade the carrot of prosperity and cheap products have been hung in front of the nose and the donkey followed.

It's also great to outsmart nature and buy every season kiwis from China or New Zealand, grapes from South Africa, Chile, strawberries and flowers from Kenya in the so called ‘super’markets.

Why be limited to the local produce of the season, when everything can be brought in from the whole world ?

The same people who enjoy this perverse consumption, are the ones who vehemently advocate climate change and play the oh, so green environmentalists.

What kind of mendacious hypocrites !

In fact, globalization benefits only a little group, but many disadvantages for the environment and for the little guy, for the trade and the middle class.

These will compete, pressed on a fee until they can no longer exist.

We are experiencing depletion in the western society, a de-industrialization, a deliberate destruction of the middle class and the service providers, in which we then offer each other services only to live by McJobs.

And the workers in low-wage countries, it is just the same.

They're just slaves to be exploited in the sweat factories until their masters throw the slaves away and, like locust swarm pull away where it is still cheaper to produce.

Who benefits from this destruction of society ?

Only the global financial elite and the multinational corporations:
They can determine everything stand above the States, care a damn about national laws, dictate the politicians what they should do.

So we live in a corporatism dictatorship, a global fascism.

They have everything under control, determine by their media what we have to think and believe what is good and what is bad, who is the friend and who the enemy, and which country is a threat.

Our perverted life, immorality, lack of culture and so-called democracy is imposed in the name of ‘human rights’ with regime change, tanks, bombs and grenades to the third world.

This aggressive cancer was continuing to spread and more rampant all over the world.

The locusts on Wall Street descend on each country with resources and eat it bare.

Asia, Africa and South America are just their colonies which can be exploited, with the lie of development aid.

The words of the politicians are just empty phrases and have nothing in common with their actions.

They are the biggest hypocrites and full of double standards, bare of any moral values.

They preach peace and bring war, promise aid and send death, demand democracy and tolerate dictatorships, talk of human rights and agree ongoing violations.

No wonder we in the West are viewed in the eyes of the poor countries as a devious monster.

Through self-directed plots like 9/11 and 7/7 attacks can be simulated, which provide the basis then for all anti-democratic measures, without resistance of their fellow citizen, with more police, more security, more control, more spying, but less rights.

With the help of synthetic terror villains are invented, which must be combated forever.

One war after another is sold to us with lies, non-existent phantoms chased like Bin Laden - style and his Al-CIA-da, all based on propaganda, deception and lies !

The lie was always in the center of the world, for man is the biggest liar of all.

If they sell products, they are lying.

If they sell religions they are lying.

If they sell history they are lying.

If they sell ‘news’ they are lying.

If they sell ideologies they are lying.

If they sell policies they are lying.

If they sell wars they are lying.

If they open their mouth - they are lying or conceal something before us …

It starts where they sell themselves for a lie and this lie they keep it upright.

The lies of the world are like sparkling gems on a chain, but which turns out at accurate viewing to be just of cut glass.

A cheap fake.

9/11 is a lie, terrorism is a lie CO2 is a climate killer a lie, the energy crisis is a lie, the whole banking and monetary system is a lie the GM foods are a lie, the virus pandemic is a lie that we live in a democracy is a lie, the parties and governments are concerned about our well-being story is a lie, what the media is telling is a lie, and the cause of ALL wars is a pack of lies anyway.

But people want to be lied to.

They do not want to hear the truth.

Just look at the parallel-world so-called ‘social’ networks with + 20mio members-make-a-change cheap propaganda !

There you see assembled the pack of liars, the whores of the establishment, the copy-paste-no-mind-journalists for the benefit of the globalists, promoting the big lie.

On the contrary, who the shows the innocent travel-traveller-sheeple the reality is insulted, ridiculed, ostracized, branded as insane and sick, as right extremist, left extremist, Jehovah Witness, Ron Paul Fanatic 'anti Semite' or conspiracy nut, the messages of peace, sanity and truth deleted, their books burned.

But those who deny reality are the real sick ones are cowardly subjects which have no guts, crawling sycophants that have seen an opportunity, are the accomplices to this perversion and betrayal of humanity are those who make this lies all possible.

I constantly hear also of the enlightened among you, this or that group is to blame for the situation and the finger is pointed to them, yet we only get what we deserve.

The fault lies with us is within us.

I only hear, one should do this or do that, just no one is doing anything, just stupid gossiping and clenches his fist in the pocket.

Unless we take action and proceed to change ourselves, nothing happens.

The system in which we live is the result of our own inadequacy and cowardice, because we always say yes to everything.

We are so involved in watching their dished up ‘news’, distracted by ‘oh, we must save the planet’ ‘oh, we must sign one petition after the other for animal rights all over the planet’ and so too easy forget what happens before our very eyes:

Every five seconds a child dies from malnutrition in the third world, children and the innocent starving in endless wars, who’s country’s next, who’s children subsequent in evilists agenda ?

The same parties and politicians are always voted, even though everyone knows how corrupt and criminal they are.

Every four or five years we give them another chance and completely forget the chaos they have done previously.

How stupid and good-natured are we ?

No wonder they can piss on us.

The mass can be told any lie, they must come only from the mouth of a monkey with cravat, preferably in primetime from the telly, and then we believe it.

How long will you still serve this lies machinery that controls the money and destroys everything ?

How long will you still run the rat race and work for the world's criminals and so make yourself complicit to the system ?

We know what is causing the trouble.

God reigns in heaven, but money rules the world, it is their invention to enslave the world.

The solution is simple.

The power to draw money from nothing and to determine who gets this money must be returned to the people.

We must break the power of banks, especially the central banks, and eliminate the interest and compound interest.

As long as the global elite has control over the money, they can buy anything they want, the policy which makes the laws to their advantage, the media spread their lies, the courts and police to protect them and oppresses us, the soldiers it leads to wars and the weapons with which they kill.

Therefore consider how you can change your attitude and your behavior.

Who do you work for,

what you spend your money for,

what is the meaning of your life ?

Boycott the system that destroys you,

and support those who aim to create humanely alternatives.

Stop whining, sit around passively, twiddle thumbs, watch TV and feel weak.

Anyone can change his life and his adjacency if he wants.

We are all in the same boat, we are ONE humanity and have to row in the same direction.

The criminal elite is only as powerful as we allow it.

Now if you not finally do something now, when ?

Do not wait for a leader, but be the engine yourself.

Look in the mirror and ask yourself, do I want to continue living a life in the lie or do I have the courage to accept the truth and to change my life ?

Banks ? ~ There Are Alternatives !

Parsifal - July 29, 2012

Banks are the conventional method of storing funds, but they are far from the only option.

Bank alternatives may offer higher interest rates on your accounts to attract your business, or offer more insurance than at traditional banks.

Also, the fees for withdrawals, accounts and general money movement can be lower or even for free at a bank alternative.
Today more and more customers run away the major banks and open accounts in regional banks like savings banks and smaller.

Confidence in the big institutions dwindles and ethical alternatives are more and more sought.

Like the LIBOR scandal and other enormous manipulations have shown, the big players cheat where they can.

They're gamers, because the financial system has degenerated into a casino, which governs only the greed and the lust for profit.

The losses may be borne by the taxpayers.

The task of politicians to protect the consumer is a farce.

The latest decisions of the EU leadership and the establishment of dictatorial constructs such as the ESM (so called European Stability Mechanism) will now show the money is paid directly to the banks to save them and undermined the Constitution.
In protest a customer of Barclays Bank's cuts the card:

Banks - for what at all ?

Taken in fact they all have become obsolete, just like other institutions as well through information technology.

With the internet, directly without middlemen goods and services may be exchanged.

It takes only a platform where suppliers and seekers find themselves.

Similar to eBay and other Internet auction houses we can operate also in terms of loans a market between supply and demand.

This has already happened and is called barter groups (circles), an idea which spread all over the world.

People meet there private and can directly sell their goods and if wanted, buy other things they need.

These platforms operate on local level but capable of all-embracing to other treading platforms.

Their statements are like:

'We see ourselves as a community of values, in action, fairness, self-determination and participation in social life without money are possible.'

There are many barter groups also in the U.S. or Canada just seek in your own area.

In order not to be dependent on 'money' own equivalents are created like the ‘Talents’ credit notes where you can exchange your knowledge and/or working time in return to knowledge, working time or goods.

An example for a global trading platform:

Exchange of goods

For instance you like self-baked bread but have neither time nor skill or raw materials but you are a good piano player.

Or you look for rare herbs and your affection lies with IT.

Simply exchange your Talents which are rated in 'Talents compensation...'

There is also the choice to trade with silver coins or (smaller) gold mintage, it depends on the according platform if they accept what is called 'money', coupons or equivalent.

'In a regionally confined space where the personal contact with each other (members) is also possible, goods and services are offered, sought exchanged.
The Talent as a fictitious monetary compensation serves as an auxiliary agent'.

Austria is here a sophisticated, exemplary country, I am sure you may find ideas with this translated page.

In 'Austrian Language'

With peer-to-peer lending or person to person accommodation of loans, private individuals or small companies, with substantial or complete elimination of traditional financial institutions or banks can grant and receive loans.

Only required is an Internet platform that brings together the participants.

Some have the money and others looking for money for acquisitions and investments.

The advantage that one knows and can choose who gets the credit and for what.

Instead trust and entrust assets a bank that the bank then invests in any financial constructs of Wall Street, we can selectively boost the local population and economy.

We have the problem, although the central banks make available private banks huge sums with 'quantive easing' for near-zero interest rates the money will not be passed on to consumers and benefit the economy.

It is either right back parked with the central banks used for speculative trading.

The restrictive rules of lending under Basel III (applies for Europe) would be additional.

Politicians constantly talk with chalk voice, they want to distribute money for economic growth and business-cycle to boost the 'boom', but this does not run on the banks.

Banks 'sit' on this money and do not fulfill their primary task of providing the economy with liquidity.

Then it does not need them and banks are indeed unnecessary.

Models of peer-to-peer loan try to revive the components of social lending, which were lost in the centralized bank-models.

Here, the lender can decide to whom they lend money for any purpose and for how long.

The loan seeker provides information who he is and what he needed the money for.

For example, a private person in order to renovate the kitchen, or a SME sector in order to acquire machines for the workshop.

Due to the personal relationship that is established, a mutual commitment and responsibility for the use of money and its repayment is more prevalent.

The advantage for both parties which is also in it, without a bank as the skimming middleman, the conditions are better, which can also be freely agreed.

By pool-formation can also be given large sums, and in general the risk distributed.

Generally speaking, this elimination of an institution and a direct connection between the parties, will be implemented in many areas.

So also in terms of food with the food co-ops.

So consumers and food producers band together.

Some people get fresh fruit and vegetables at a good price and know how and by whom the food is produced.

The others have guaranteed customers and know whom they serve.

A development, born out of necessity, the Greek 'potato - movement’

We know that wholesalers lower the price on the side of farmers and cash consumers in the 'super' market.

Quite perversely, it is when the foods are imported from some distant land, where the workers (sweat shops) are working as slaves in the fields for starvation wages, and our farmers can not compete and then have to be subsidized by tax dollars.

A local food production would make much more sense because of the jobs, security of supply and also because of the environmental costs by eliminating the long transport routes.

We need to disengage more and more of the traditional idea that it takes a big anonymous organization that stands between providers and consumers.

The same applies to the Financial Industrial Complex.

We know that most big banks reprobating degenerate gamblers booths and work against our interests.

They only have the appearance of solidity and seriousness.

Behind their marble and glass facades the greed and the profit for themselves reigns.

These have made us dependent with their services because it is so 'easy'.

To our asset, we get almost nothing, they are always demanding higher fees for the accounts and if we need money they charge exorbitant interest rates, if you ever get a loan.

And when they go bad and they have gambled too extremely, then we have to rescue them, and worst, it is taken away our savings.

This happens constantly and more and more in the (European) countries in crisis, where banks close or due to 'technical problems' can not perform the payments.

So last Saturday, for example, were more than 2,000 ATM’s at the German Postal Bank out of service.

Or customers of the NatWest and Royal Bank of Scotland in England for weeks have no access to their accounts, because the pure chaos reigns in their IT systems.

The LIBOR scandal has caused to dislike and even discard the remainders of trust against the Banking System.

Angry customers are voting with their feet, looking for alternatives to the big banks and in droves open accounts at the small co-operatives, building societies and credit unions.

It is why a campaign called 'Move Your Money' was created, the British consumers deduct their money en masse of the largest banks and bring to the small.

But this can only be a temporary solution, because whether big or small, the enslaving principle of finance remains.

Such thing as an 'ethical bank' practically does not exist.

This is a contradiction in terms, because making money with money is basically unethical.

However, as an alternative to Rothschild Banking System, I like to introduce the

Islamic Banking
The Islamic system of banking means there is no payment of interest on deposits or loans, and a strict code on where money will be invested must be adhered to.
The banks cater to customers of all faiths.

For further information, you may, for instance visit

The slogan of the banks, 'let your money work' is a lie.

Money can not work, that must the people do

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