Working Hard So Ohio Dairy Cows Are Never Abused Again

Even before the barbaric video tape was released last week by Mercy For Animals that showed cruel and abusive treatment to cows at the Conklin Dairy Farm in Ohio; a grassroots organization was working hard to change farming practices in the state. 


Ohioans for Humane Farms is a coalition of animal welfare, family farming, food safety, and environmental advocates that are spearheading a campaign to put a citizen-sponsored proposal on Ohio’s November 2010 ballot.   The initiative will give voters a voice on how animals are treated on factory farms.  It will require the Ohio Livestock Board to adopt specific standards that will prevent the type of animal abuse, documented by Mercy For Animals, from happening in the future.


Here are some of the specific practices Ohioans for Humane Farms lists on their website that the initiative would stop:


  • Extreme confinement in tiny cages for months on end: Tens of thousands of veal calves, 170,000 breeding pigs, and approximately 27 million egg-laying hens in Ohio are confined in cages and crates so restrictive the animals can barely move an inch for virtually their whole lives. Many don’t even have enough room to stretch their limbs or turn around.
  • Allowing “downer cows” to enter the human food chain: Sick and injured animals that enter into the food supply threaten public health and food safety. Cows too sick or injured to stand or walk on their own to slaughter should be humanely euthanized, not inhumanely dragged or pushed while being shocked and beaten onto the kill floor to be used for human consumption.
  • Inhumane methods of euthanasia for sick and injured animals: In Ohio, a factory farmer was videotaped killing sick pigs by hanging them from a tractor.  He was acquitted of cruelty for the hangings because Ohio has no law that requires farm animals to be euthanized humanely.


“The ballot measure is backed by The Humane Society of the United States, Farm Sanctuary, the Consumer Federation of America, the Center for Science in the Public Interest, the Ohio SPCA, the Toledo Area Humane Society, the Geauga Humane Society, Humane Society of Greater Dayton, Medina County SPCA, and a growing list of organizations.”


Ohioans for Humane Farms must get 600,000 signatures for their measure to get on the ballot and reach voters.  Click here to see how you can help.



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william n.
william n.3 years ago

Factory farming of animals should be stopped and all animals should be reared on a free range system . This would at least mean a decent life for the animals before going to be slaughtered . I know this would cut the farmers profit ,but how much cruelty are they willing to impose in order to make more money ? This type of cruel farming must be stopped .

Alice G.
Alice G.4 years ago

All in all, something has to be done. The Animal Rights organizations should take a serious step in informing, surveying, and lobbying for new laws that enforce the human treatment of animals used for food. We are doing it for them, we are doing it for us and for our children, we are doing it to preserve our well being on Earth for many centuries to come.

Alice G.
Alice G.4 years ago

Care2 organization should join with PETA, Farm Sanctuary, HSUS, and all the organizations nationwide to survey the people and create a drastic code of measures for the protection of animals, for optimizing the food chain, and for an end once and forever of barbaric treatment that the animals whose flesh Meat Eaters put on their plates. A national survey should take place, and the truth has to come out, so that everybody knows what's going on behind closed doors. Because of the media hiding the truth, I cannot convince even my own family of the cruelty and suffering that is going on so that they have meat with every meal. Some thing on a major scale has to be done, sooner rather than later.

Athena C.
Athena C.5 years ago

These poor animals deserve so much better than this. So much more.

Grace Klosterman
Grace Klosterman6 years ago

This article is not true. Farms in ohio are not like this. The footage was of ONE man whom i actually know who has an emotionl problem. His workers noticed problems with the cows and they set up hidden cameras. There was something wrong with him. People need to get it in their heads that this one particular story is very uncommon and looked down apon in the world of cattle raising

Tricia H.
Tricia Hamilton6 years ago

I don't eat meat but it still breaks my heart to hear that people can get away with anything for a lousy buck.

beverly g.
beverly g.6 years ago

IT ALL makes me cry , very sad and sick. These poor animals deserve better. If they have to be killed then treat them with respect and humanly to it.

Francis C.
Francis C.6 years ago

Shut down or boicot factory farms, go back to organic and good quality!

Morona M.
Morona M.6 years ago

A law by itself is a start, but for real change, there has to be enforcement and punishment and sanctions. Make 'em give up their profits.

Moreau L.6 years ago

We urgently want a strong legislation about factory farms !