$10 Million Climate Change Ad Sponsored By UK Government (VIDEO)

“There was once a land where the weather was very, very strange.” So begins the Bedtime Story about climate change, a $10 million campaign by the British government.

“Is there a happy ending?” the cute little girl with the big blue eyes asks her dad.
“It’s up to us how the story ends,” says the narrator and urges viewers to go to ACT ON CO2.

The picture book the two are reading features images of the UK wracked by floods and drought, images that brought more than 500 complaints that it was a form of political advertising, which meant that it broke the broadcasting code. However, Ofcom, the independent regulator for the UK communications industry, determined that the ad was not in breach of the prohibition on political advertising.

“We welcome Ofcom’s ruling,” said a spokesman for the Department of Energy and Climate Change.

Click here to see the groundbreaking video:

Creative Commons - Mikael Miettinen


Craig N.
Craig N.6 years ago

The large majority of scientists believe that anthropogenic global warming (AGW) is real and is happening now. There will always be a small number of contrarians who will disagree with any scientific explanation of observed phenomena. This ad is, to the best of our scientific knowledge, factual. Anyone who claims otherwise has bought into the false statements and obfuscations funded to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars by the dirty energy corporations. This alone should tell you that ADVERTISING WORKS.

Any good corporation knows that money spent on well designed advertising (whether it is truthful or not) is money well spent. 10 million dollars is nothing compared to the money already spent by the dirty eenrgy corporations to deny the truth, and is nothing compared to the damage that unchecked AGW will do to the earth's ecosystems. With so much money being used to circulate lies to stop strong action being taken against AGW, money spent to counter those lies becomes absolutely necessary.

I support actions like this 100%, and anyone who loves the earth would do well to support it, also.

Joy Dantine
Joy Dantine6 years ago

Now that is a true fairytale! Who has never wish they wrote a fairytale and dictate the fairytale ending? Children are up against lies everyday - by relatives, teachers and clergy. This ad tells it like it is. We older and wiser children will do what we can do have no ending at all. Life shall go on as planned with clean air for all and clean water for all whilst banishing the bad guys.

Teresa Wlosowicz
Teresa W.6 years ago

an investment

Teresa Wlosowicz
Teresa W.6 years ago

thank you

ana p.
ana p.6 years ago

I think advertising is a VERY POWERFUL THING! Specially with kids involved in the subject - we all know this because it always has been a way to make us buy things we don't need and also pollute. SO, WHY NOT SPEND MONEY TO CALL THE ATTENTION OF THE PUBLIC FOR A NEEDED THING FOR EXCHANGE??? I BELIEVE THAT WILL SHOW POSITIVE RESULTS!

gerlinde p.
gerlinde p.6 years ago

it`s a good idea but way too expensive.

Deborah Litster
Deborah Litster6 years ago

How can there be a happy ending when 10 million dollars is spent on advertising not on resolving issues

Karen H.6 years ago

To Judy H:

"Scientists on the other side of this issue" have indeed been heard and what these "scientists" say has been rejected as bad scientific method that is politically-motivated - therefore not credible.

Judy H.
Judith Howard6 years ago

This is a very misleading ad and just contributes to the global warming scam. Too bad that the taxpayer's had to pay a hefty price for this ad. Scientists on the other side of this issue are not being heard. Yeah, a nice touch with the child to further promote their agenda.

Judy H.
Judith Howard6 years ago

Unfortunate that so much of the taxpayer's money was paying for a half truth.