10 Pictures of Piglets That Will Melt Your Heart

Most piglets grow up in dark, dirty and cramped conditions on factory farms where they are slaughtered for pork at just three to six months old.

They never get to experience the joys of  piglethood, which involves play fighting, mudbathing, and snuggling up to mom, and their lives are hidden from the public, which means very few people make the connection that these intelligent, loving and incredible individuals want to live and don’t want to end up on someone’s plate.

Everyone should have the opportunity to witness piglets living free and happy, so get ready to meet some of the cutest little piggies in the whole world:

Image credit: Farm Sanctuary

Just hours after being rescued from a factory farm where she was brutally abused, Julia gave birth to this beautiful bunch of piglets at Farm Sanctuary.

Image credit: Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary

Born at Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary, these precious piglets love nothing more than tucking into a big feast of fresh watermelon.

Image credit: Gaia Sanctuary

Rescued from a severe case of animal abuse in Spain, Palma gave birth to six gorgeous babies, one of which you can see here as he trots around discovering the world on his own terms.

Image credit: Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary

Is there anything cuter than a piglet pileup? This handsome bunch from Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary are dreaming about their future which is guaranteed to be filled with lots of love and cuddles.

Image credit: Wings of Heart

Hanging out with his friend, brave Ricky waits for news about the septic arthritis in his leg which was left untreated at the factory farm from which he was rescued.

Image credit: Wishing Well

After leaping from a moving truck on the way to the slaughterhouse, Yoda was taken in by Wishing Well sanctuary and now even has his very own Twitter feed!

Image credit: Animal Place

Born at a petting zoo, these three cuties were unexpected and subsequently unwanted. Luckily they found their way to Animal Place where they were anointed with the names Rudy, Magpie and Georgina Grace Wiggle Bottom.

Image credit: PIGS Animal Sanctuary

This little guy was one of many piglets that arrived in a box on the doorstep of PIGS Animal Sanctuary because they had lost their mother and their previous owner stated that they couldn’t bottle feed them all.

Image credit: Tatiana Mendez

Sold on the side of the road to a family that was told she was a pot bellied pig, when it became obvious she wasn’t (and that she would grow to be 800 lbs) Sophie was no longer wanted. She now lives at Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary.

Image credit: Little Oaks Sanctuary

Tiger and Timmy are the two piglets behind the creation of Little Oaks Sanctuary. Here they are exploring the great outdoors and basking in the warm sunshine.

Have you ever had the pleasure of meeting any special little piggies? We’d love to hear all about them in the comments below.


Jim Ven
Jim V1 years ago

thanks for the article.

Christine Jones
Christine J1 years ago

Adorable. Thanks so much for sharing these pictures and the moving stories.

Virginia Abreu de Paula
Virginia A2 years ago

I would love to hug them!

Nora McKellar
Nora M2 years ago

Aww! this is the reason i stopped eating pork

M. Diane Ryan
Diane Ryan2 years ago

All adorable and happy to oink. Even if they don't know how they may have ended up. I am happy to see they will live a long life.

Anne Grice
Anne G2 years ago

How could people look at these little lives playing and behaving like little children and still eat them? These are people without a sense of love of life in its beauty as they can be so callous and selfish only about their bloody palates! Its so nice to see piglets being piglets so thanks for sharing them. It takes criminal mind to kill animals in such sickening horrifying manner. Killing is killing, no matter what you say! Not eating meat is easy people, just try it and see how life will change for you.

Angie D.
Angie D2 years ago

It is very easy to be a vegan. I started to be a vegetarian in 1987 after the son of a very good friend of mine who is an animal rights activist showed me
how animals are being used for experimentation in laboratories and how they suffer. I decided I want to know the truth about animal abuse and the pain and sufferings inflicted on them for no reason. After knowing the truth, I became a vegetarian and in 2012, I became a vegan.
I cannot, in good conscience, continue to contribute to these precious creatures' sufferings. At 77 years old, I am as healthy as a horse. I feel good about myself in saving, in my own little way, lives of farm animals. I am now an animal rights activist.

Angie D.
Angie D2 years ago

I would wake up in the middle of the night, thinking of all the farm animals in the farm factories and slaughterhouse being tortured and abused senselessly by evil workers and owners without conscience. I feel very, very sad that these animals suffer from birth to the day they are killed for "human" consumption. I wish they never existed at all so they would never experience the miserable life and sufferings inflicted on them. I am hoping against hope that things will change for them in the near future. I hope it will be sooner than later

Jana DiCarlo
Jana D2 years ago

Janet ..


some people don't know
some don't care

in the very "sanitized" meat department of your local grocery store - you have chops, and stew cubes and various cuts all packaged up in plastic wrap... it distances us from the horrors of the reality of how that piece of meat got there.

janet stothers
janet s2 years ago

is it that people dont know what farm animals go thru or is it just because they just dont care???