11 Vegan Treats For Kids and Parties This Halloween

It’s October, and just like the trees, porches in my neighborhood are sporting colorful decorations in honor of the Halloween season.

If you celebrate this spooky holiday or like to host harvest parties, it’s customary to have lots of sweet treats on hand. Unfortunately, the orange and black candy and baked goods you’ll find at the store are jam-packed with horrifying ingredients: high-fructose corn syrup, preservatives, nasty food coloring, genetically-modified grains and, if you’re vegan, a lot of dairy and eggs.

No one wants be that neighbor who gives out raisins or pencils for Halloween, so what’s a health-conscious vegan to do?

As meatless diets continue to grow in popularity, vegan-friendly recipes have exploded. There are a plethora of flavorful vegan treats that you can give Halloween trick-or-treaters without the guilty conscience. In fact, I’ll bet most of the little ghosts and goblins won’t even realize that they’re eating something healthy! (Note: Because some parents are wary of allowing their kids to accept unwrapped, homemade treats, we’ve included some store bought options that are also vegan.)

DIY Vegan Treats for Halloween

1. Vegan Marshmallow Ghosts

A healthier twist on Peeps, this vegan treat from Fork and Beans takes on a ghostly form for Halloween.

2. Chocolate-Almond Nuggets of Joy

If you miss being able to enjoy an Almond Joy bar once in a while, this vegan replacement from Fat Free Vegan will have your mouth watering.

3. Vegan Candy Corn

Forget those nasty, waxy lumps they sell in huge bags at the store. This easy to customize vegan candy corn recipe from Pursuit of Hippiness is a much healthier replacement.

4. Halloween Apple Bites

Although sugar is vegan, you don’t need it to make a scrumptious Halloween treat. These 3-Ingredient Halloween Apple Bites from Oh She Glows look far more frightening than they really are and are perfect for the under-10 crowd.

5. Carrot Rice Ball Mini-Jack o Lanterns

Yet another sugar-free treat, these cute little pumpkins from Apron Strings Blog are actually made from nutrient-dense raw carrot juice and rice.

Store-Bought Vegan Halloween Treats

The following candies can be found easily in any grocery or corner store. While they’re not quite as healthy as the DIY options above, they’re approved by PETA and don’t contain any eggs, dairy or animal by-products.

6. Sour Patch Kids

This well-known soft candy starts out sour and ends up sweet.

vegan candy Sour patch kids

7. LaffyTaffy

Artificially fruit-flavored taffy squares are a classic favorite.

vegan candy laffy taffy

8. Lemonheads

This round, lemon-flavored candy consists of a sweet coating, soft sour shell and a hard candy core.

vegan candy lemonheads

9. Swedish Fish

This soft and chewy fish-shaped candy does have a lot of sugar, but it doesn’t contain any high fructose corn syrup!

vegan candy swedish fish

10. Airheads

Kids love to pull, squish and mold this chewy taffy-like confection into crazy shapes before they bite into it.

vegan candy airheads

11. Fireballs

Watch out. This is one super intense cinnamon candy.

vegan candy fireballs

Images: Growing A Green Family, Fork and Beans, Fat Free Vegan, Pursuit of Hippieness, Oh She Glows, Apron Strings, uncomplete, rheinitz, JoshuaDerr, vixwalker, 1finecookie, streiff18


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Thank you for sharing.

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No nuts please. So many kids are allergic. My almost 2 yr old grandson has a life-threatening allergy to peanuts but is not old enough to understand not to eat them or anything containing nuts.

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