11-Year Old Preaches Fire And Brimstone At White House [VIDEO]

April Ryan, journalist for the American Urban Radio Network, recorded a video and interview with a young man who was standing outside the gates of the White House, preaching against homosexuality and abortion.  The 11 year old, who was clad in a sandwich board reading “Abortion is a sin” on one side and “Obama is trying to make America no longer a Christian nation” on the other, was allegedly left by his father earlier that day, and told an officer who arrived at the scene that someone would be coming back later with his lunch.

Regardless of where you fall on the political spectrum, watching this video can’t help but make you think more deeply about what role children should play in political discourse.  Is this young man an image of powerful convictions, or is he just being used by his parents?  Is a pre-teen alone in the rain preaching the gospel an inspiration to everyone or a victim of abuse? And if you had encountered him, would you have tried to intercede, or just have your picture taken with him, as some of his audience did during the video?

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Ann G.
Ann G.5 years ago

I hate how everyone is treating this. As a young activist, it saddens me to read some of the comments. What if this kid hasn't, in fact, been "brainwashed"? When I was 11, 12, and 13, just like this boy, I was signing petitions and reading Care2. When Obama was elected I sat on the couch next to my mom, biting my nails as the states came in. I cried when Obama won. I cared just as much as any of you. I sign, on average, about 20 petitions daily and read about half of the Care2 Causes posts that come in my daily email. If I lived in DC I would be out there with a sign reading: "We Are Your Future. Don't Shut Us Down" every weekend. Just a few days ago I donate $20 of my own money to the Planned Parenthood stumper outside Trader Joe's (which, to those of you to whom that might not seem like a lot, is a months worth of earnings and at least 2 books at Barnes & Noble). I care, okay? I'm not brainwashed by my parents, either. I read through the laws up for a vote at every election, and my mom and I often disagree. I have confronted people- adults- about my beliefs often and aggressively. I want respect from the rest of the world who think that I'm not smart enough or don't care enough to think for myself. In fact, how about if everyone were to just accept that kids can have some good ideas? They did a study where they asked some kindergarteners 4 questions that required creative thinking. Then they asked CEOs. Guess who did the best?
Besides, I and my generation are the futu

Ann G.
Ann G.5 years ago

have the power to change the world. We control the future of your planet. I, personally, would appreciate a little more respect. Try helping us as we stretch our wings and explore the world some, how about?

Erica Bastow
Erica B.5 years ago

Lee, are you implying that President Obama is a Muslim? He's not, and anyone that spews that kind of Tea Party/Republican bullshit rhetoric is an idiot! So, I hope you were NOT implying that...for your sake.

Lee S.
Lee S.5 years ago

he's a brave little boy...out of the mouths of babes...comes truth.

I wish they had given him a bull horn so he wouldn't have to yell.

Have any of you heard children under 5 recite the quran...i'm sure President Obama would think that's just swell

Hunter W.
Hunter W.5 years ago

I am not religious for a reason. I got tired of people brainwashing their kids and cramming their religion down my (and others) throats. My parents always left it up to me to choose my religion and I chose not to be religious at all. This poor kid has been brainwashed by his parents (or caretakers, whoever they may be) and he is now partaking in discrimination. So very sad. People shouldn't push their beliefs so far onto their kids, especially when it's teaching them to discriminate against certain people. It's absolutely horrible.

Hillary B.
HG B.5 years ago

Judith: You don't LEAVE an 11 year old child ANYWHERE without known adult supervision. That is abandonment and hence, child abuse. While true that he has a right to think for himself, is he really? What 11 year old boy thinks about abortion? None, unless the parents are so rabid that they have inflicted their extreme views upon him. The proof is in the pudding. This kid, barely in double digits is out on the street preaching against abortion, when a normal kid would be playing with his friends and learning his 3 R's. I also find it offensive that you and so many others believe in Christian superiority. Christianity is not synonymous with goodness. Neither is any other religion. Goodness is as goodness does, and discriminating against others because of religious differences is NOT good.

Emily A.
Emily A.5 years ago

Sad and sick. That's all I can say..

annelies j.
annelies j.5 years ago

To teach a child that much hatred is so very sad.....

annelies j.
annelies j.5 years ago

Paula, Many children, like this one, don't get to have ideas of their own. Brainwashing "innocent little kids" is what Christians do best!

Lenora W.
Lenora W.5 years ago

Lara Nunes, well said. Wish more people were as educated at you are, if they were, they would know that this country was founded on the Freedom to believe or not to believe. That there would not be any set established religion, as that is why they left Europe in the first place.

Molly, you say you have to be a Christian to know a Christian, well, I am a Christian and even when I wasn't, I knew Christians and saw what I liked. That is why I am now a Christian.

Judith, Christianity is NOT being destroyed, and God has never been taken out of anything, the God that I worship is way bigger than that, guess your God is tiny, and can be removed. How sad! Only you can destroy it for yourself, I will pray for you1 Shalom (Peace)