250,000 Marchers Protest British Government Cuts

At least 250,000 people surged through the streets of London on Saturday in protest of the Conservative-led government’s announced cuts to public sector services and jobs. Over 200 demonstrators were arrested and some 35 people were injured, including five police officers. There was some damage to downtown businesses, especially as night fell, but the demonstration was largely peaceful.

Protesting Government Cuts to Services, Jobs
The protests were organized in response to the current coalition government’s attempts to rein in spending and stabilize the UK’s deficit. Up to half a million public sector jobs may be cut, along with over $28 billion from welfare payments. Organizers of the protests state that alternatives to the cuts, such as taxes on the banks and the closing of tax loopholes, are better routes to fiscal solvency.

The March for the Alternative was organized by the Trades Union Congress (TUC) and is the largest rally in London since the protests against the Iraq war in 2003. Estimates of the number of demonstrators ranged from 250,000 to half a million.

The crowd was mixed, reported the Los Angeles Times, including: “civil servants, environmentalists, prison officers, academics, feminists and young parents with toddlers on their shoulders”

250,000 Rally in Germany Against Nuclear Power
Also on Saturday, an estimated quarter of a million Germans, including 100,000 in Berlin, took to the streets to protest the use of nuclear power, urging the government to turn off all of the country’s 17 reactors and keep them off.  The demonstrations keep the pressure on the government of Angela Merkel, which recently reversed plans to extend the use of nuclear power in Germany. Nuclear power supplies 23% of Germany’s energy.

Photo by szczel, via Flickr, Creative Commons license


Beverly G.
bev g4 years ago

down with Cameron him usesless

Beverly G.
bev g4 years ago

down with Cameron him usesless

Sue Matheson
Sue Matheson5 years ago

thanks for this post

Scott Freewheeler

Good post and good question, thank you Susan. The short answer is no, not yet but hopefully ‘in due course’.

From the horse’s mouth;


"Recall is a term used to describe a process whereby the electorate can petition to trigger a vote on the suitability of an existing elected representative to continue in office. There is no recall procedure in the UK, although the recent debate surrounding the publishing of MP’s allowances and the subsequent discussions about electoral and parliamentary reform have included the question of introducing recall elections. This note explains the process of recall as commonly understood and examines its usage between different countries. Supporters of recall argue that it is an important, directly democratic, tool for the electorate to remove from office those elected representatives seen to be ineffective.

The new Liberal Democrat-Conservative coalition government has stated that it will legislate to introduce a power of recall".

Susan T.
Susan T5 years ago

Well it will be interesting to see how the British government responds to this. Over 250,000 people protesting - I would say that's huge. But unfortunately as we have seen in Wisconsin, many of these a--holes are just hell bent on putting their ideologies in place even though they did not campaign on these ideologies and even though MASSIVE numbers of people are showing up to protest their robber baron, feed the rich starve the poor policies.

BTW in Maine - the governor there is intent on rolling back the child labor laws. He wanted kids to be able to work 32 hours a week WHILE BEING IN SCHOOL FULL TIME, but it got rolled back to 24 hours a week, The GOP proposal also includes being able to pay a REDUCED minimum wage to kids - instead of $7.50 (the current minimum wage) they could pay $5.25 an hour for the first 180 days of employment. Who needs illegal immigrants? Just farm out the high school kids to do all those crappy jobs. So those kids will flunk out of high school from not having time to study, and get fired after their 6 month "cheapie" period. Awesome.

Do they have the right to recall elected officials in Britain? Hope so for their sake.

Scott Freewheeler

Bless you Care2 for caring about personal abuse of people. Let it be known that this community does not tolerate ad hominem abuses. It seems that the comment and the commenter are gone.

All can share their opinions in a safe environment and we can celebrate our differences harmoniously. A victory for good manners.

wooddragon xx
wooddragon xx5 years ago

Well, it looks like Jack T's comments have been removed???

Viva La Revolution! Power to the people!!

wooddragon xx
wooddragon xx5 years ago

You really should not assume that all the people who marched were left wing. A lot of the people were in fact, Conservative, LibDems, Socialists and Labour supporters. There are many unhappy people about to lose their jobs, and it is affecting many people from all walks of life. As to the number of people who attended the march; it has been reported to be 250,000 in some newspapers and in others 500,000. That is the reason for the disparity in the comments. The thuggish and undesirable behaviour was a break off group of individuals, which was not seen on the march. And I must add, many people had brought their children and they had a really fun time. It is a shame that the march was marred with this loutish behaviour and personally, I was horrified when they defaced Fortnum and Masons. We often go there for our little naughty treats such as chocolates and cakes. :0)

Why are you so grumpy Jack? What are you upset about? There really is no need. Life can be hard sometimes but at most part life can be really fun too. Maybe you need to add a little fun in your life, Jack. I am glad you wrote back without being too spiteful, now we could all have a better debate.


Viva La Revolution! Power to the People!

Sandra Away Pls No ML
Sandra T5 years ago

"to get to know her better", that is

Sandra Away Pls No ML
Sandra T5 years ago

Wooddragon, I am sorry to see you unfairly accused of something here, which I know is not true.

If you are still the same wooddragon I know, then I can attest to the fact that you wouldn't harm a fly if it landed on your nose.

What I will never understand is, why do people feel compelled to resort to such low level of standard by accusing fellow human beings of something that couldn't be further from the truth?

Is it because their argument is too weak to stand on its own? Or is it because they choose to reflect THEIR OWN feelings on others, when they themselves are what they accuse others of?? I wonder.....

Just for the record, wooddragon hates violence with a passion. If some here wouldn't have shown to be so obstinate, they might instead have taken the time to get to her better and come to the realisation that what I am saying is true.

Encouraging people to stand up for their rights in peaceful protests has never made on guilty of being violant, I would think.

And differences of opinion don't have to be handled with immediate aggression towards one another. If one allows himself to express his/her opinion on a subject, he/she should give the same right to others without trying to insult them just because their opinion doesn't suit their agenda.