3 Ways Care2 Members Are Making a Difference

Greetings, Care2 activists! Here’s a roundup of Care2 Members Who Are Making a Difference, in which we highlight compelling citizen petitions that have earned media attention this month. Read on to see how Care2 activists are continuing to create positive change.

1. More Than 17,000 Ask For Female Representation at MTV Movie Awards

Sophie Azran, a student at Emerson College, was outraged when she learned the MTV Movie Awards nominated exactly zero women in its “Best Hero” category.

“It’s important that women and girls know there’s a hero out there representing them,” said Sophie. “Young women already have too few female heroes represented in film and television. We’re constantly shown by the entertainment industry that men are brave, powerful, or successful, while women are often given supporting roles and weak characters.”

MTV producers and executives select Movie Awards nominees, but winners are chosen by the public in an online voting forum. The MTV Movie Awards occur annually; this year, they will air Sunday, April 13. Sophie’s petition was featured in a slew of media outlets — here are just a few:

E! News


The Wrap



Take Part

To date, more than 17,800 have signed Sophie’s petition! You can add your name here.

2. Nearly 82,000 Ask Bindi Irwin to Step Down From SeaWorld Partnership

SeaWorld has been in hot water since the release of the hit documentary Blackfish, which details the abuse and trauma orcas undergo in captivity at these theme parks. So when 15-year-old Bindi Irwin, daughter of the late Steve Irwin, appeared on Good Morning America on March 5 to announce a new partnership with SeaWorld’s Generation Nature project, Care2 animal rights activists sprung into action.

“The recent documentaries Blackfish and The Cove show just how unethical it is to put these wonderful creatures into captivity,” wrote Shelley Craig, the petition author. “They rip them from their mothers and families, they deprive them of their freedom and they confine them to tanks [that are essentially] the size of a bathtub.”

The petition was featured in The Huffington Post and UPI. You can join 82,000 others in signing Shelley’s petition here.

3. 65,000 Activists Save Historic Texas Oak Trees

In an act of eminent domain, the Texas Department of Transportation announced plans to seize the property of Phyllis G. Tietjen’s family to build a new highway — and it planned to demolish four 200-to-500-year-old oak trees in the process.

Phyllis’ family owned the property for nearly 150 years — her great-great grandfather and his six brothers settled on the property after moving from Germany.

“Trees give us life and protection. They make the soil rich and air clean for our descendants,” she wrote.

The petition gained plenty of steam in local media:

Houston Chronicle



In a partial victory, the state has since announced it will route the highway around the trees. But Phyllis still hopes to keep pressure on TXDOT to ensure the state carries through with its promise. Click here to sign her family’s petition!

All of these stories are a great testament to the power of online petitions created on Care2. Is there an issue or cause you care about? Create a petition today, and show the world what you would like to be changed.

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Carrie-Anne Brown
Carrie-Anne Brownabout a year ago

thanks for sharing :)

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Sue H.
Sue H.2 years ago

Way to Go Care2 members!

Donna F.
Donna F.2 years ago

it's very nice to be part of the Care2 Community!

Lynn C.
Lynn C.2 years ago

Two down - one to go...would love to see that one result in the closing of that fish-bowl aquarium forever!

Heidi D.
Heidi D.2 years ago

I'm appalled that 17,800 people have nothing better to do than sign a petition about who wins yet another stupid MTV award.

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Great job!

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Thanks for the article...keep signing folks..keep protesting folks

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isn't this the reason we joined and participate? glad to hear our signing of petitions make the difference. WeCare2.

Kamia T.
Kamia T.2 years ago

I hate eminent domain! Glad the highway department is going to route around the trees, but the reality is that all of the compaction, pollution and gas toxins coming from the cars driving down the highway will destroy them anyway. Where do we need to get in such a hurry that killing a property that's been around almost as long as our country is okay?