37th Time’s a Charm? House Will Vote to Repeal Obamacare

They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. That’s a pretty lousy definition of insanity, actually, but it is a great definition of the House Republican Caucus.

The US House of Representatives will, for the 37th time since 2011, take up a measure on Thursday that would repeal the Affordable Care Act. The bill, authored by Tea Party darling and radical ideologue Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., would eliminate the Affordable Care Act in its entirety, stripping insurance from millions of people, and preventing millions more from qualifying for insurance through the program once it is fully implemented in 2014.

“Three years after being signed into law, Obamacare is a train wreck that is deeply unpopular with the American people and it must be fully repealed,” Bachmann said in a statement. Of course, very little of that is true — if the Affordable Care Act was so deeply unpopular that immediate repeal was being demanded by the American people, you’d think that might have hurt Obama’s reelection chances last November… But that won’t stop the GOP from going forward with a purely symbolic vote.

The vote is symbolic, of course, because there is no chance whatsoever the Democratic-controlled Senate will take it up, and even less chance that Obama would sign the bill into law. It’s unclear what the GOP hopes to accomplish by pushing this legislation yet again. Perhaps they believe that, like Beetlejuice, the ACA will simply disappear if you say its name the right number of times. Or maybe they’re trying to win a bet about how many times they can cast the same vote without laughing.

It certainly can’t be because they have nothing better to do. The debt ceiling extension is due to expire this weekend, and as per usual, the House has dealt with it by ignoring it until the last possible second.

Perhaps we shouldn’t lament that the Republicans are once again wasting time on a Quixotic attempt to repeal the ACA, but rather celebrate that they are still unable to. The Affordable Care Act has not just been good for people with pre-existing conditions and twentysomethings still on their parents’ health plans. The rate of growth in health care spending has declined significantly; 2013 may see Americans spend $770 billion less on health care than expected. The ACA can’t take all the credit for that, of course, but it’s hard to argue that it doesn’t deserve some of it.

If the GOP had its way, millions of Americans would lose insurance, but spending on health care would go up. Thankfully, they won’t have a say in the matter; no matter how many times they vote, Obamacare remains the law of the land, and there’s no sign that will change anytime soon.


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Jim Ven
Jim Ven5 months ago

thanks for the article.

Bill Reese
Bill Reese1 years ago

We are now seeing the high cost of ObamaCare. When Pelosi said the congress needs to pass the stupid law to find out what is in it, she was the stupid one. We now know it was written to fool us stupid US Citizens into accepting this terrible law. It is not legal by the US Constitution as the Government is not allowed to charge a fee or a dollar cost as a penalty if you do not buy the insurance. It only pass the US Supreme Court because the changed the law to read a tax, which is also illegal as the Supreme Court is not Congress and they cannot rewrite laws only Congress can do that, well or the illegal idiot in the white house will until congress reels him in for his wrong doings.

Linda McKellar
Past Member 1 years ago

BILL R - I hope you realize that "Obamacare" is the same as "ROMNEYCARE". DUH! This is what Romney proposed in his own state as Governor. The difference? It was presented by Obama so the Republicans must declare it evil.
Obamacare does suck. Why? It is not single payer. Insurance companies will still bleed the sick & disabled to death. Of course insurance companies make big money to pay off politicians so they can't lose.

Dennis D.
Dennis D3 years ago

Bill, You have indeed drank deeply of the koolaid.. It's a sad to see man that might have been intelligent. Allow himself to become so brain washed and work so very hard against his own best interests. sad and pathetic.

Bill Reese
Bill Reese3 years ago

Obama knows his Obamacare is so unfair that he is trying to postpone the implementation of the business end of it until 2015 or he feels his kingdom will fall when the public really finds out what the total cost will be, It will be anything except affordable.

ENJOY this day that our FOUNDING, CHRISTIAN Fathers fought and sacrificed blood & treasure to establish as a REPUBLIC, UNDER GOD

Dennis D.
Dennis D3 years ago

Robby K. That 2009 White paper is still valid and does point to exactly what is happening in the last four years and offer real world solutions and answers to these very problems.

Dennis D.
Dennis D3 years ago

Robby K.

**Sigh** so you think showing up here and telling us all how bad it is going to be from some right wing diatribe is going to change minds.. Robby with respect.. You do not throw the bath water out with the baby.


Clear enough..

As to the next step.. Well we will all see. After the 2016 election. presuming we get either an independent or democrat in office. The next step go range from moving towards a single payor system. And funding medical education as a way to replace those doctors that are or have made the decision to leave. To strengthening hospitals services and doctor visits. At this point I can only hope that does not take another 30 years before the Americans public is able to take another step towards a national or universal healthcare system.

In the short term. Look towards watching as more of the ACA is rolled out.

As for the departing doctors. Please do note that are not running to another country. Why? Because then they would either, in most of the industrialized countries, be practicing medicine because they love it and genuinely want to help people or be faced with paperwork in a different language. Those doctors could have ran to a third world nation with even less pay.

Basically it comes down to this. We either make people a priority. Accept the short term losses now. Or run away and face a long term problem with zero solutions. Except to trust in a god.

Either way, there is going to be pain. I will accept the short ter

Robby K.
Past Member 3 years ago

And btw- your link, from 2009??? Seriously? MANY more Dr's have had time to see the flaws involved in this anti-healthcare act in 4yrs & many more are willing to turn in their stethoscopes now than then. I don't know anything about percentages & just b/c someone says they will, doesn't mean they will when push comes to shove. But in the end, we all know we have Dr/nurse shortages now- if we just lost 10% or so... The Dr's need to ban together & start something. Who knows more about healthcare anyway? Dr's or the IRS & a bunch of power-mad politicians?

Robby K.
Past Member 3 years ago

...think they're gonna get free healthcare!? Pray tell- what's the next step? B/c as I'm sure you know, it's all been delayed now anyway. Again, I mean you no disrespect- I'm just tired of seeing BS about bocare when no one read it & there's no way to implement fairly, even if anyone understood it to begin with, all to help give props to a president(?) who was given a nobel prize for nothing... Not that GW deserved anything either! This country should be outraged over the Patriot Act & most of the Exec orders of the last 12yrs as well as scotus & their ruling Tuesday! But everyone's too busy to concern themselves w/anything important (like loss of freedom)...

Robby K.
Past Member 3 years ago

Dennis- with all due respect... Just b/c I'm not dumb enough to be a far left moron doesn't mean I'm a far right one either. You keep saying this is the 1st step. To what? I guarantee your 2nd step won't replace the jobs (& PARTICULARLY $) lost on the 1st step. The fact is, the country was already in a depression & of those w/jobs w/insurance already struggling financially who needed raises- what did they get? MANY got premium increases of some 70% (at least where I've lived these last few yrs). Does your 2nd step somehow replace that $ OR the jobs that have since been lost b/c of this crap? IF so, I digress. BUT, since premiums have only continued to rise SINCE then, I doubt it.

Again, the simple question is- who is going to PAY for this? And I don't know about any 45% Dr's quitting. I just keep asking- what if just 10% quit? We have a dr shortage already- another 10% lost, especially since we're gaining 13M new illegal democrats, means that S__ could HTF easily! This isn't about party lines or half-assed health care (we'll be lucky to get 10th-assed) it's about timing. Like asking for allowance when Daddy comes home after having been fired. The US is in more debt than it can EVER pay back. The NWO idiots really want a controlled one world currency. Some idiot, yrs ago, took the US reserve & made it PRIVATE- Bernanke's turned it into Monopoly $. We have a real unemp rate of ~14%, barely 50% pay taxes, more than 40% is on food stamps, & now, some a$$wipes