4 Trump-Supporting Politicians Who Could End Up in Jail

During the 2016 presidential campaign it took a long time for mainstream Republicans to warm up to the idea of Donald Trump for nominee. And even now, the new president doesn’t have a lot of rank and file Republicans sitting in his inner circle. From early backers to Cabinet members, many of President Trump’s closest allies have been more along the fringes of the conservative movement rather than its biggest players.

Now it seems a number of them have something else in common, too. They tend to be under investigation – and potentially facing jail time. Here are just four Trump supporting politicians who have allegedly been playing a little loose with the law – and might be seeing it coming back to haunt them.

1) Oklahoma Republican state Sen. Ralph Shortey

Once , Shortey was a very early backer of Donald Trump for president, and served on his Oklahoma Leadership team. Now the disgraced politician is being asked to resign his office after police found him in an Oklahoma motel room smoking pot with an under-aged teen boy with whom he has apparently had a longstanding relationship.

“The charges against Sen. Ralph Shortey were filed Thursday, one week after he and the teenager were found at a Super 8 motel in Moore, Okla., just south of Oklahoma City, according to an affidavit. Authorities said the two met through an online personal ad about a year ago and had been texting since, reports the Washington Post. “Shortey has been charged with three felonies: soliciting the prostitution of a minor; transportation for the purpose of prostitution; and prostitution within 1,000 feet of a church.”

2) Deputy National Security Adviser K.T. McFarland

Filling the Trump Cabinet has been an excruciatingly slow task for President Trump, and no where has that been more true than in the department of National Security, where Mike Flynn was first appointed and then resigned. Now Deputy National Security Adviser K.T. McFarland, a former Fox News security pundit, is possibly being shoved out as a new Deputy Security Adviser.

But that’s only one of McFarland’s worries. According to Mother Jones, she may also be in trouble for campaign finance violations, too. The magazine claims she misused campaign funds from her 2006 attempt to unseat then Senator Hillary Clinton in New York – a race where McFarland didn’t make it past the primary.

Allegedly, however, she found other purposes for the campaign funds. Illegal ones. She spent tens of thousands of dollars in a five year period on a website that promoted her television appearances, an agent, and reimbursements to her spouse for undisclosed reasons. There appears to be no actual evidence during that period however that she was ever actually running for another office.

3) Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price

McFarland isn’t the only Cabinet member who might be in trouble, either. Newly minted HHS Secretary Tom Price may also be in hot water, in this case for participating in insider trading while still an Alabama Senator.

“In December, the Wall Street Journal reported that Price traded more than $300,000 worth of shares in health companies over a recent four-year period, while taking actions that could have affected those companies. Price, an orthopedic surgeon, chaired the powerful House Budget Committee and sat on the Ways and Means Committee’s health panel,” writes ProPublica, listing a series of drug stock investments made just prior to Price allegedly proposing less strenuous regulations on the companies in question.

Price was being investigated over the matter by U.S. Attorney General Preet Bharara, but Bharara was recently asked by the Trump administration to resign his post.

4) Former Texas Rep. Steve Stockman

Stockman left Congress after a failed Senate run against Texas Republican John Cornyn, but it appears he found something else to do with his time – embezzling money from his charity. The Trump supporter and Texas Tea Party leader has been accused of bilking a donor out of hundreds of thousands that was supposed to go to rebuilding a property for Stockman’s charity, but which instead ended up on his personal expenses and even campaign contributions.

“Beginning shortly after the $350,000 charitable donation was deposited into his Life Without Limits account, rather than spending the money on the ‘Freedom House,’ Stockman secretly diverted the funds to pay for a variety of personal expenses and to fund illegal contributions to Stockman’s campaigns for public office,” an FBI agent told the Houston Chronicle.

No renovations on the house ever happened, and the house stayed closed. Stockman, according to the Associated Press, is saying that he is being framed by, “a ‘deep state’ shadow government, which is a theory that has taken hold among some conservatives that there is a shadowy network of powerful entrenched federal and military interests working to undermine President Donald Trump.”

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scarlett g
.3 months ago

Despite the continual rantings by the "SELF-prescribed"FAVED" Liberals, it`s most obvious A DISCLAIMER is found at the bottom of these postings claiming CARE2,advertisers, or employees.............not necessarily agreeing with writer`s comments...saying, the views are solely those of the author.....AND THE END PURPOSE IS TO GET YOUR TIME & ATTENTION!!.

Philip W
Philip W3 months ago

Empire Files: Abby Martin Exposes Steve Bannon

Watch on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HelSaMSy8HY

Notice Bannon's connection to his pedophile business partners starting at 5:12.

"The attempt to justify an evil deed has perhaps more pernicious consequences than the evil deed itself. The justification of a past crime is the planting and cultivation of future crimes. Indeed, the repetition of a crime is sometimes part of a device of justification: we do it again and again to convince ourselves and others that it is a common thing and not an enormity." - Eric Hoffer

Brian F
Brian F3 months ago

Past M Please go away. Bernie Sanders would have been our next president if gullible stupid Hillary supporters like you had supported Bernie Sanders instead of your queen of corruption, Hillary. Don't scapegoat and blame Russia to deflect from your ignorance.

Brian F
Brian F3 months ago

It's amazing how the democrats never pay any price for lying. Disgraced liars Donna Brazille passes debate questions to Hillary and Debbie Wasserman Shultz the DNC and others sabotage Bernie Sanders campaign, and lies about the Nevada convention, by claiming Bernie Sanders supporters threw chairs, and nothing is done. Their is no shame in their game. Instead of admitting they were dishonest and punishing those liars who were responsible including the corrupt DNC, that cheated Bernie Sanders out of his primary, the democrats blame Russia for doing exactly what they did to Bernie Sanders. The real criminal here who needs to be investigated is the corrupt democratic party that is blocking Bernie Sanders from having any power so they can continue their corruption, and make millions from Wall Street, big pharma, banks, and corporations.

Brian F
Brian F3 months ago

I see corporate fake democrats like Mike K are pedaling that phony "The democrats aren't as corrupt as the republicans" bullsh&t. Ok, then why did corrupt corporate sellouts Cory Booker, and Patty Murray take $300,000 from big pharma, and refuse to support a Sanders/Klobachar bill to support lower prescription drug prices, when we pay the highest prices in the world. Also 10 other corporate democratic crooks voted against the bill, and sided with big pharma, that's ripping us off, and forcing astronomical cost for prescription drugs. Now the criminal democrats blame Russia to divert attention from their corruption, their sabotaging of Bernie sanders campaign, and lies about the Nevada convention by falsely claiming Bernie Sanders supporters threw chairs. Then disgraced liar Donna Brazille passed debate questions to Hillary. The WikiLeaks emails proved Hillary was a liar, who was cozy with Wall Street for the 21 million they gave her.The real reason Trump won is because democrats picked their queen of corruption, Hillary who is in bed with Wall Street and part of the establishment, instead of the true honest progressive, Bernie Sanders, who would have beat Trump. The democrats are so corrupt, they would rather lose to a fraud like Trump, than win with an honest progressive like Bernie Sanders because he would expose their corruption, and try to end it.

Brian F
Brian F3 months ago

Blaming Russia to deflect from the horribly nefarious things the democrats did to sabotage Bernie Sanders campaign, is dangerous and could lead to a nuclear war with with Russia. The democrats need to stop this insanity and accept responsibility for Trump because they supported a horrible corrupt candidate, Hillary instead of an honest one, Bernie Sanders, who would have beat Trump. The real thing that needs to be investigated is the corrupt democratic party that sabotaged Bernie Sanders campaign, lied about the Nevada convention, and is blocking Bernie Sanders from having any power, so they can continue their corruption, and make millions from big pharma, banks, Wall Street, and corporations.

Brian F
Brian F3 months ago

Past M The democrats are blaming Russia, for the exact same things they did to Bernie Sanders. The democrats are so corrupt, they would rather lose to this fraud Trump, then win with an honest progressive like Bernie Sanders, who they are blocking from having any power, so they can continue their corruption, and make millions from big pharma, banks, Wall Street, and corporations. Don't believe Racheal Maddow and MSNBC who lie all the time. MSNBC fired Ed Shultz for telling the truth about Obama's support of the TPP, and Comcast a horrible company that contributed to Hillary, owns them. Like CNN, MSNBC is corporate owned and favored Hillary from the start over Bernie Sanders, so don't believe their lies.

Past Member
Past Member 3 months ago

john c. Should have explained further. I doubt they will be going to jail because they are usually forgiven. We will see if they go to jail. Look at trash trumps billioinare friend who is now in court. Do you think he will go to jail for having parties with underaged females?

john casablanca
john casablanca3 months ago

Past Member - who commented on John C's./Houston, Tx. -comment - don't see any correlation to my comment as to your response.
John C./Houston, Tx.

Marianne C
Marianne C3 months ago

@ Stardust Noel:

Sorry, but even tired old deplorables cannot send Obama and Hillary Clinton to jail because you do not like them, or the progress they represent. You cannot send them to jail based on LIES and DELUSIONS. You cannot convict them because of a Russian propaganda campaign against them. Innuendo linked to racism linked to sexism does not make a case.

Nor do your feeble protests do anything to change the reality that the FBI has been investigating the Drumpf campaign's ties to the Russian hacking of the election SINCE LAST JULY.

It sure would have been nice to know that BEFORE the election.