4 Ways the Catholic Church is Out of Date

Last week, an interview with Cardinal Caro Maria Martini was published in the Corriere della Sera and included a scathing rebuke of the policies of the Catholic Church. The cardinal said that the Church is “200 years out of date.” Which got me thinking what, specifically, the Catholic Church is out of date on. It didn’t take long to think of several.

Role of Women

Oh, don’t even get me started on how the Catholic Church sees women! All you need to know about the esteem given to the so-called fairer sex is tucked away in Vatican law. You see, women aren’t allowed to be ordained as priests. Because of reasons. Fine. It’s totally retrograde and insulting, but whatever. However, in 2010 the Church took one step further. Not only are women not allowed to be priests, but any attempt to ordain a woman is a crime on par with child sex abuse. Let that sink in for a minute. Ordaining a woman as a priest is just as bad as abusing a child. Because how dare someone confess their sins or take communion from a woman! That’s totally the worst thing in the world.

But wait! There’s more! Earlier this year, the Vatican accused the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, which represents almost 60,000 American nuns, of, in essence, not hating gays and women enough. The Vatican felt as though the nuns were not speaking out against contraception and gay people enough for them. The nuns were too busy, you know, helping poor people. I guess that isn’t of itself proof that the Church’s view of women is so-1850s, but it goes a bit deeper than that. The Vatican has ordered an archbishop to “work with” the nuns to revise their statutes, handbooks and programs.

Yep. The Vatican thinks it’s totally okay to take the power away from a religious women’s organization to make sure the nuns stay exactly in line with what the Church wants them to be talking about. Forget the fact that the LCWR has not outright supported contraception, nor do they use their time to campaign for marriage equality. They simply focus on other things, like poverty relief. But everyone knows that lady-brains are weak, thus we need a firm, male hand to guide us.


The Catholic Church is well-known for its anti-contraception policy. Life begins at conception and all that (see “Science” below). If you live in the United States, it was almost impossible to avoid the giant hissy fit the Vatican pitched because of the contraception mandate. I’ve got bad news for you. It’s not just in the United States. For example, the Church has been stalling a reproductive health bill in the Philippines for 14 years, which, incidentally, puts them out of step with their followers in the country:

The church’s stance puts it at odds with many of its followers in the Philippines. Eight out of 10 Filipinos are Catholic. Even for weekday Mass, popular churches draw huge crowds that tie up Manila traffic.

Polls show, however, that 70% of the population supports the reproductive health bill, which also calls for sex education in schools.

The Church is similarly out of touch with American Catholic women. Almost all of sexually active Catholic women have used some form of birth control. So good job, Vatican! You’ve certainly kept all the ladies in line!

The Gays

What could possibly be more threatening to our freedoms than the gays? Nothing! With all their…uh…happy relationships and well adjusted children! How dare they have a less prevalent yet totally normal sexual orientation? The Catholic Church has spent the past several years fighting gay marriage in the United States and abroad. Again, actual Catholics feel a little differently:

For all the opposition by leaders in the Catholic Church, their flock isn’t following. “Nearly six-in-ten white non- Hispanic Catholics (59%) favor allowing gays and lesbians to marry,” Pew reports, “as do 57% of Hispanic Catholics.” This shouldn’t come as too surprising. Catholics have been leading the way on same-sex marriage for some time now.

Wowza. This support stops the Church from attempting to destroy more lives because it’s not getting its way. In August, the French Catholic Church instituted a day of prayer against gay adoption. (Yeah, that’ll work.) They’ve taken more concrete action in the United States, through shutting down its Catholic Charities in Illinois because — gasp! — the rules require that they must consider gay couples for adoption and foster care. The same was done in Washington, D.C.

Real nice.

Child Rape

Wait, was raping children ever in vogue? There is really too much here to go into in detail, and it’s all so sad. But it’s worth noting that, instead of willfully taking responsibility for failing to deal with abusers, they are trying to make it harder for victims to get any justice. Or, at least, standing in the way of people who want to make it a little easier for victims to get some justice. Oh, and should I mention the horrible priest who blames the victims for seducing poor, poor Jerry Sandusky.

Admittedly, I haven’t seen any polls that indicate the popularity of child rape. But come on. Do we need one?

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John W.
John W.5 months ago

Richard Zane S,

As you are using statically speaking in the same manner as I was intending for people to understand, you must have realised that I meant taking into account the amount of priests vs the general population.
I'm quoting from memory: Compared to a Catholic priest...
A married man is 10 times more likely to sexually abuse a child
A married woman is twice as likely to sexually abuse a child
A homosexual woman is 15 times as likely to sexually abuse a child

If I can find links to backup this claim, I will do so.

Richard Zane Smith
Richard Zane Smith5 months ago

John W says: "Statistically speaking, a Roman Catholic priest is less of a danger to a child than his/her parents and relatives. Should we ban everyone from being near children?"

this is a nonsequitur argument because statistically speaking there are far less priests than there are parents.

John W.
John W.5 months ago

Child rape.

It is worth remembering that many organisations harboured child abusers for the simple reason that they didn't believe that one of their own could be an abuser. Statistically speaking, a Roman Catholic priest is less of a danger to a child than his/her parents and relatives. Should we ban everyone from being near children?

John W.
John W.5 months ago

Women Priests.

It is worth noting that not all men can be priests, only celibate men can be priests. There is a spiritual reason and a practical reason for the Church’s position.
The spiritual one is: God has ordained that women should give birth to physical children, thus celibate men are given the privilege of giving birth to spiritual children.
The practical one is to do with with inheritance. The Church would risk losing property if it allows women or married men to be priests.

PS a woman is a Priestess not a Priest.

John W.
John W.5 months ago

Nice trolling account you've got there Rev Delane John C.

Richard Zane Smith

Anyone who starts an argument by "No offense,but..." and then goes on to offend isn't trustworthy to begin with.

Rev. Delane your arguments only define your own belief systems and your particular chosen church doctrines. they do not necessarily define reality as it is.

Rev Delane John C.

(No offense, but you can sure tell this was written by a woman by the way it is slanted, can't you?)

To counter the author's views, the Word of God says that God never changes. He was the same yesterday, today and forever. So why should we expect HIs Word to?

As it was in the days of Noah, and of Sodom ...........
Careful that we do not rebel so far that God loses patience with us.
God will never leave us nor forsake us, but many have left God.
Jesus invited many women dedicated female followers that went forth spreading the Word. History records multitudes of renown women of the faith, many dedicated Disciples, but there were only 12 Apostles, and they were all men. God created Adam first, and Eve as a helpmate to Adam. The dedicated woman is a great blessing to the world, but she was never created to lead the men. Isn't there a Bible verse to establish that? Look it up.

Kathy Perez
Kathy Johnson3 years ago

loved this. fun to read. all religions are out of date. we now know that bad weather isn't punishment.. nor is cancer... or rain... or ugliness. just science and genetics. silly people

Michael Berry
Michael Berry3 years ago

All religions are out of date!
Don't they understand evolution?

Miriam B.
Miriam B.3 years ago

The catholic church and leaders: Supporting rape since forever! I think most of the cases I hear about where children have been sexually abused by adults have been related to the catholic church and their priests.