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4 Worst Ideas Ever When it Comes to Guns

4 Worst Ideas Ever When it Comes to Guns

The second amendment has become one of the most polarizing in the nation, and for some gun right defenders there is literally no end to the situations in which they will promote the right to bear arms. Fighting gun control restrictions in the media and in the legislature is one thing, but some of the venues that some gun rights activists are using, and some of the situations that they believe are great times to advocate carrying weapons are, well, bewildering to say the least. Here are ideas you have to wonder, did someone really believe this was a good way to promote guns?

1) Let drunk people carry guns. No, one, even the NRA, thinks that combining drinking and guns is a good idea. At least, they didn’t back in 2010, when he NRA publicly opposed bills that would allow concealed carry permit holders to bring their guns into bars and restaurants that “predominately” served alcohol. However, those bills may be making a comeback. A recently proposed Kansas City ordinance would have made it okay for permit holders to be armed while they are out drinking. The bill failed, but more disturbing is why it was proposed in the first place Missouri state law already makes it legal to be drunk and armed in public. “Under Missouri law, intoxicated people with conceal-carry permits can have their gun as long as they don’t use it in a negligent way,” reports KMBC News.One lawmaker compared it to saying “Well, it’s OK if you drive drunk, as long as you don’t hit anybody. You just have to be real careful.”

2) Waving a rifle during your CPAC speech. Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell is in a very tight race for re-election, and the Republican knows he’s going to need his grassroots supporters to win it. He’s had his issues with the right recently, to the point where he even became subject to a Tea Party challenger, but he’s found his own way to get back into their good graces by brandishing a gun at the Conservative Political Action Conference this weekend. The rifle was actually a present for a retiring Senator, but no doubt the act appealed to the party that embraces the 2nd amendment above all others. However, it did give his Democratic challenger, Alison Lundergan Grimes, a chance to chide him on Twitter. “Someone tell @Team_Mitch that’s not the way to hold a gun. KY women do it better.”

3) Throw gun giveaways at church. Speaking of Kentucky, one church is highly concerned that their pews aren’t full enough, and they have come up with an unusual way to recruit new members. Lone Oak First Baptist Church in Paduca, Ky., offered 25 guns during a recent steak dinner, and about 1300 people showed up for the event. According to NPR, this isn’t uncommon in Kentucky, where 50 different “get a gun” giveaways have helped bring more people to church. The guns are donated, rather than purchased with church funds. “We’re doing two things here. One, we’re going to talk about the Second Amendment to bear arms. But that isn’t the primary thing,” said David Keele, the church Sunday school teacher. “The primary thing is who Jesus is.”

4) Have George Zimmerman sign autographs at your gun show. George Zimmerman, the Florida man who shot and killed Trayvon Martin then pled self-defense under the state’s “Stand your ground” law, wouldn’t normally be the first person someone would think of when it comes to “Hey, celebrity gun endorsement!” That didn’t stop the New Orlando Gun Show, who invited him in to sign autographs, not even when the public outcry was so great that they had to move (and shrink) the event. Even better, the show producer is suing the original venue for cancelling, citing lost sales. Um, perhaps the sales would have been better without Zimmerman’s appearance.

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1:53PM PDT on Mar 22, 2014

I also don't like it that peaceful protests are being broken up with tear gas, rubber pellets, mace and/or tazers. This activity in addition to the erosion of many of our civil and constitutional rights.

This is also the type of behavior engaged in by Nazi/Fascist states prior to their takeover and is of some concern.

But I don't particularly see many of the gun laws being passed as truly removing citizen rights to weapons. So I feel that the hue and cry over this issue is being overblown, just like I see what goes for journalism and news on Fox and similar stations when opinion is treated as news.

At the same time, these massacres that are taking place in malls, movie theaters, and schools is of grave concern. The division in our society that is causing those who are weakened by the confusion brought about by the divisiveness in our politics and their fragile mental states AND their access to guns with large magazines is and should also be of concern to all of us.

1:48PM PDT on Mar 22, 2014

WOW, I didn't realize that the death penalty was one of the penalties for almost stealing a bicycle. I don't think a bicycle is equal to the value of a human life either. In Florida, I could have killed you for your attempt to steal my bicycle. Does that seem fair to you? If it does, then I have a problem with your value system.

People who talk about the issues our modern societies are having over the issues of how many people are killed by unnecessary gun violence every year aren't just responding to banners, and to media hype. Many are actually applying reason and rationality.

On the other hand, a government's insistence on disarming its citizens is also a worrisome situation, especially when police department are being militarized with special weapons, equipment, and gear.

1:16PM PDT on Mar 22, 2014

James you need to study history without the american ethnocentrism attached. MOST of the clonists were good LOYAL Englishmen and had NO desire for a revolution. They considered themselves like every other colony around the globe, PROUD and loayl to the Crown.

1:04PM PDT on Mar 22, 2014

james r..... It seems it's everyone's right to act responsibly too and not use your "rights" as a crutch for every horrific killing or maiming......was your bike worth killing someone over?.....get insurance like most people do on their possessions

12:58PM PDT on Mar 22, 2014

mary B its our right to bear arms and have guns its in our constitution. the british at that time were takeing guns away so it would be easy to force their corrupt government on us and their our still corupt politishians out there that want to do this today you seem like the kind of person that would rather be victim of a crime rarther than defend your self that is your chioce it should not be forced on others. i was allmost robbed of my bicycle last summer because the corrupt state of NJ has made it impossible to carry a gun this would never happen in florida or othe carry states so it will always be those that will want be protect themselves and those that would rather be victims maybe because they believe all the lies the gun banners tell them so be it its just the nature of man of course many will be afraid they might shoot themselves

6:47PM PDT on Mar 20, 2014

james r......your post manages to make almost NO sense......As a Canadian, I am still glad that guns aren't a major part of living here.....Ans as for the Canadian government caring....maybe yours doesn't care because they let everyone and their brother have a gun or six in the US......I'll take my chances in Canada.
Animal atrocities happent the world over and I agree that China does the things you state but you do it as a Vegan not as an animal advocate per se.

5:41PM PDT on Mar 20, 2014

as for the canadians that do not feel right that america lets it people have guns what are you going to do if ever you should find yourself stranded in a dangerous place it can happen you would be dead because of your foolishness/ but then again your leaders do not care about you

5:35PM PDT on Mar 20, 2014

when sandy hook happened the chinese communist critasized the USA for leting its citazens have guns . but yet i saw on google how they are still letting their people torture animals like dogs and cats on a daily basis. like the one i just saw where 2 young dogs were skinned alive then put in scalding kettle of hot water to die a slow painfull death also many are bakeed alive in ovens they should be ashamed of them selves for allowing this to still go on please sign the petition at that link to stop this and boycott all things china let walmart know who they are doing business with a bunch of monsters jeffy dahmer would be right at home there

4:43AM PDT on Mar 18, 2014

Bottom line: Guns and testosterone just don't mix.

8:01AM PDT on Mar 17, 2014

thanks for sharing!

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