5 Frightening Ways People Have Defended Their Gun Rights

The U.S. constitution grants the right to bear arms, although the definition of what exactly that means is the subject of much passionate debate. Every push to put restrictions on gun rights — either through mandatory registration, banning of certain types of fire arms or ammunition, or limits to who can purchase a weapon, such as those with mental illness or violent crimes in their backgrounds — has been met with a wall of opposition from supporters, manufacturers and special interest groups.

With news of violence becoming an every day occurrence, gun supporters have had to find new ways to commit themselves to ensuring that ownership rules remain lenient. However, some gun enthusiasts may be actually making their opposition’s argument for them through their own actions.

Here are five cases where attempts to show support for the Second Amendment may have, um, backfired:

1. Don’t argue in favor of gun rights with a loaded gun out.

A North Carolina man is being sought after firing a shot in a GNC, allegedly on accident. “A store employee told Wilkesboro police he and a customer were discussing guns and the Second Amendment when the customer pulled out a handgun to show him. The gun accidentally discharged, and the shot went through a printer,” reports a local news station. It seems likely that the customer was arguing in favor of gun rights before his firearm went off.

2. Don’t schedule your gun rights meeting in the parking lot of a Moms Against Guns meeting.

It’s pretty hard to look like anything but an intimidating jerk when you gather a bunch of pro-firearms folk to meet in the lot where a number of mothers who want to limit gun violence are having their own meeting, especially when you are standing there with your AK-47s out and ready. That’s exactly what Open Carry Texas did, and of course it terrified both the mothers at the meeting as well as bystanders. “Sadly, these bullies are attempting to use guns to intimidate moms and children and to infringe on our constitutional right to free speech,” Moms Against Guns founder, Shannon Watts, told the New York Times.

3. Don’t use the Alamo for political showboating.

Everyone remembers the Alamo, where Texans famously attempted to hold off the Mexican army despite all odds. Also against all odds, a group of gun enthusiasts talked a local gun-friendly politician into giving them the keys to the historic site so they could stage a rally. A number of Texans felt uncomfortable about the idea, saying it was wrong to bring such a historic monument into an everyday policy issue. “You’re setting a precedent here,” one naysayer told Fox News. “Today it’s a gun rally. What is it going to be next month, next year?”

The group throwing the rally, unsurprisingly, is the same group that showed up to crash the Moms Against Guns event.

4. Don’t tout gun rights at an assassination site.

Is the place where President John F. Kennedy was assassinated really the best place for an open carry gun rally? It seems like really poor taste, if you ask me. Of course it was — yes, you guessed it — the folks of Open Carry Texas who did it. While their event at the Alamo was drawing a number of their members and supporters, those who couldn’t attend found another rallying spot in Dallas, at the site of the JFK murder. Apparently their argument was that a whole lot of folks with rifles would have stopped the president from being shot. Or maybe they just really like carrying guns in public.

5. Don’t try to do “civil disobedience” in the city with the toughest gun laws in the country.

A conceal and carry activist published a Youtube video about his intent to have 1,000 gun supporters march on Washington, D.C., with weapons, despite the city’s massively strict gun control laws. The activist was investigated by the FBI, and the plan fizzled after the Metropolitan policed vowed to arrest them all.

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Jim Ven
Jim Ven6 months ago

thanks for the article.

Cletus W.
Cletus W.3 years ago

Well stated, Frank H. The hypocrisy of these nursers at the teats of the rightwing underbelly is transparent and mindlessly sophomoric.

Frank Hanline
Frank Hanline3 years ago

Let's face it Cletus, Davie is on his last legs.

I've been able to show where his faith is not in his so called Jesus but in the Anton Levay Satan as his ideas on the poor and other "undeserving" are right out of the Satanic Bible

On gun registration, they're all for no checks but want retinal scans to vote. They are clueless and short sighted. Nothing in registering guns means taking them away, unless one is unstable but that could be why THEY are against it

The so called christians here are nothing of the sort. They adhere to the teachings of their Satan, not the supposed words of their christ

Cletus W.
Cletus W.3 years ago

ahhh...what's that echoing whine I hear?...."mark cletus bozo"....why that's the faint intellectual whiperings of the semi-sentient Texas trollop himself, mindlessly drunk on the kool-aid he nurses from his masters everyday before his leap into the abyss.

Again so sorry for your familial generational tragedy.

Cletus W.
Cletus W.3 years ago

Mary B. -- You said "......things change and thankfully we evolve....." No modern human could argue with that.

But do note that in dealing with Wanda and David there is little evidence to suggest we are dealing with modern humans. As we have previously heard from all their anti-science shreiking, the geeks and goons who so happily and willingly fall into the rightwing abyss typically do not believe in evolution.....and from their perspective, I can see their point, since afterall where is the evidence that they themselves partook in it?

Also, I note that you appreciated Frank's mention of the Dred Scott case, a historical fact that can be learned about and used as historical context, as Frank has done. But again note the lack of acceptance of historical fact by Wanda as a means to AVOID the historical context and lesson that Frank was offering. Instead, she facetiously says to Frank "the world revolves around your opinion". Opinion? As with all rabid rightwingers, to them our common American history is just opinions, even while they, quite hypocritically, treat their malignant opinons as historical fact.

Wanda was on to something in her quote, but it needs slight modification to align with the blindingly sophomoric nonsense that she and David proffer:
“Never argue with a rightwing trollop; onlookers may not be able to tell whose soul has been sold to the abyss.”
Mark Cletus Twain

Mary B.
Mary B3 years ago

Frank H.... Thank you for the mention of Dred Scott...... As a Canadian I had heard the name but didn't know his story until I read it tonight.....Of course the Supreme Court ruling should have been overturned......Perhaps at that time, given the justice system, it was right for THAT time......things change and thankfully we evolve.....

Frank Hanline
Frank Hanline3 years ago

No arrogance there Wanda saying you're out of your league. You've made claims and I've showed just how illogical and insipid they are. Worse yet, instead of showing where my logic is flawed, you instead climb on your cross in a vain and futile attempt to martyr yourself.

Now answer the question Wanda:

As many felt that the decision of SCotUS on the Dred Scott case upheld the "rights of property owners" as per the Constitution, would you agree with that or not?

You're really in a conundrum aren't you? So was SCotUS right or wrong on their ruling on "Dred Scott"?

Wanda Bagram
Past Member 3 years ago

"See Wanda, you're out of your league."
No arrogance there in the least. What was I thinking? The emperor has new clothes! Yes, you are completely correct, the world revolves around your opinion.
“Never argue with a fool; onlookers may not be able to tell the difference.”
Mark Twain

Cletus W.
Cletus W.3 years ago

Frank -- David F. follows Jesus the same way the slave holders in the old South followed Jesus......Jesus, for them, is somewhere down the Yellow Brick Road, a road that they have meticulously built to their own specifications.

David is an obedient worshiper of rightwing totem......the guy has proven time and again that he lacks cogency and can only parrot the volumes of slime that he picks up daily from his echo-chamber media masters. I listen to rightwing hate-radio sometimes for amusement; the approach, the cadence, the arguments which are simultaneously unfocussed, contrived and inconsistent, the talking points...David's got it all down pat....quite erie...like he's suffering from some sort of rightwing savant syndrome.

Frank Hanline
Frank Hanline3 years ago

Well Cletus: Wanda thinks that everyone that looks like her needs lots of guns. Those in the inner city, not so much. She seems to ignore the fact that most deaths by firearms for women occur in their own home, with a gun that is in the household. That's why ALL my guns are locked up and difficult to get to

I got a baseball bat for intruders

David is a misanthrope who says he follows Jesus but it is obvious he live a life Anton Lavey of the Church of Satan would agree with almost 100%