75 Percent of Rain and Air Samples Contain Roundup Pesticide

Concerned about the presence of pesticides in your food? That’s nothing. It turns out pesticides are just about everywhere at this point. According to a study by the U.S. Geological Survey, Roundup herbicide, the weed killer of choice of food giant Monsanto, is present in most air and rainfall. Mmmmmm, poison.

As Green Med Info reports, research to be printed in the Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry journal discovered that traces of Roundup were found in more than 75% of air and rain samples tested in Mississippi. In other words, good luck breathing or drinking water without being exposed to toxic chemicals.

This news is obviously alarming to health-conscious individuals. Smart consumers who have been careful to select organic food to avoid such poisons are actually just as susceptible to contamination in other ways. The fact that Monsanto’s business practice is so pervasive that is impacting the majority of the environment should make this a major issue, yet the company’s clout and ability to mass-produce large quantities of food will probably protect it from having to accept responsibility for the consequences of Roundup.

In recent years, Roundup has been found to be even more toxic than it was when first approved for agricultural use, though that discovery has not led to any changes in regulation of the pesticide. Moreover, the prevalent Roundup use has led certain weeds and pest to build up immunity to the toxins. Sadly, Monsanto’s solution is to spray more and stronger pesticides to take out these more advanced crop foes. As a result, we’re trapped in a dangerous cycle that can’t possibly end well.

The health effects of Roundup cannot be understated. Research has linked exposure to the pesticide to Parkinson’s disease and cancers. Laboratory rats that eat Monsanto’s GMO food get tumors and die faster than rats that eat other food. Most children in Argentina where Roundup is used in high concentrations have been found to be in poor health, with 80 percent showing signs of the toxins in their bloodstreams.

Roundup is not alone in threatening public health in this manner. This particular study, as well as others, also identified plenty of other pesticides in the air and water. Unfortunately, these various toxins become more harmful in conjunction with each other.

While we may blame GMO foods for the proliferation of Roundup, it’s become so acceptable from a governmental standpoint that it is even used to kill weeds in Central Park.

Since we can’t exactly give up breathing and drinking, this problem is one that society will have to address as a matter of public safety. Spraying Roundup may have short term economic benefits for one of the world’s largest corporations, but the potential dangers to all living creatures cannot be ignored.

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Jim Ven
Jim Ven1 months ago

thanks for the article.

Carrie-Anne Brown

signed, thanks for sharing :)

Tanya Selth
Tanya Selth2 years ago

This chemical is also known for causing chronic fatigue syndrome. CFS is often not curable! 25% of those with this are housebound or bedbound.

Debbie Crowe
Debbie Crowe2 years ago

Petition signed and shared. Now,... if they would only do something about it.

Mark Donner
Mark Donner2 years ago

Roundup toxicity (continued)

Once the chronic inflammation sets in, you’re well on your way toward chronic and potentially debilitating disease.

It's been shown that aquatic invertebrate ecology is seriously damaged by Roundup spraying.

Mark Donner
Mark Donner2 years ago

Roundup toxicity (continued)

Glysophate has estrogenic properties and drives breast cancer proliferation. Liver, embryonic and placental cell lines exposed to herbicide formulations that are present in Roundup for 24 hours at doses as low as 1 part per million has adverse effects

Organ damage in animals has occurred at levels as low as 0.1 ppm, and in the study on cell lines discussed above, liver, embryonic and placental cell lines were adversely affected at doses as low as 1 ppm. Cattle have been developing botulism from glyphosate-tainted animal feed. The fact that genetically modified corn can contain as much as 13 ppm of glyphosate has staggering implications for Americans who eat an average of 193 pounds of genetically engineered foods each year

The gut bacteria are a top factor in the development of a wide variety of chronic diseases, specifically because your gut bacteria are a key component of glyphosate’s mechanism of harm.The bacteria in your body outnumber your cells by 10 to 1. For every cell in your body, there are10 microbes of various kinds, and all of them respond to the presence of glyphosate. Glyphosate causes extreme disruption of the microbe’s function and lifecycle. What’s worse, glyphosate preferentially affects beneficial bacteria, allowing pathogens to overgrow and take over. At that point, your body also has to contend with the toxins produced by the pathogens. Once the chronic inflammation sets in, you’re well on your w

Mark Donner
Mark Donner2 years ago

Information for Kyle N, who claims that roundup is "harmless":

The surfactant chemical polyoxyethyleneamine within Roundup dramatically enhances the absorption of glyphosate (Roundup's main ingredient) into exposed human cells and tissue - inert ingredients such as solvents, preservatives, surfactants and other added substances contribute to toxicity. Ethoxylated compounds in glyphosate-based herbicides were found to be "active principles of human cell toxicity." An “Ethoxylated” compound is a chemical that has been produced using the carcinogen (cancer-causing) ethylene oxide. Cell damage and cell death do occur at the residual levels found on Roundup-treated crops, as well as lawns and gardens where Roundup is applied for weed control.

Roundup causes pregnancy problems by interfering with hormone production, possibly leading to abnormal fetal development, low birth weights or miscarriages.”Fertility problems and abnormal fetal development are all problems that are skyrocketing in Argentina, where many are exposed to massive spraying of herbicides. More than 18 million hectares in Argentina are covered by genetically engineered soy, on which more than 300 million liters of pesticides are sprayed. In the village of Malvinas Argentinas, which is surrounded by soy plantations, the rate of miscarriage is 100 times the national average, courtesy of glyphosate (main ingredient of Roundup).

Glysophate, has estrogenic properties and drives breast cancer pr

Laurence Wuillemin
Past Member 2 years ago

Kyle@ are you kidding me????????
Not toxic???
It's toxic to every single creature!
get some more informations, but the right ones ;-)

Laurence Wuillemin
Past Member 2 years ago

And we wonder where all these cancers are coming from ?

Kyle N.
Kyle N.2 years ago

Once again, Roundup is NOT TOXIC to insects or humans. It is only designed to eliminate weeds(plants) that are susceptable to it. Microbes in the soil quickly break down the AI in roundup. If you by chance get any in the air it is only because of a slight drift from a nearby spray application. You people need to educate yourselves, not automatically think everything is toxic. You can spill roundup on yourself and there is no harm.