9 Funny Things Our Pets Do Just Like Humans

Most people consider their pets as part of the family, and it turns out that those we choose to share our homes with resemble us in more ways than you could ever imagine.

From watching TV to practicing yoga, if you’re a big animal lover, chances are you’ve caught your pet doing at least one of these things…

1. Letting Themselves In

Image via Cycrolu

Forget about doggy doors and cat flaps to help your furry companions access the outside world, as many of them know how to come and go as they please. Both dogs and cats are smart, adaptive creatures that know exactly how to use their natural intelligence to get to and from wherever they want to be. While door opening skills may have its disadvantages, they can also be lifesaving as proven by the incredible dog Mia who opened four doors to escape a fire that destroyed her family home in South Carolina.

2. Getting Snuggly Under The Duvet

Image via Len

From cats on pillows to dogs under duvets most pet owners are guilty of pairing up with their blanket loving pets. Theories behind why they love the cavelike comfort of sleeping beneath the sheets point to the need for warmth and companionship with their human pack members, along with instinctive traits leftover from their ancestors who would have reared them in small, dark dens.

3. Helping Themselves From The Kitchen

Image via tim caynes

One minute you’re watching TV and the next your pup walks into the room wearing a cereal box on his head, and when you remove it he looks at you like he has absolutely no idea how it got there. Whether they’re sneaking food right off your plate or helping themselves from the cupboards, somehow they’re always hungry!

4. Watching TV

Image via Damselfly58

Yes, cats can be couch potatoes too! While most cats prefer to watch the real life soap opera going on just outside the window, some kitties just can’t get enough of the Discovery Chanel. Wildlife programs in particular go down as a real treat, and best of all footage of birds, rodents and fish (natural prey for felines). If your cat is intent on hunting the TV, just make sure that you don’t leave them unsupervised.

5. Using The Toilet

Image via The Life of Bryan

No need for a litter box, some kitties are just too civilized for that (and pups too!) It might sound gross when you first hear about it, but it sure beats searching for the source of that foul smell after you catch your kitty playing poo hockey with the contents of his litter box. Let’s just hope they remember to put the seat down when they’ve finished.

6. Drinking From Your Glass

Image via yoppy

Some cats drink from everywhere but their water bowls. The bathroom sink, the glass on the nightstand, even the condensation on the window. Wanna know why your cat avoids their water bowl like the plague? The truth is your cat might just not like that bowl, thank you very much.

7. Practicing Yoga

Image via flowercat

Who needs yoga classes when we can learn from our cute animal companions instead? Dogs doing yoga might seem a little strange but our canine friends actually do plenty of common yoga poses in their every day life. Their favorite pose of all though has got to be savasana, where they lie on their back while someone rubs their belly…

8. Timesharing Their Turf

Image via Theen

People were first sold on the idea of timeshares back in the 1960s, as collective property rights to a piece of real estate that everyone could vacation at for a few days a year sounded pretty sweet, and cats have gotten on board too using timeshares to avoid territorial conflicts. The BBC recently ran an experiment that monitored 50 cats in the same village using GPS trackers and cat cams to see how they interacted with other felines. Findings revealed that although each cat claimed a small amount of territory as their own, they would allow other kitties to momentarily move in on their turf.

9. Pretending They Didn’t Hear You

Image via vtornick

Cats may play dumb but really they’re only pretending to ignore you. Studies show that cats can easily distinguish their owner’s voice from those of other people, and that when a familiar voice is detected they move their heads and ears implying that they do pay attention when spoken to, even if they act completely aloof.

In what ways do your furry friends act like little humans? Apart from using the toilet, mine do all of the above!

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