97% of Research Confirms Climate Change, But 40% of Americans Still Think Its Controversial

Breaking News: Global warming is real. It’s also our fault.

Actually, maybe it should be breaking news that people still think it’s breaking news. Hmm.

Last week yet another study was released that confirms the consensus among climate scientists. What does consensus look like? 97%.

97% of the 4,000 papers that analyzed the causes of climate change came to the same conclusion: humans are causing global climate change.

97%. Yes. This is what consensus looks like. Despite what the climate change deniers would want us to believe, there is no controversy. None at all.

This comes after another report that said, among 14,000 peer reviewed studies on climate change, only 24 rejected the phenomenon. I know there has been a lot of number repetition in this post already, but let’s do it again, shall we?

Twenty-four out of 14,000. That is bananas.

That number is a little bit harder to wrap one’s head around. Luckily, Kyle Hill at the Scientific American blog Overthinking It is on the case.

If you put all of the almost 14,000 climate change papers, including the contrary 24, in a bag, the chances that you would pull out 10 studies that reject climate change is 0.000000000000000000000000003%.

Ok, ok. That number is even worse. But how’s this? According to Hill, you are more likely to be struck by lightening…then hit by an asteroid.

Wow. Now that’s a tiny chance.

Despite the overwhelming evidence supporting human-made climate change, less than half of Americans understand this. In fact, 40 percent think that there is widespread disagreement between climate scientists on global climate change.

Why is that? It certainly has to do with how the media handles climate science. In an attempt to not be labelled as a partisan, a proponent and a denier are deployed. This has undoubtedly caused a false equivalency in the minds of the average person. In addition, according to Ed Maibach of the Center for Climate Change Communication at George Mason University, people’s perception of climate change hinges greatly on the current weather situation. During the last cold winter, acceptance of climate change dipped seven points.

Perhaps as the weather gets more dramatic and dangerous, people will start to wake up to the reality. Until then, those of us who accept what the evidence tells us have another arrow in our quiver.


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Carrie-Anne Brown

thanks for sharing

B A Robinson
BA R.3 years ago

40% = exxon/mobil

Dan Blossfeld
Dan Blossfeld3 years ago

So true Del,
One only has to look at some of the comments here to witness the lasck of scientific openness on the subject (backwards, brain dead, uninformed and uneducared, ignorance is bliss or does not serve their agenda). Many of these comments seem self-incriminating.

Noreen Niamath
Noreen Niamath3 years ago

Most of the 40% know that climate change is real, however admission or acceptance does not serve their agenda so they pretend. The rest of the 40% are just too backwards to accept the reality and to accept the scientific evidence.

Mary T.
Mary T.3 years ago

someone people are scared of change and will continue to believe nothing is wrong with the Earth's climate. some people listen to too much talk radio, read for yourself and you might learn something

Geoff Price
Past Member 3 years ago


B A Robinson
BA R.3 years ago


Del Rykert
Del Rykert3 years ago

Many Alarmists postings on here are not addressing all of the variables the Scientists are reveiwing.. Remember `~ this is a "WORKING THEORY". The fact that the Sun and Earth were closer in their orbits in the last warming period, the "Eemian interglacial period" occured 130,000 years ago. It spanned 15,000 years. How many of our current climate scientisits are looking at the fact the sun is getting closer all the time to Earth and has a factor on the global warming? Most don't mention it in their research data. WHY? It has been proven to be an important factor. There are many pieces of data that are being scrutinized and to assume they now have the golden answer and the humans are at fault shows how gulliable and mis informed many people truly are. Only 5 years ago ice sheet modeling was still very inacurate and is still being tweaked and reviewed for its many inconsitiencies. For many to get on here condmening those that question the validity of the wild claims shows how desperate they are to have their way and not open to garnering more facts and proof.

Mark Donners
Mark Donner3 years ago

Most eight year olds can understand the sheer simplicity of what's happening, it's not rocket science..except for the poltically deluded who flunked math in grade school and couldn't change a light bulb if they tried.

Land plants remove 8.2 billion tons of C02 per year, and the oceans remove 12.2 billion tons yearly. That means 20.4 billion tons of CO2 is being removed from the atmosphere by earth's biosphere every year. Fossil fuel burning increases the CO2 release to 32.6 billion tons of CO2 and deforestation to 4.1 billion tons, which is a total of 36.7 billion tons pumped into the atmosphere. 36.7 - 20.4 is 16.3 billion tons of additional CO2 accumulating in the world atmosphere every year. The oceans and biosphere are only capable of removing 55% (20.4 billion tons) of all the CO2 (36.7 billion tons) man and nature combined is making each year. Global Warming comes from the remaining 45% (16.3 billion tons) CO2 surplus. The excess man made CO2 is not recycled and it lingers in the upper atmosphere for an average of 100 years, while more of it is being released from oceans, ice and tundra in an accelerating pattern, which makes that CO2 (as opposed to water vapor, which cycles out of the atmosphere in two weeks) a dangerous greenhouse gas which has to be urgently addressed if overpopulated, insane humanity is going to survive.

Mark Donners
Mark Donner3 years ago

Brian F. and Dan B.: shills for the energy companies. Especially laughable is Brian F: statement that sounds like scientists are being forced to say climate change is happening so they resign. They are both wackos pretending that with their personal god like wacko science experiments, trying to discredit, 90% of scientists worldwide who have a reached a consensus on the FACT of human caused climate change. And those are top organizations like NASA who have confirmed this fact over thirty years with the most advanced equipment possible to measure it. Guess what shills, Greenland's ice sheets are melting at unprecedented rates at this moment, so is the North Pole, so is the land based Antarctic ice, so are glaciers and tundra worldwide. My advice is run back to Rush Limbaugh and the CEO of Exxon and confess you failed.