A Healthier Family, Made Easy: Meet the Honest Company


If you’re a parent, you know – only the best, safest products will do when it comes to your children. The difficulty lies in finding those products. With millions of mixed messages, who do you trust?

This was a problem Christopher Gavigan and Jessica Alba (yes that Jessica) both confronted as new parents. With a background in childhood health, wellness and development, Christopher well knew the dangers his vulnerable infants faced. However, many of the companies he saw at the store were not always authentic and transparent when it came to the toxicity and safety of their products. So, with their own experiences in mind, as well as the health and safety of all children, Christopher and Jessica co-founded the Honest Company.

The Honest Company, a newly certified B Corp, is devoted to being the go to resource for parents seeking healthy, nontoxic products for their family. Their website offers personal care items, cleaning products and diapers made with the safest and best ingredients. With the increased spread of environmentally-linked developmental diseases, such as autism, asthma and learning disorders, it’s never been more important to ensure the safety of the items families use everyday. However, the US is falling behind in regulating toxic chemicals. Europe has banned over 1,100 chemicals from use in personal care goods. The US has banned only nine. The Honest Company fills the regulatory gap, using the latest research on environmental health to take the guess work out of shopping. “There is a clear need for parent’s to have one place to turn to for really top quality products that work, but have a focus on health and non toxicity,” Gavigan states. “We’ve curated, developed and created the best.”

After health, the second biggest issue facing new parents is time. There is always more to do. That’s why the Honest Company decided to bypass the store and deliver directly to customers. Their website acts as a personal concierge service, offering customized subscription “bundles”, as well as individual products. A customer can simply log on, select the products they want delivered each month and wait for the package to arrive at their door. This saves time, money and energy, valuable resources in any family.

A focus on verification, trust and safety makes the Honest Company a natural fit for B Corp Certification. “For me, it was like getting a driving license in order to drive,” says Gavigan. “It was like joining a party that I’ve greatly respected and admired.” The company constantly seeks to improve both their products and practices. They have challenged themselves to improve their B Score and plan to utilize the B Impact Assessment and B Corp community to identify key gaps and find innovative solutions.

A dedication to improvement also means expanding product lines to fill more families’ needs. Over the next month, the Honest Company will launch eleven new products, starting with an organic bug spray – a traditionally hazardous item. They are also exploring product categories outside of personal care, cleaning supplies and diapers. Families use thousands of items everyday and the Honest Company wants to ensure that each one is the best when it comes to health, safety and quality.

Need to take the guesswork out of shopping? Better Know the Honest Company.



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I get product from them, love it =)

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Great news - another step in the right direction for humanity!

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WONDERFUL!!!! Thank you Jessica Alba and Christopher Gavigan, congrats on parenthood, and look what your newborn has taught you and inspired you to do already!!!

More celebrities should get involved in health related issues and use their media power to promote health such as informing the public about GMOs.

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Look forward to learning more about this opportunity.

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