Save the Amazon, Stop the Dam (VIDEO)

A new Amazon forest project will displace 25,000 people, many of them native, if it’s implemented.  The Brazilian government is planning to build the Belo Monte Monster Dam there,  which would destroy their way of life and their culture.  

James Cameron, the producer of Avatar, went to the Amazon to lend his weight to stopping this project. In this video you see him meeting with the native people and you will see the parallel between Avatar and what is happening in Brazil.

Amazon Watch has additional details, related news, and a petition to stop the dam.


Photo credit: Luzabass


Masha Samoilova
Past Member 5 years ago

I agree, not a good idea

Tania Regina G.
Tania Regina G.5 years ago

This picture shows nothing but possible effect of a brush fire. Leave it alone.

Tania Regina G.
Tania Regina G.5 years ago

The Amazon is the place in the world where more lighting hits than any other spot. Most of the fires there are caused by lightening and not a huge threat.
t even dream of controlling the Amazon. Take care first of your BP's and Sarah Pallins. Then go look at 200 treties with your own natives, all of then violated

Tania Regina G.
Tania Regina G.5 years ago

This is fake concern about envioronment by people who can't protect their own and who already polluted everything: Brazil has 60% of its surface green and will preserve. Some powerful people want to stop the emerging economy from catching up. Brazil is a soveriegn nation who knows very well how to manage its land and people. Hands off

Mark M.
Mark M6 years ago

Only when it's too late, when the damage is irreversible, but the vast profits have been reaped and have allowed the reapers to buy themselves all the security and protection the money can buy so that they can escape punishment for their crimes, will the powers that be stop raping that which is not theirs and accept the credo of the greatest good for the greatest number. They are so corrupt and so blinded by the sickness of greed and so unwilling to embrace alternatives -- sun, wind, energy efficiency -- that appealing to their powers of reasoning and conscience seems almost futile. Even examples of the less-than-optimum results of other such projects -- for instance, that massive dam in China which is having the adverse impact that many environmentalists predicted -- will not dissuade them. I fear that in coming decades humankind will pay a huge price for messing with local, regional and global environments, and make the floods in Pakistan look tame by comparison.

mariya s.
Mari S6 years ago

More and more, our earth's natural environment is being depleted -- it must stop -- otherwise, we will be on the receiving end of the disastrous consequences -- forests, marshes, etc., all play a hugely important role in our eco-system. Once again, this project must come to a complete and permanent halt.

Benen W.
Benen W6 years ago

Profit over people? Again? Disgusting.

Danish Rustomji
Danish Rustomji6 years ago

Building a dam is not the only way to generate electricity. why not invest in wind-mills???

Daiane S.
Daiane S6 years ago


Jennifer Martin
Jennifer M6 years ago

Find another location! Leave natives alone.