“Act of God” Interrupts Pope Benedict’s Anti-Gay Speech


Pope Benedict XVI’s controversial World Youth Day appearance in Madrid took an interesting turn when a sudden bout of severe weather, including “powerful winds and sheets of rain struck at a vast air base, whipping off his skullcap, shaking the stage and knocking over at least one tent.”Although the Pope was unable to finish his speech, Vatican officials said that the “content of his entire speech [...] was still valid and could be published.”

In the few sentences spoken before the wind and rain forced him to leave the stage, Pope Benedict defended marriage as a commitment between a man and a woman, stating:

“The Lord calls many people to marriage, in which a man and a woman, in becoming one flesh, find fulfillment in a profound life of communion.”

Pope Benedict XVI has a history of denouncing gay and lesbian relationships, including an appearance in Portugal last year where he described gay marriage as “insidious and dangerous.” He has also spoken out against abortion, an important issue in Spain today where the Socialist Government has brought in “sweeping liberal reforms” that allow citizens easier access to “abortion, gay marriage, and fast-track divorce.”

Benedict’s most recent visit to Spain was controversial from the beginning, as the 60 million Euro ($85 million) cost to host the religious leader represents a real hardship for the Spanish economy, where the unemployment rate is at 21 percent. His appearance in the traditionally Catholic country was marked by resistance from clergy members, protests and an attempted kiss-in staged by gay and lesbian activists.

Upon his departure, the Pope promised to pray for all Spaniards, especially the young people of the country. He said:

“I am sure that they (the young people) will contribute the best they have to offer through their faith in Christ, so that this great country can face the challenges of the present hour.”

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Miriam O.

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Nicole W.
Nicole W.3 years ago

*(though definitely not ALL)

Nicole W.
Nicole W.3 years ago

Wow, didn't realize there were so many intolerant people on this website. The headline was a joke guys, making fun of the fact that sometimes religious leaders attribute terrible events (such as hurricane Sandy) as 'acts of God' in punishment for some sin. Seriously though, stop 'paraphrasing a book written 3500 years ago' Besides if God is supposed to be so loving than how come so many (though definitely not) of you religious people are so hateful?

Michelle N.
Michelle N.3 years ago

I suppose this could also be seen as part of God's plan...lots of stuff that looks "coincidental" could be. Not the speech - the storms and stuff.

Michelle N.
Michelle N.3 years ago

Uhhhhhh, in case you haven't noticed - there have been freaky weather events all over the world. To use one as an agent to stop a priest's speech is as superstitious as the beads and rattles of earlier ages. I thought we were supposed to be making progress here.
This is nothing more than the fact that your 20,000 years are up, Kids - time for climate change!

Bradford S.
Bradford S.3 years ago

Hey Andrea, why don't you read your Bible & see what God really said about the sins that "gays" do with each other before you make such silly statements.

If you do you'll find in both Old and New Testaments that He's a lot more "anti-gay" than the pope is, & Gods opinion is the one that matters most.

Andrea Jarich
Andrea J.3 years ago

Guess that's God's way of saying that you shouldn't be so anti-LGBT.

Natasha Salgado
natasha salgado3 years ago

This is just comical! Love the headline...

Bradford S.
Bradford S.3 years ago


That's hogwash. I don't know what "god" you're talking about, but the God of the Bible, the Christian God, said in Jeremiah 17:9 "the heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked".

Ian Grigor
Ian Grigor3 years ago

God doesn't need a spokesman....listen to your heart and you shall hear his voice....he dwells within you.