City Proposes Pit Bull Ban

City officials of Marion, Ark., plan to discuss an ordinance that would ban pit bulls at their next City Council Meeting scheduled for the end of September. 

It’s no secret pit bulls are discriminated against. Several cities around the U.S. have already placed bans on the breed, believing it makes communities safer for people and companion animals.

Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) bans or restricts certain types of dogs perceived as “dangerous” breeds. The legislation requires removing the banned type of dog from the area wherein the BSL has been implemented. Depending on how a law is written, owners of certain breeds may be forced to take extreme safety measures with their dog (such as muzzles, containing them in kennels or wearing tags with the words “vicious dog”).

The time, effort and money put into BSL very well might not even be worth the trouble. There is no proof BSL has even helped any communities be safer. Also, some responsible owners and pets are punished as a result of the legislation. In general, those who neglect or mistreat animals have more aggressive pets, so why punish those who have well-behaved companions?

While many people are afraid of pit bulls because of stereotypes, some pit bulls have actually saved lives. Some pit bulls — like Dixon of Arkansas — are trusty service dogs to people with various disabilities. Stories like this often remind us dogs should be judged for their behavior, not their breed.


If you feel BSL is not the right way to enforce pet safety, sign this petition to stop the ban of pit bulls in Marion, Arkansas.




Duane B.
.3 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

Marlene Dinkins
Marlene dinkins4 years ago

the people the owners are the ones are bad, and the ones have to be ban

Vivian Lara
Vivian Lara4 years ago

My apologies... hit add comment too soon!

My last thought is...many have already lost their beloved pets because of this unreasonable many more innocent pets do we have to lose before someone in Government has the sense to stand up and say enough? Judge the individual Human or Dog...not the species ... if everyone is to be judge this way then we as "Humans" haven't learned a thing.

Vivian Lara
Vivian Lara4 years ago

I am a proud parent to 3 pitbulls - adopted their brothers/sisters since they were one month old because my neighbor was going to just go stand on a corner and give them away... they may have ended up as fighting dogs or bait dogs through NO Fault of their own... my sister and I raised these 8 babies and found 4 of them good homes. My sister kept only one because she already had two smaller dogs who walk all over her big boy. We still keep in touch with the parents of their siblings...they are all well behaved and much loved pets.

I can tell you it matters how you raise any dog... especially this intelligent breed. They learn quickly and will do anything to make their parent happy... which is what makes them the perfect fighter...they will give their life for their owner. It is the Owner...not the breed that should be punished.

We're supposed to be the "Humans" teaching kindness, understanding, love and compassion, not monsters pitting them against each other for sick pleasure or financial gain.

Put the blame where it belongs, in the hands holding the leash.

If the ignorant lawmakers are allowed to ban this breed...who is to say which will be next...would you give up your beloved companion because some misinformed people say so? Would you stand by and let them put your loyal pet down because the Government is listening to the ignorant?

Even if Your pet has done nothing wrong just by being on a "list" you can unjustly lose him/her. Many have lost their

Patricia M.
Patricia M.4 years ago

And Sarah D. have you ever spent quality time with a Pit Breed or do you believe everything you read or watch on youtube?

Pitbull breeds have been around since time immortum as family pets. Furthermore, remember Petey from Our Gang comedies? Tha lovable, faithful dog with the black circled eye was a pitbull... Do you think for one moment that Hollywood film mogels would put human kids lives at jeopardy for a movie and risk bad publicity?

Patricia M.
Patricia M.4 years ago

Ignorance breeds contempt. Irrational fear because we were told Pitbulls are dangerous led to this. Most folks proberly never been close to a real Pit, they are dogs who love without judgement; humans should take on such a lesson because just like the Pit, so does every dog!

Tanya K.
Tanya K.4 years ago

i pity anyone who doesn't love this breed. we are doing more damage to ourselves and each other than all animals combined. stop playing the blame game and realize we are our worst enemy. heck with all the evidence we are the ones who should be banned. Learn to love, grow up and take some responsibility!

Marlene Dinkins
Marlene dinkins4 years ago

patrice you are very rigth about what you said to david k.

Marlene Dinkins
Marlene dinkins4 years ago

dearest sarah you are very wrong i can tell you are not animals lover. pittbulls are beautiful dogs. is people that mke them viciouse. you need to get more information about pittbulls. i have 3 and they are the best that ever happened in my life!!!!. just get away from care2. you do not to be here.

Mark Stevenson
Mark S.4 years ago

Don't ban breeds, but hold the owner of the pet liable for any injuries or death that the pet causes. I won't care if you have a vicious dog, as long as you keep it well confined that it has no way of getting loose and attacking me or others.