Activist Spotlight: Dog Shot And Killed By Police

A few months back, police shot and killed a pit bull-mix who was running loose in LaGrange, Missouri. And this certainly isn’t the first time a story like this has surfaced — Bella of North Carolina had a similar fate

How many times are we going to hear these stories before something is done? Changes must be made in order to prevent more sad outcomes for pets and their owners.

It is crucial to properly secure pets, especially those who might be unfriendly around strangers. And yes, pet owners must take responsibility by securing fences and gates to prevent their animals from fleeing their yards. However, dogs will sometimes manage to roam free. In this event, police and animal rescue workers must be trained to properly handle the situation rather than simply resorting to their handguns.

“It’s tragic that killing a living creature seems so much easier than saving it. Police officers should know better, not be so quick to pull a gun…the dog [Cammie] is dead and the owner was fined. It’s cruel, needless, cold and heartbreaking…we need to do better for the other Cammies in the world,” said the petition creator.

Several witnesses say the dog was friendly and even wagging her tail when shot. No matter what the situation may be, officers need to be better trained to deal with dogs who do escape. An officer shooting a loaded gun in a residential area cannot be the best solution. Other innocent pets, as well as nearby neighbors could certainly be injured.

If you think police and animal rescue training should be required to handle loose dogs — sign this petition.




Malti Ragh
Lee ann peacock4 years ago


Carol Byram
Carol Byram4 years ago

Any old abusive sociopathic loser can become a cop these days.

Lucy Koch
Lucy Koch4 years ago

Always breaking news when its a Pit Bull!!!! INFURIATING! Do you think the fukn cops would shoot a "loose" Cocker Spaniel? A Yorkie? HELLLLLLLL NOOOOOO. QUIT THE BREED DISCRIMINATION!! And BTW, for all Pit Bull haters, Little Rascals, the dog Spot on the show....PIT BULL. Were you afraid of Spot??? Was it a horror to sit and wonder which kid Spot was gonna chew on? Take your meds and get therapy.

Dianne Lynn Elko
Past Member 4 years ago

anyone have a link to the petition to sign,i could not find it???

Jennifer S.
Jennifer S.4 years ago

This time it was a dog, but it happens to people too, where a cop shoots and kills a person that IS NOT threatening the cop with a gun or any kind of deadly force when they are shot dead. This has to end and these gun happy cops that use deadly force when they are not in mortal danger MUST be held accountable, fired and tried as the murders they are!!!

Patricia M.
Patricia M.4 years ago

johan i., so-called pitbulls are not a breed but a type & a slange derived from the origins of pit fighting such wonderful, mild mannered, loving dogs by nature, not born to be vicious. Only crude people make such devoted dogs to want to fight, but methods of feeding gunpowder in food, torturing and beating the dogs, starving the dogs & antagonizing the dogs over a long period of time since it takes an awful lot of abuse to make any dog, especially commonly called "pitbulls" as such...

The outrageous media hype about a few incidents have caused this unnecessary hysteria & is fueling the unorthodix and uncalled for acts against any & all bully type dogs. None of them are born mean & all can be rehabbed when made mean by love to teach again trust.

Patricia M.
Patricia M.4 years ago

We live in a trigger-happy world, one nursed by violent TVshows including cartoons that most of today's cops, worldwide, grew up viewing. And this nourished a "heroism' based on violent acts, thus "proving their manliness through weapons or brute-force coldheartedly. No, they have no greater strength than anyone else, as a matter of fact, relying on such forceful means actually makes them cowards and without weapons, training to use "defense", they would be wimps, but are mental wimps. From this we have gained today's law enforcement who kill rather than save...

Dianne Lynn Elko
Past Member 4 years ago

I cannot find the petition either????

Doug Gledhill
Doug G.4 years ago

Cops are mental. Good luck trying to teach them anything that isn't ego driven.

Malti Ragh
Lee ann peacock4 years ago

I cant find this petition - pls redo the link. thnx