Activist Spotlight: Homeless Hero Left To Die

Homeless man dies after act of kindness.

After risking his life to save a woman from an attacker, a homeless man was stabbed and killed. At just 31 years old, Hugo Alfredo Tale-Yax died on the streets — a hero.

Caught on surveillance camera, Tale-Yax was brave enough to take on a knife-carrying attacker in order to save a woman he had never even met. The video also reveals more than 20 people walking by the dying man, yet no one stopped to help. Officials arrived almost an hour after the incident, but it was too late.

Almost one month has passed since the crime and people near and far — particularly the petition author, who had no relation to the fallen hero — feel the need to recognize his actions. Tale-Yax gave everything, including his life, to help another person. It only seems right to honor him for doing what no one else did for him.

Tale-Yax exemplifies what it is to be a good samaritan and a hero. Many believe a homeless shelter and plaque or memorial should be developed in his honor. If you agree, sign this petition to help honor Hugo Alfredo Tale-Yax.

photo credit: Care2


Inez Deborah Altar

The pedestrians on the video should be identified and charged with refusal of first aid in a life-and-death situation, anyone can call a private medical clinic and report the situation, or go to the nearest commercial establishment and alert of the situation

Jose Ovidio Perez Morel

I´m agree with this action, the war doesn´t create hero, only pain and hurt.

Kathy Javens
Kathy Javens6 years ago

the world needs to know about this selfless man and his act of kindness. i will pray for him and hope that he is happy in his new life. the petition is most gladly signed.

Vivien Green
Vivien Green6 years ago

Please support me in this cause the petition site is:

Kimberly B.
Kimberly Bennett6 years ago

Thank you for telling the world about this! I think it is a shame the person who took pictures of him left him there to die! He should of called 911 to assist them but they don't! People are cruel and our gov is just as bad! We should have no homeless people in America! But big gov treats us like slaves only want our money and to hell with us!

Vivien Green
Vivien Green6 years ago

Please Please ensure that you make the conection to the petition.
I have contacted some people who have shown concern for Hugo Alfredo and have commented here. On reviewing the pettion their names do not appear on it. The people I contacted thought they had signed,so please can thank you double check your signature is on there. If not contact me.

Jose Ovidio P.

La entrega personal de éste samaritano merece ser recordada, pués es una muestra de que héroes no son los que mueren peleando en una guerra, sino los que mueren ofrendando su vida a cambio de otra en desgracia.

tara lav
Bracha Katz6 years ago

rest in peace brother, may god bless you. thanks megan.

Fenny D.
Fenny D.6 years ago

Rest in peace mr. Hugo Alfredo. May your soul rest in heaven. We should honor a man like him :) very brave.

Jessica K.
Jessica K.6 years ago

Rest in peace and thank you for your kindness.