After Only 20 Minutes in Shelter, Cat Breaks Out and Hunts Down His Rescuer

The cool Mississippi air wrapped around Ann Bosche as she stepped into the front yard to take her mini Dachshund Gracie out one last time before bed. It was normally a quiet time of day, but the smell of an intruder quickly set off a storm of barking. Ann could see a set of eyes twinkling beneath the Camellia bush, and that could only mean one thing.

“We get several dogs and cats dropped off in this neighborhood so I figured this was another one,” Ann explained who welcomed the visitor with a soft voice. “What came out from under that bush was a large, beautiful cat with a white tip on his tail. I said, ‘Aren’t you a fancy thing?”

Cat breaks out of shelter

Ann hurried inside to get some food for her new friend who appeared rather thin and soiled.

“He was skittish and backed away while I placed the bowl under the bush. He ate, said his good-byes and left. The next night, he was back again.”

Ann was enchanted by this cat with the lovely white-tipped tail and she began feeding him daily, moving the bowl closer to the front porch with each meal.

“After a week, he was on the porch, morning and evening, waiting,” Ann said. “He stayed a month. My husband figured we already had enough animals with a dog and two cats and wanted me to take the cat to the animal shelter. The next morning, I reluctantly loaded him up in a cat carrier and off we went. I dropped him off and an attendant took him to the back where the cages are. When he brought me my carrier, he said that the cat was back there banging his head against the iron cage door.”

“I cried the five miles back to my house,” Ann said, still sorrowful about that day.

He Escaped the Shelter 20 Minutes Later

Ann began checking the shelter’s website for an adoption photo of the cat, but she never saw one. She was hopeful that someone had perhaps adopted him right away before there was time to create an adoption listing. But she was very wrong. You see, the cat had actually escaped from the shelter a short 20 minutes after she had driven off. This feline literally couldn’t be contained, and it would seem he was tracking one particular person to one particular place. He’d already found his adopter, she just didn’t know it yet.

One early morning, at the end of April, Ann awoke very early to the sound of her husband having a conversation with someone in the kitchen. She though it was very odd, so she climbed out of bed and headed out to see what was going on.

“I looked at the clock and wondered who was at my house at 5:30 am.,” Ann said. “I got up to see and what I found was nothing short of a miracle. I saw a cat, sitting at my husband’s feet, talking to him. I kept trying to focus on the cat and when he flipped his tail around, I saw proof. There was the white tip. I started crying and quietly said ‘Oh my baby, Hi Fancy.’ He turned, saw me and ran to me, talking and squealing the whole way. I truly think he was saying ‘I found you! I’m home now.’”

Cat breaks out of shelter

Despite her husband’s short-lived initial objections, this time Ann had made up her mind. Mr. Fancy was here to stay.

“This cat spent a month traveling along busy streets, rail road lines, and rough neighborhoods trying to find me,” Ann said. “I think he had a guardian angel looking out for him, directing him back to my house. I love him so much and feel we were meant to be together. He belongs here. Mr. Fancy will never want for a home, food or love again.”

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Mark Donners
Mark Donner5 months ago

This woman should get a divorce from her self centered selfish husband

Neil A.
Neil A.about a year ago

Luck Mr Fancy, strays who decide to live with you can be the best & most loyal I have a lovely big Siamese cross who adopted me, he is very gentle & loving!!

Joy T.
Joy T.about a year ago

This story is today's - 5/19/15 - Freekibble Kat answer! :)

Jim Ven
Jim Venabout a year ago

thanks for the article.

Dianne McGonigle
Dianne McGonigleabout a year ago

What a happy, happy story!! My heart just melted. Thanks for sharing!

Paulinha Russell
Paulinha Russellabout a year ago

Thank you for sharing. Beautiful!

Sue H.
Sue H.about a year ago

Good to know the cat was smarter than the humans, but they eventually caught on. Love a happy ending.

Hent catalina - maria
Hent catalina - mariaabout a year ago

Beautiful story!

Maggie Welch
Maggie D.about a year ago

And some people say that animals aren't intelligent. Mr. Fancy knew who he wanted to be with and he didn't stop until he found her. I'm glad anytime I hear a story about an unwanted dog or cat who finds the care and love they deserve. Thanks for the touching story.

Jennifer H.
Jennifer H.about a year ago

Smart cat. He knew a good home when he found it. I have learned - never listen to husbands, they are usually wrong and the animal is right!! LOL