Aftermath of Israeli Attack on Palestinian Teens

Israeli leaders are uniting to condemn the violent attack on Palestinian teenagers by Jewish youth in Jerusalem on August 17th, which Care2 reported in  Lynchings’ in the Holy Land.

In that incident, “scores of Jewish youths” beat several Arab teenagers, according to The New York Times. Though a crowd witnessed the beatings, no one intervened. Nine Jewish teens have been indicted for the crime.

In the days since the assault, Israeli officials and many citizens have spoken out against the violence and the hatred that caused it. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said ”This is something we cannot accept – not as Jews, not as Israelis,” according to Ma’an, a Palestinian news service.

Reuven Rivlin, a leader of the right-wing Likud party and the Speaker of the Knesset (Parliament), made a sweeping denouncement of anti-Arab sentiment among Israeli Jews. He called the attack on the Arab teens “a microcosm of a national problem that could endanger Israeli democracy,” and warned that “this evil” resulted from “insufficient education.” Rivlin worried that ”more and more youth think that hate and racial violence are permissible.” Rivlin visited the most severely injured Palestinian youth in the hospital and apologized to him personally, according to the Jewish JTA news service.

It seems that some officials are giving Israeli adults a pass and focusing on youth as the locus of anti-Arab sentiment, blaming biased education for the problem. Rivlin said that “This evil comes from insufficient education,” because of which “more and more youth think that hate and racial violence are permissible.”

Rivlin did admit that “We, the government, the Knesset, schools and everyone who sees himself as a leader, are responsible for this,” according to The Jerusalem Post. But the most concrete and wide-reaching action a government official has taken is the education minister’s order to schools to hold classroom discussions about the beating.

Others, however, are speaking out against the spread of anti-Arab racism throughout Israeli society. As Israeli newspaper Haaretz editorialized,

Even the denunciations of the prime minister and other public figures can’t obscure the fact that this lynching has a deep-seated political and social context.

The suspected perpetrators are children and teens. They absorbed their hatred of Arabs from their environment: perhaps at home, certainly from the educational and political systems. When incitement against Arabs has become politically correct, when rabbis urge the public to treat Arabs in a racist manner and aren’t fired from their posts, when the Knesset passes legislation over which a nationalist and racist flag waves, when the education minister extols Jewish supremacy over the Palestinians in Hebron, it’s impossible to complain solely about those teens, who translated all this into the language of violence.

Of course Palestinian violence against Jewish Israelis is itself a chronic problem, from throwing stones at passing vehicles to two full-scale intifadas. Arab teenagers have participated in these attacks. We are now witnessing the almost inevitable cycle of violence begetting violence and hatred begetting hatred. That cycle seems to have sped up of late: the recent rise in attacks on Palestinians by Jews reflects a change in Israeli society, where Jewish violence against Arabs (outside of the military) used to be rare. It may also be evidence of diminishing hope, and diminishing chances, that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will be resolved peacefully.

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Vicky Pitchford
Vicky P.4 years ago

Israel shouldn't even be there, the US and Britain stole that land from them and everyone expects that the Palestinians are just going to sit around and let it happen, horrible situation

Gila H.
Gila Golder4 years ago

John, I said nothing "threatening" to Michael C. and I don't intend to say anything "threatening" to you either. Now, if you are threatened by the truth, that's another story-- and the truth is that what you call "occupied Palestine" is really, and rightfully, Israel. "Palestine" is not a country and has not been for decades. The so-called "Palestinians" belong in Jordan.

John Loughton
John Loughton4 years ago

FROM BELOW PART B:::: I bet your assuming i am racist , well I am not , i despise the ones committing acts for political purpose or just cold bloodly fire the first shot to start shit.

I read how your threatening Michael C he's said nothing out of context for what i read, seems like your swellling your own ego, were just standing up for Humanity just not the type that Israel dish out. Do remember that this is an article about Israelis attacking Pallestinians so get your priorities right as to where you take your fight to. Why don't take it to an article where Palestinians are attacking Jews, my guess is there probably are none, cause Palestine is the victim..

John Loughton
John Loughton4 years ago

Gila So basically what you just said is Israel have the right to be in Pallestine but although while you also said they Israel made it their decision to kick their own people out of someones elses country, So really you just admitted Israel have the right to occupy, do pallestine not reserve the right to say what goes within there own land, that speaks for itself. I was just watching a doco Inside Bethlehem Under Fire, interesting that Israeli fires the first shots Snippers take out murdering Pals then Pals respond by suicide bombings they got no real army or firepower so it's a fair response i say, for i see other videos where Snippers just pick of Pal kids at school.

When Israel runs so much corruption in other countries & sends Mossad to murder people in other countries that pisses me off. I should not have had 2 of my rellies shot in Australia just because these scumbag jews play their part in illegalizing guns there, that too is hyporacy not to mention the Israeli Government Dirtbags degrading Australia that got caught with fake Aussie passports to murder people overseas. A Jewish Government official in the NSW Australian Government says Australians have no free speech. So it appears they control more than just Israel & Pallestine I just seen another video last nite where Israelis shot many Pallestine children in the eyes seems rather premeditated ain't it or you ok with that? I bet your assuming i am racist , well I am not , i despise the ones committing ac

Beth S.
Beth S.4 years ago

Some don't get it, but Timothy M. does, and I liked his remarks and thought they were worth repeating.

timothy m. timothy m.
5:10PM PDT on Aug 30, 2012

Interesting. A rare incident of Jewish on Arab violence is unequivocally condemned by Jewish and Israeli organizations.

In contrast, the ever frequent Arab terrorist attacks on innocent Israelis are routinely celebrated by Arab governments, organizations and people in the street.

Most amazing of all is the Arab apologists in the western media continuing to proclaim moral equivalence on both "sides" of this "conflict."

Gila H.
Gila Golder4 years ago

Michael C, I've been nothing but polite and respectful to you, but your derogatory replies expose you as a rabid anti-Semite and neo-Nazi. In fact, with your threats of a "final solution", you borrow language directly from Hitler himself.

I'm reporting you to Care2, and I hope for your sake that someday you will be able to overcome your irrational and destructive hatred.

Gila H.
Gila Golder4 years ago

"A few years ago when i had checked over 18,000 Palestine homes destroyed & now it's over 24,000 while Israel hasn't lost one house, yet how some fools blame palestine is beyond me."

Really? That's interesting...especially considering that Israel's voluntary unilateral withdrawal from the Gaza Strip in 2005 forced thousands of Israelis out of their homes without their consent. The houses were demolished and the community destroyed.

And what was the Palestinians' response to this generosity? They took advantage of their new closer vantage point to shoot rockets into Israel.

John Loughton
John Loughton4 years ago

2nd PART:::It has a few bar graphs on various statistics that will put it into a better perspective, & for anyone not upto speed rest assured you will be alarmed.

Cheryl I.
Past Member 4 years ago

Thank you for the article.

Arild Warud
Arild Warud4 years ago

Israel has brought this on themselves - GIVE PALESTINE BACK TO THE PALESTINES,