Alaska Temperatures Could Rise 13 Degrees F

By Laura Bailey

A new federal climate change report gives a troubling forecast for Alaska. But within the news is a hopeful takeaway for those of us who really want to make a difference in addressing global warming.

Temperatures in Alaska could rise a whopping 13° F in the next 50 years as a result of global warming, according to the major climate change report released by the White House June 16.

If such changes occur, Alaska’s Arctic could be without ice during summertime within this century, creating devastating results for ice-dependent species, such as seals and polar bears.

In fact, the report’s projections say that there will be no wild polar bears left in Alaska in 75 years.

Alaska is already experiencing global warming impacts more severely than any other region in the nation.

While this forecast is gloomy at best, the good news is that the report confirms that acting now to limit greenhouse gas emissions could decrease the severity of global warming impacts significantly.

The Wilderness Society has been a strong advocate for a piece of legislation that would do just that. The Waxman-Markey energy and climate bill now being considered by Congress would limit carbon emissions from polluters and invest in a clean energy infrastructure for the country.

It would also take the very positive step of creating funds to help animals and wildlands adapt to changing climate.

This is important because the chances of species surviving the changes ahead will depend not only on the rate of continuing change but also on what strategies are implemented to help them cope.
The Waxman-Markey energy and climate bill may be voted on by the House of Representatives as early as this week.  You can help to pass this important legislation here.


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Thank you.

LMj Sunshine

Thank you.

LMj Sunshine

Thank you.

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Danuta W5 years ago

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Akin Adelakun5 years ago

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Paola T.
Paola T.7 years ago

why for such an important things like this to stop global warming everything still go so slowly? what we are waiting to have really important people on the governmement in every part of the world? how long to wait the change of generationally that start a time where the young get the power! becouse the old are corrupted & till now didn' do something interesting for the planet & the animal.

Jamie L.
Jamie L7 years ago

:( Thanks Laura!

Frances Reiss
Fiona O7 years ago

To Leslie C, Al Gore is overly enthusiastic but his comments are still founded in valid science. Thank you for providing us with the ultimate example of the operation of the Green house effect -- the planet Venus. It's surface temperature exceeds 1000 degrees F because of the Green House effect. You have proven global warming in your arguments not denied it. Congratulations and thank you. Frances

Ruth Mcmanus
Ruth Mcmanus7 years ago

If Sarah Palin is removed as Governor, the Native Alaskans will benefit, The polar bears will benefit & so will the sow bears & cubs & the wolves & pups.

Sarah Palin is a money hungry pariah that just needs to fade out of the public, she cares more about herself than the native Alaskans that live where the permafrost is melting & putting them in danger, yet she wants the polar bears,any sow bears & cubs and wolves & pups to die so she can collect high dollar hunting fees & Her natural gas pipeline should never happen because of her greed. Her family lifes sagas are an embarassment to the United States & Alaskans. Her husband Todd isn't governor but he acts like it. She is not turning away the earmarks or rather PORK BARREL money she doesn't need, plus charging her constituents per diem for family travel is HOG WASH or better yet, legal theft. She is BAD for the Alaskans & the United States and using her Down Syndrome baby for publicity & pity is a sorry thing to do. She broke the law allowing wolf pups to be killed in the den & should be prosecuted bside anyone else that help her, including her sorry ass spouse. What great EXAMPLES HER FAMILY ARE FOR A GOVERNOR TO SET FOR HER STATE & COUNTRY, She Should Resign in shame & never show her greedy persona in public. She is what is a fine example of what is wrong with America. If the native Alaskans lose their villages for her po

Diane H F7 years ago

The problem is that every time this issue starts gaining some traction, government responds by hiking tobacco taxes, and the public is pacified for a while. It has worked every time. Think a minute: Under 20% of US adults smoke, most are over the age of 50, and restrictions on (tobacco) smoke are so extreme that most of us have no exposure to tobacco smoke whatsoever. If every cigaret disappeared tonight, it would have virtually no impact on the environment (or health care costs).

Few smoke, most drive. The melting of polar ice, and the destruction of the massive tropical rain forests, throwing the earth's ecological system "out of whack," is the result of our excessive use of private motor vehicles. "It's our cars, stupid." We want to drive as much as we want, and have someone else carry the burden of cleaning up our mess. We've been pleading for expanded mass transportation, etc., for decades, and have made virtually no progress.

A single car pours more smoke, of a more carcinogenic kind (containing oil particles) than a crowd of tobacco smokers. We just aren't "getting it," and evidently, that's just the way our gov. wants it.