America’s Olympic Loss – Home Run for the Right Wing?.. Certainly Not.

Rio seemed the logical choice to host the Olympics, in my opinion.  Don’t get me wrong, as a resident of the metropolitan periphery of Chicago, I would have been overjoyed had it been chosen.  I certainly couldn’t fault the president for going to Copenhagen to make a pitch to the International Olympic Committee (IOC); but, as a casual, yet interested observer, I felt that since Rio was in South America which had never hosted the games, their application would be favored for selection.


That being said, I was taken aback by some celebratory displays following news of Rio’s selection.  Particularly stunning were those which didn’t come from Rio.  Take Rush Limbaugh’s reaction to the October 2 news of America’s loss:


Wow!  I can’t stomach him, myself, but I know enough about the pundit to know he fancies himself a patriot.  How a patriot could allow the derivation of elation from such a national disappointment?…Well, it’s just too bad that mental gymnastics isn’t an Olympic event.


But, Rush is just one piece — albeit, a large one — of the puzzle that makes up the effort to delegitimize the president.  His attack on Obama was angry and personal, as if the president was alone responsible for Chicago’s loss, and it is just the latest display of how much the far-right in America despises their elected leader.


However, the outpouring of non-grief over the IOC vote is also why the far-right will not succeed.  This display is an example of their lack of discipline, not unlike a faded major league slugger offering at every pitch, swinging for the fences.


I imagine that Limbaugh and his imitators are enjoying America’s Olympic letdown as if they’ve finally taken an Obama pitch, yard.  Their revelry, I predict, will be short lived.  This episode will fade quickly from the majority of Americans’ memories, save one truth:  The “Proof,” as Jon Stewart said during his October 5 broadcast, “proof that conservatives hate Obama more than they love America.”


Of course, you’d expect this from The Daily Show.  Further, Stewart lumping this behavior on “conservatives” is unfair. Conservative commentators have also expressed their disappointment.  Check out this October 5 post entitled, “Joe Scarborough Slams Rush Limbaugh for Cheering Failed Olympic Bid.”  Indeed, Scarborough put it well during his Monday broadcast:


I would like Rush Limbaugh to tell me who is he helping there other than Rush Limbaugh, because I will tell you, middle Americans, Rush, [are] smarter than that. Middle Americans that swing elections see that, and go oh my God, Republicans have gone off the deep end.


A home run for the right-wing?  I think not.  When historians consider the Obama administration and our present political climate, it will appear that Obama’s Olympic pitch was painfully fouled off the conservative-right’s ankle bone.


In closing, I’d like to encourage you to tell me what you think in the comments below.  Surely there are those who will tell me I’m an idiot-communist-fascist, which is fine.  However, I’m more interested to hear from those with alternative theories as to why Chicago’s bid fell short.  There must be numerous reasons for the IOC’s decision other than the it’s Obama’s Fault meme posited by Limbaugh.



See Also:

David Brooks, “Talk jocks’ fury signifies nothing,” The Detroit News, 6 October 2009.


John V. Santore, “Civil War on the Right,”, 5 October 2009.


The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, “Chicago Nope,” opening segment  (9:12) aired 5 October 2009.

"Dirtbags" Editorial Cartoon by Alex Raffi, used with permission via


megan m.
megan m.7 years ago

I could care less about where the Olympics go. Yeah it was a nice attempt by Obama to bring it to Chicago, but it didn't win. Oh well, move on. I'm so sick and tired by the crazy minded people who will use anything and everything to attack our President. Why are you people so full of HATE for this man? And where the hell were you the past 8 years when we had a real criminal in office?

Rex J.
Rex J.7 years ago

Rubywahini, I was not against war just against the wrong war. Al-queda attacked us. They were based in Afg. and supported by the Taliban. Tell me what Iraq had to do with 9/11. Bush was incompotant and let Bin Laden escape. It's Obama's war only because Bush couldn't get the job done. And your worship of Reagan, give me a break. He hurt the working class of this country more than any other president including Bush. Under Reagan the difference between rich and poor grew faster than any other time in history. I liked him as a person but as a president not so much. And also cutting taxes for small businesses is great but they can't get much lower thanks to Bush. Cutting taxes should be saved for recessions to stymulate but Bush did it when it wasn't needed (I'm also including interest rates in this statement) so when we needed to cut interest rates they were already down to .5% so that couldn't be done. To many tax cuts and reducing interest rates so low isn't always helpful if done at the wrong time.

Rubywahini B.
Past Member 7 years ago

Rebecca, what has Obama done that has helped our recession/economy since he has been in office?

Rubywahini B.
Past Member 7 years ago

All of our presidents have certain policies that they will be remembered for both favorable and unfavorably. Obama will have his....but I'm worried about him because it has been 9 months and the debt is overwhelming. Even I know that you do not compound massive debt with massive debt. He needs to get a clue and help our small!

Rubywahini B.
Past Member 7 years ago

Rebecca, I believe it is normal to disagree. I believe people need to understand that there is a healthy way to do so without resorting to name calling and lumping all who disgree into one specific party. I have never been far left. In fact, I tested out as an independent/libertarian, LOL, but I'm a solid moderate republican who believes in personal responsibility and helping those who cannot help themselves. You know, I was listening to dialogue today about the unbelievable fraud and abuse in the medicare system...Russian and Mafia groups who have manipulated the system to file for payment from medicare...and when they are caught, which is rare, they then go and figure out another way to take advantage of the system. This has to stop. If we think it is bad now, wait until healthcare is "free."

Thank you for responding to my post. We have our own opinions, hopefully, informed opinions, to share with others.

Rebecca R.
Rebecca R.7 years ago

Rubywahini B.:
Reagan made sure that codified sexism would continue in this country for decades to come. Women still make less, per hour worked in identical jobs, than men do, about $.80 to the dollar. He put an end to the strides that HALF this country had made, and caused some serious backsliding from which HALF of Americans have yet to recover.

Reagan had the Iran-Contra affair, and got out of it because he was senile and had a good fall-guy in Ollie North. I hardly think Reagan is the hero you make him out to be.

Obama was handed rather a mess, too, you'll have to admit, and so far I think he's done pretty well. I'm disappointed that some of the things that should be easier, such as ending Don't Ask, Don't Tell, haven't been accomplished yet, and I'll be very sad if he can't whip the stupid Congress into line and give us health care that will cover my uncle, who can't get coverage (pre-existing cond.) or my sister, whose coverage is close to twenty thousand dollars a year. But these are the problems that come with the job.

We all rallied around _your_ guy in the wake of 9-11, and he turned around and called us traitors and "un-American" for asking questions or disagreeing with his methods and strategies. I haven't seen any of the Reactionary Party giving Obama any chance at all. If he'd been against hosting the Olympics in Chicago, or if he'd shouted with joy hearing they failed to get it, I'm sure the "Right" would call him an unpatriotic traitor.

Rebecca R.
Rebecca R.7 years ago

Jan, the article above is not about YOU. The article above is talking about the particularly loud and obnoxious segment of the population to the far right of you, who cheered joyously when it was announced that Chicago had not been selected, specifically because they would rather see Obama fail than see America succeed. I agree with your nonchalance about the Olympics going elsewhere. But I think it's really tacky and fairly unpatriotic that a small but loud minority are outright celebrating over it.

Rubywahini B.: I'm relieved to hear of your knowledge of the geography of the region; so many people on the far right just don't seem to care about fact-based reality. Perhaps you could speak a little louder, and a little more clearly, for them, to counteract some of the rather shocking ignorance that, pardon me, I have almost come to take for granted in people who disagree with me.

Rubywahini B.
Past Member 7 years ago

Jan, I agree with your thoughts.

Jan C.
Jan C.7 years ago

I think the expense of building Olympic Village, the necessary arenas, etc can be overwhelming. Then, what do you do with them when the olympics are over? I personally could care less that Chicago didn't get them. And, before, I am burned alive at the stake for saying that, the fact that "the one" went over to Denmark in one plane, his wife and Oprah in another, which cost the taxpayers mega bucks, I am not saying this because I don't like, nor respect "the one". It is basically a monetary thing. Check with other places that have hosted the olympics. They did NOT make money on the deal - they lost it. We are already losing mega bucks - don't need to lose more on a one time thing.

Rubywahini B.
Past Member 7 years ago

Harold, to use your vernacular: "All the idiots in the world need to pay attention to the man they elected to lead our country out of a recession." Released yesterday: $1.4 trillion in debt in 2009! Three times higher than last year and growing fast. Obama needs to be blamed for his incompetence and his wreckless experimenting with our economy. Ronald Reagan was handed a doozie from J. Carter...inflation/recession and Reagan knew what to do immediately to turn it around...cut taxes to small businesses and provide low interest loans to them. Obama hasn't gone anywhere near our small businesses to help SAVE the jobs and CREATE more jobs from the largest employer in this country....the small businesses. You can keep kneeling down in front of Obama and praising his quest to flatline our economy and put American "in her place" but not me, and I'm not alone. America is awake and pulsing and they will stop this inexperienced radical left leaning Chicago thug from destroying our country. As a reminder, nothing Obama has done has worked for Americans. Absolutely nothing....just keep praising him!