Angle Releases ‘Fun For the Whole Illegal Family’ Game

If Nevada’s Tea Party Senate candidate Sharron Angle is trying to alienate Hispanic voters ahead of Tuesday’s election, she’s doing a fantastic job. As follow up to what’s been called one of the most racist political ads of the year, the Angle campaign has unveiled a new website called The Harry Reid Amnesty Game.

Modeled after Monopoly, the front page of the site reads “Harry Reid thinks illegal immigration is a game but Nevada citizens know that it’s all too real,” followed by the tagline ‘Fun for the Entire Illegal Family.’ Angle unveiled the site via Twitter on Tuesday.

The site visitor rolls the dice and up pops a ‘Take A Chance’ card with a stereotype of undocumented behavior and a ‘Community Chest’ cared with a typed up insinuation that Harry Reid is more of a friend to those menacing brown people from Angle’s ads than to the good white voter. Each play ends with the instruction, “Pass Go, Collect Amnesty!”

Take a Chance: Disappointed Only US Citizens Get Social Security

Community Chest: Illegal Immigrants Get It Too!

Take a Chance: You Have to Pay Taxes

Community Chest: No You Don’t!

Angle has leveled many of the claims put forth in the game in her race-baiting ads. The non-partisan Politifact has said the accusation that Harry Reid voted to give undocumented immigrants Social Security is “barely true” while the accusation he voted to give them tax breaks is just plain “false.”

According to recent polls, Angle is holding a slight lead over Senate Majority Harry Reid going into Tuesday’s election.

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John Doe
james rico6 years ago

as for calling illegals just that what else should we call them as for obama wanting better health care bill he did not see him get all fired up againest it when its anti consumer like it is and now days when lots of people have got a taste of alternative modalities you he ignors that 30years ago they could have fooled more people but today anyone with a brain will want natural therapys and he lets monsanto advance their agenda with gm crops because they have carefully planted all their agents in high place no matter who is in charge red or blue so if he is a yes man at the least then we still don/t want or need he or his underlings look what they did in the EU banning supplements and herbs next year and it could happen here as well thats what happens when greedy corperations are allowed to get unlimited power maybe we don/t have a good choice of who to put in office in that case we must give a new person a chance unless their voteing record is worse their are those that have studied obama and they are progressive and for true freedom and even the right to bear arems and they say obama is not good so thgood enough for me and it should be good enough for every thinking freedom loveing american out there

Nancy Dodson
Nancy Dodson6 years ago

Patricia S,

Yep, it just goes to show you how many so called citizens of the U S there are who don't give a damn about their country, just winning elections. You included. Fortunately she will be just one of many senators and will have no power because she is too damn stupid to have any sensible ideas. I hope you are all proud of yourselves!

Judith S.
Judith S.6 years ago

Michael, ONLY YOU and others like you equate illegality with skin color. 'Nuff said.

Shirley A.
Shirley A.6 years ago



When a politician is ignorant enough to put out a statement that says she will not talk to the press or answer any questions until AFTER the election - THERE'S ALOT TO BE AFRAID OF AND SHOULDN'T BE TRUSTED ONE IOTA.

Patricia S.
Pat S.6 years ago

Sure looking like Sharon might win!!!!!!

michael c.
corbin m.6 years ago

Monica r.-That's just it. In today's political clime, the word illegal IS being used as a synonym for Latinos. AS a Latino (American born and raised, to all you conservative yahoos), I DO find the term offensive, as it is ONLY being used to describe Latino illegals but no other ethnic or national illegal. And yes, there are other illegal immigrants that aren't Latinos, who pose a far greater security risk, yet THEY are not the ones being targeted. The whole problem with this whole illegal thing, is, as you stated, the racial profiling thing. Illegals who break the law SHOULD be deported. That's not the issue. It's the vigilante posses, the profiling, the disregard for family ties that ARE citizens, the hypocritical desire to change laws that helped MOST other immigrants, the segregation of a people in the "hunt" for illegals, the disregard for the economy in the refusal for amnesty...All these things and more are why this whole illegal mess is offensive. As I said, I AM a Latino, and I was actually behind the Arizona laws, until I read their more distasteful and unworkable addendums. I'm right their with you. If you break the law, you are punished or you're out of here. Fine. It's when wing-nuts start to disregard little things like the law, civil rights, families, cost, etc., that things get ugly. Take Patricia S. for example.

Nancy Dodson
Nancy Dodson6 years ago

John, I agree that the health care bill is bad. One of the reasons is that so much of what he wanted in the bill he compromised on to win the votes of the Republicans and then they refused to vote for it and vilified it. He was a little slow to learn that you just can't work with these people. They have no interest in making the United States a better place for all. Their total focus is making the rich richer and to hell with the rest of us. They don't even deny it! A lot of the bills that the president wanted the Repubs also watered down and then refused to vote for them or voted against them. It was a plan to make him look weak and it worked.

I read in Newsweek today that the Republicans have no idea how to reduce the deficit and with the policies that they want to put in if they win how will that work out? That's just exactly what got us into this mess.

I think the health care bill is very much needed in this country and will ultimately save millions if not a billion dollars when it's fully implemented and up and running. We are the only major country in the world who does not have a government run health policy and they do it much cheaper than it has cost us for years. We are already paying for those who are uninsured and go to emergency rooms so why not insure them more reasonably? There have been so many lies told about this plan by the Republicans it's no wonder people are afraid of it. It will be tweaked for years until it's the best it can be.

John Doe
james rico6 years ago

obama has been in 2years now and he has shown that he is a far cry from being a progressive he is as much for big corperations as bush was and his health care bill is bad it leaves out alterative care its a godsend to the AMA and FDA and the insurance companys and once it takes effect the will add more draconian rules to it i am sure illegals are coming in en mass and certain states are being flooded with crime and failing services because of it because obama does nothing harry reid is just another rubber stamp for obama and those that are progressive and follow these things say obama is a disaster which could only get worse with time its bad enough that bush got 8 years to rien things lets not let it happen again now

monica r.
monica r.6 years ago

If they aren't LEGAL immigrants, what else are they but ILLEGAL? It discredits legal immigrants to call them simply "immigrants". Letting them circumvent the laws is grossly unfair to those who came here and became citizens by following the rules.

Although the greatest proportion are from Mexico (easiest in terms of travel logistics), there may be illegals from other countries that in smaller numbers create a bigger national security risk. The FBI recently arrested a Pakistani national for plotting to blow up the Washington DC subways (metro) system. He was figuring out where to do it for the highest kill ratio.

I don't agree with racial profiling of Latinos, but if they do crimes and aren't citizens, why not deport them? I worked where an entire contracted cleaning crew was not citizens, and committed felony theft as a theft ring. They were booked, bailed out by boss, and back at work in under 24 hours. That is just wrong.

Nancy Dodson
Nancy Dodson6 years ago

You're nuts, Patricia S. Shame on you! The woman is about as fit to govern as I am. The only difference between me and Sharron is that I KNOW it!!!!