Anti-Vaccine Crusader Wakefield Banned from Practicing Medicine

Andrew Wakefield, who published a study in 1998, linking autism to vaccines, has been banned from practicing medicine by the General Medical Council, which overseas and licenses doctors in the U.K.  The council found Wakefield guilty of serious professional misconduct.

The study published by Wakefield and several other authors was originally published in the leading medical journal Lancet.  The Lancet recently retracted the study and ten of the other original participating authors have renounced its conclusions.  Among the problems for Wakefield, he did not have approval for the research that made up the study and he took blood samples from children at a birthday party.  Numerous studies since 1998 have failed to show a correlation between vaccines and autism.

The official medical community has generally had harsh words for Wakefield because subsequent studies have shown that the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine is safe and effective and because children have become ill and died from the diseases such as measles that are stopped by the vaccine.

”That is Andrew Wakefield’s legacy,” said Paul Offit, chief of infectious diseases at the University of Pennsylvania. ”The hospitalizations and deaths of children from measles who could have easily avoided the disease.”

In the United States thousands of claims have been filed seeking compensation for children who are alleged to have been hurt by vaccines.  However, two rulings by the U.S. Court of Federal Claims in March of 2009 found no link between vaccines and autism.

Health care policy professionals are concerned that Wakefield’s claims, despite being discredited, have undermined confidence in vaccines and lowered the rate of vaccination of children, putting more children at risk of death or complications from illnesses.


Michael Chouinard

My niece suffered from low functioning Autism at the age of two. Her inability to speak and make eye contact were concerning to her mother, of course so were all of her classic Autism behaviors. I had been treated with a method of allergy elimination, with remarkable results, and heard it was effective for reducing and eliminating the cause of Autism.

So she agreed to try NAET, which eliminates allergies and sensitivities. After several treatments, her autism symptoms have diminished, and her behaviors have vastly improved. I believe that allergy to the MMR vaccine was one of her factors. The practitioner found a number of items that were causing the autism symptoms. So, no, the vaccine was not a singular cause of her Autism, it was only part of the problem. In looking for a single cause of the disorder, they will find none.

Give it a try, it might just change your family's life for the better.

Dawn D.
Dawn D.6 years ago

As a mother of an autistic child I'm relieved that Wakefield is finally being held accountable for unethical conduct. Wakefield is worse than Typhoid Mary; praying on desperate parents of disabled kids; spreading lies & illness as a result. He got paid huge sums by anti-vaccine groups to falsify his research. See site by medical investigative journalist for more information.

Wakefield ran a place in Austin Texas called "Thoughtful House". My first experience with them was when they told me that my autistic son could not be in their horse therapy program for autistic children "until he has a COLONOSCOPY to *prove* he's really autistic"! (wtf?) I did some research & found Wakefield & Co were giving kids colonoscopies which their parents paid for and called it diagnosis & therapy (while really using the twisted data for his "continuing research"). My research finally let me to the talented medical reporter, Brian Deer. I am now convinced Wakefield deserves every censor (and more) he's received.

My son is autistic - as was my great uncle before vaccines were available. Recently the Autism Genome Project presented a study showing several more genes that are linked to autism. I'm convinced from my own educational career, (degrees in Child Development & Developmental Child Psych), my work with autistic children and experiences with my autistic family members, that autism is genetic.

Janice P.
Janice P.6 years ago

This is a shame for Dr. Wakefield. So many lives and careers have been destroyed and so much valuable information has been lost across time simply because someone refused to go along with the status quo. Recall the advances in science that were lost because some refused to accept that the sun revolved around the earth? All viewpoints must be given voice, in order to reach truth.

Mary C.
Mary C.6 years ago

Anne H, HOW in the wolrd can you look at a newborn, and tell there is something wrong that is not physically visible, I.E. Downs Syndrome????? What did you "see" in a day old baby that pointed to Aspergers?? Just curious.

Eli Is Here
.6 years ago

Thanks for posting this article.

April L.~ thanks for the link!!

Anne H.
Anne H.6 years ago

My 11 year old son has Aspergers, a high functioning form of autism. I could tell Paul was different from day one, long before any immunizations were given. Autism is hereditary. Through much research on the subject I learned that his dad has this as well. I always thought that his dad was just one of those that danced to a "different beat". Sadly, I found out later that he had Aspergers as well, that had gone undiagnosed for most of his life. The higher incidence of autism spectrum disorders is due to better diagnosing of these disorders. It's too soon to say that one thing or another is causing this. Hopefully, someday we will find out.

April L.
April L.6 years ago

Here is an interesting article, even though it is from the Huffington Post. Jenny McCarthy was approached by PBS to be interviewed in this documentary. She agreed, but only under certain conditions, which PBS agreed to, but did not meet. After reading this article from and insider, who was actually part of the documentary, you can see how it did not necessarily show "arguments and implications on both sides" as Marc S., the author of this post, states. It was a documentary with a very-much-slanted point of view. How unfair.

Title: Frontline's "The Vaccine War" Misses Half the Story

Mary C.
Mary C.6 years ago

Looking at my childs shot record, in one day, he received THIRD dose of Polio, FOURTH dose of HIB, THIRD dose of Hepatitis B, MMR combined, and Varicella. He was one year old.

Thats when I noticed the most drastic change in him. Its too late for him, and now he needs help. With no insurance there is no help. Unless I become a crack whore and have 10 more children. He did spend a year in occupational therapy. That was for the sensory processing disorder. The Therapist told me that can improve, but the autism is something you learn to deal with. Its not "fixable".

Marc Seltzer
Marc Seltzer6 years ago

"Frontline" carried on public broadcasting and as an audio file on Itunes, did an hour-long doc on vaccines recently. It's worth listening to for the arguments and implications on both sides. I was struck by the Scandanavian studies that compared children who received vaccines with children who did not and children who received vaccines containing chemicals like mercury with children who received vaccines without chemical additives. There were no differences in the rates of autism in any of the studies. No difference between those who got vaccinated and those who did not. These were big professional studies over many years involving hundreds of thousands of children. No difference in rates of autism. I am sure autism will one day be understood. It can be studied. Researchers doing incredible science in cancer, in HIV, viruses, genes etc., will soon do work that opens the doors of understanding on autism. However, at this point, the science does not point at a link with vaccines.

April L.
April L.6 years ago

Maybe you'd rather have Paul Offitt looking after your offspring. As the co-inventor of a rotavirus vaccine, he publicly stated that he believes a human infant can handle the antigen equivalent to 100,000 vaccines. Straight from the millionaire mouth of a co-inventor of rotateq. You can volunteer your own child for this, but not me.

Paul Offitt = sheer insanity. And you people want to talk about Dr. Wakefield. Shameful.