Protest Brings Consequences Of Coal Mining To The Fed’s Doorstep

On Monday, thousands of people marched to the White House in the largest-ever mobilization to end mountaintop removal mining — Appalachia Rising.

People directly impacted by mountaintop removal in West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Virginia, concerned citizens from coast to coast, and environmental, faith and social justice groups united in peaceful demonstration to call on President Obama’s administration to abolish this extreme, unjust form of mining.

Show your solidarity with the people of Appalachia!

Coal companies have already blown more than 500 of our oldest mountains to bits and buried 2,000 miles of streams in pursuit of Appalachia’s coal. Communities downwind and downstream are suffering from cancer, asthma and other diseases caused by air and water pollution.

Right now the EPA is deciding whether to veto what would be one of the largest mountaintop removal sites yet, the Spruce No. 1 Mine project in West Virginia.

President Obama and EPA head Lisa Jackson have the power to stop this escalating human and environmental injustice — and it’s time they do so once and for all.

How To Take Action:

1. If you are on Facebook, click this link to post this action to your profile!

2. Post this message on the Facebook pages of the White House and Lisa P. Jackson: I stand with people directly impacted by mountaintop removal mining to demand that you end it! Our mountains, our water, and the health and heritage of Appalachians depend on nothing less. End MTR Now!

3. Tweet one of these messages to your followers on Twitter:

Tell @lisapjackson @whitehouse: Veto Spruce Mine, end #MTR (via @foe_us #AppRising) Pls RT

Stand with Appalachia, end #MTR @whitehouse @lisapjackson (via @foe_us #AppRising)

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Image Credit: Friends of the Earth US


Duane B.
.4 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

Brian F.
Brian F6 years ago

End Mountain Top Removal now! We can produce electricity to keep the lights on in other ways instead of blowing up 100,000 year old mountains to bits and dumping toxic coal ash in streams. We can put solar power systems and small wind power systems on every home, business and warehouse building in America and decentralize our power grid. We must change the old paradigm of having a centralized power plant and miles of ugly transmission lines to provide electricity to homes, to a decentralized power concept, where every home, or commercial building produces it's own power with solar and small wind power systems, and sells any excess power to the grid. We must undermine and destroy the enslavement that electric utilities have on us by constantly raising electricity rates every year.

Caren S.
Retha S6 years ago

What about the loging companys. They go in and strip the land of the trees and do not replenish the land at all. When it rains it just destorys the mountians. At least the mining Co do put back trees not native to the land but at least it is trees and grass

Kay L.
KayL NOFORWARDS6 years ago

I grew up in the southern West Virginia coalfields, cancer capitol of the world. My father's first wife died of cancer; his second wife (my mother) died of cancer; his third wife had cancer although she did not die of it. My father died of cancer. My step-mother's next husband died of cancer too. Both of my grandmothers had skin cancer. I've lost count of the aunts, uncles and cousins who have died from cancer. And I'm utterly certain that the prevalence of this disease in Appalachia is directly tied to coal mining.

Virginia B.
Virginia B6 years ago

I can't comprehend the question: "Should we . . .?" Just one look at the devastation mountaintop removals have already wrought should provide an immediate answer: "NO-O-O!"

Melinda M.
Past Member 6 years ago

Stop the coal mines. Stop the death. No more dead miners. No more dead forests. No more dead mountains. No more dead streams.

Diana S.
Diana S6 years ago

WE DON'T NEED FOSSIL FUELS AND WE CERTAINLY DON'T NEED COAL!!! Coal mining in any form could be outlawed tomorrow, and the only fallout would be a lot of filthy rich mining corporations going out of business. Most of the mining is done by machines and explosives anyway, not by people with picks and shovels.

The EPA and the government should ban ANY future coal mining immediately!!!

Randall Gloege
Randall Gloege6 years ago

Mountain-top removal for coal extraction has always been a ridiculous and damaging method of fossil fuel development. The environmental costs are very damaging. The benefits are dubious in this era of climate change. What we need to do instead is to develop clean alternatives for energy production and development. However, even more to the point, here in the U.S. we need to begin to take energy conservation seriously. Conserving energy is the single least costly and most beneficial way to address our energy and climate crisis.

Caren Saunders
Retha S6 years ago

I know a lot are upset about mining in our State but to be fair to all the mineing co. do replinish the land where loging co. do not
So why not make the loging Co.replenish the land to.The loging co.cut down the trees and make roads on the mt.and when there done they leave it in a mess.The coal is what keeps the lights on and all the other little things we enjoy in life.With every action there is a reaction. We need to look at all the picture.

Mary S.
Mary S6 years ago

Politicans won't listen no matter what they say or promise. I have a solution tho that might make a difference. ALL heads of these coal companies, shareholders (of large blocks) and the politicans of every neighborhood where all this mountain top removal is going on have to move themselves and their families into these valleys and eat and drink and breath the air they created. Don't know if it would make a difference but is worth a try. Feel that oil company bosses, chemical company bosses, etc. should have to do the same. Let them live in the mess they create.