April 2 is National PB&J Day! (VIDEOS)

April 2 is National PB&J Day!

We all know one of the easiest ways to reduce our carbon footprint is to eat a plant-based diet.  “You don’t have to change your whole diet to change the world,” says the PB&J Campaign.  “Just start with lunch.”

Basically everything you eat comes from plants.  Animals are more or less transmitters, like the store you buy products from instead of buying straight from the manufacturer.  So why go through the middle man when you can eat lower on the food chain and directly from the source?

Not convinced?  Check out the numbers:
    •    For every plant-based lunch you eat, you reduce your carbon footprint by 2.5 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions.  A plant-based breakfast reduces emissions by 2 pounds, and dinner saves us 2.8 pounds.
    •    That 2.5 pounds of emissions you’re saving with your plant-based lunch equals about 40% of greenhouse gas emissions you’d save by driving a hybrid for one day.
    •    An even deeper cut: choosing a plant-based lunch over a red-meat lunch downsizes greenhouse gas emissions by almost 3.5 pounds.
    •    Enjoying a plant-based lunch also conserves water, about 133 gallons compared to the average American lunch.  Switching over to five plant-based sandwiches a month conserves more water than switching to a low-flow showerhead.  If you like hamburgers, you can conserve the same amount of water by just switching over to plant-based sandwiches three times a month.
    •    And then there’s the land you’d be saving- 24 square feet by reducing the need for deforestation, over-grazing, and pesticide and fertilizer pollution.

So how do you celebrate?  The answer there is simple: make yourself a PB&J sandwich and enjoy!  But don’t stop there.  Reducing our carbon footprint is an ongoing process, and by changing your dietary habits just a handful of times a month, you’re doing a lot to offset greenhouse gasses and conserve land and water.  But plants are addicting, and peanut butter isn’t limited to sandwiches, so you may not want to stop with those PB&Js…

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Photo courtesy of Benson Kua via Flickr


Celine V.
Celine V.5 years ago

I like the message of your article.
Thank you!

Elena Arutiunova
Elena Arutiunova5 years ago

He-he, I didn't know about it :). Thx!

clara H.
Clara Hamill5 years ago

Oh and where did you get this info from some vegan site. I don't mind if you you try to get people to eat less meat but there are exaggerations on both sides so the info would be nice.

Mikaila H.
Mikaila H.5 years ago

I didn't think about the carbon emmisions until I read this, but it makes sense. Luckily I'm vegetarian so it doesn't change alot for me, but it's good to know though.

Mikaila H.
Mikaila H.5 years ago

Sooo not fair - I missed it! Whoopsie-daisy, I'll just have to celebrate twice as much next year.

Elizabeth M.
Elizabeth M.5 years ago

Oh gosh I missed PB&J day so I will haave tomorrow. One of my favorites, and it is good for kids lunches at school. I love peanut butter and banana sandwhiches....mmmmm. Love the idea of peanut butter on celery and I used to put raisins on top and called it ants on a log. Also love peanut butter on apple slices. I love to have what I call 'rake it through the garden' sandwhiches.

Gina D.
Gina Denholm5 years ago

unfortunately my other half hates PB so i will have to gorge on it by myself lolol.....

Gina D.
Gina Denholm5 years ago

unfortunately my other half hates PB so i will have to gorge on it by myself lolol.....

Bon L.
Bon L.5 years ago

Thanks for the info.

Marilyn L.
Marilyn L.5 years ago

Noted and thank you