Are the Kardashians Being Hypocritical?


Editor’s note: This is a guest post from supermodels Katie Cleary and Joanna Krupa. Their petition urges the Kardashian family to remove animal fur from their clothing line. Read on to discover what this fight means to them.

We have been animal lovers, activists and rescuers from the time we were little. Animals have always been such an important part of our lives that we feel obligated to do something about the mistreatment and abuse they go through by humans every day and be their voice!

The first time I rescued an animal was when I was 10 years old and found 5 newborn kittens in a bush outside of my neighbor’s house. My mother and I took them in and bottle fed them until they were strong and old enough so we could find homes for them. I knew at that moment that rescuing animals and being their voice is what I was put on this earth for.

There have been so many more animals that I have rescued since then and Joanna and I both teamed up and decided to put our resources together to help raise awareness about the torture and abuse animals go through in the fur trade in the name of fashion and vanity. No living being should have to endure the amount of pain that these animals go through for us!

One of the most influential families in the entertainment industry that could help give animals a voice on a large scale are the Kardashians. As a fashion-forward family with their clothing line in stores all over the US, they have the power to influence millions of people around the world!

Kim is known for wearing and flaunting fur yet her sister Khloe did the PETA campaign against it. You would think that two sisters in the spotlight would have their sentiments more aligned. We feel those who are in the limelight must set a good example for the rest of the world and send the message that it is NOT OK to torture innocent creatures for fashion!

One of the offending pieces of clothing in the Kardashians' store


One day last month I happened to be having lunch next door to their store DASH in Calabasas, so I decided to go in to see what they were selling. Low and behold they were selling real fur — rabbit, fox and raccoon. I was shocked that they would continue to sell fur even after Khloe did the “I would rather go naked than wear fur” PETA campaign. I thought to myself we need to do something about this and make a statement!

Joanna and I, being in the entertainment business, decided to start a petition to tell the Kardashians to stop selling and promoting fur in their stores and clothing line. Our goal started out at 10,000 signatures and within a week grew to 50,000 and then 100,000 with an overwhelming amount of people in support of our cause! Nearly 600,000 people have “liked” the petition already. I am amazed at the signatures from all corners of the earth. Not only does everyone in the world seem to know who the Kardashians are but also universally dislike their hypocrisy.

With Care2′s help we plan on presenting the Kardashians with a completed petition of 100,000 signatures to prove to them this is what their fans want them to do. We trust they will make the right decision to speak for all of the helpless animals who cannot speak for themselves and remove all fur from their stores and clothing line!

~Katie Cleary & Joanna Krupa

Help Katie and Joanna reach their goal! Sign the petition to tell the Kardashians to stop selling fur.


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Victor C.
Past Member 4 years ago

Obviously you stupid fool that "it's ok I am a vegan" bumper sticker was a sarcastic albeit not so funny joke!!!!

Victor C.
Past Member 4 years ago

Colleen P.'s is an idiot she says it's alright to sell fur because the animals are already dead!!!She seems to be very ignorant trying to sound like she knows what she is talking about.For that moron who says silkworms die for their silk.Last time I looked they didn't take live worms and skin them for their silk but if that is the case why should you not take a step to start somewhere?There are animals suffering right now!!!

Susan Griffiths
Susan Griffiths4 years ago

Your leadership to help animals is so appreciated and respected. I am appalled at the Kadashians - they just don't care and I believe will only stop with pressure on them - they know what is involved in 'getting' fur.

LM Sunshine

Thank you!

LM Sunshine

Thank you!

Carrie Anne Brown

signed already :) thanks for sharing :)

Nancy L.
Nancy L4 years ago

I don't understand why so many people watch TV shows that are about people who are only notable because they have a lot of money. How lame. The shows are still going because enough people ARE watching. Same with the "Real Housewives" shows.

colleen p.
colleen p4 years ago

@Rachel M.

when I find more screen captures, I'll upload them.

I saw an image of a Hummer with a bumper sticker that says "it's ok, I'm a vegan". I hope it was made by a sardonic "murderer", but I've seen people here saying things as such

"a meat eater on a bike does less for the environment than a vegan in a SUV"

"because I am vegan, I don't feel bad taking frequent trips on airplanes, because livestock pollutes more than airplanes"

Mandy Harker
Mandy H4 years ago

I don't get why they're so famous but what I do get is that it's wrong to be so damn hypocritical about animals lives like's terrible.
I signed the petition and encourage my friends to do so!

Adrianne P.
A P4 years ago

The Kardashians are poor excuses for human beings.