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Are You Ladylike? This GOP Senator Will Teach You How

Are You Ladylike? This GOP Senator Will Teach You How


The women of Brooklyn, New York now have the chance to hone their ladylike business skills, and apparently their job prospects, in the hands of a (male) GOP politician. Republican Senator Martin Golden, plans to host a “Business Etiquette and Social Protocol” summit at the end of July in Brooklyn, New York.

The event flyer, mailed out with taxpayer money, states that participants in this summer series will learn “Posture, Deportment and the Feminine Presence.” It would be surprising if Betty Friedan and Phyllis Schlafley, female icons in the 1960′s in the United States, did not come to mind when these phrases are employed as a solution to increasing job placement for women.

Women will apparently not only learn about how to conjure the “feminine presence” at this event but also how to “sit, stand and walk like a model,” City and State New York reports. The whole event is supposed to impart participants with “what’s new in the 21st century as it relates to business etiquette and social protocol,” according to an image of the flyer hosted on Think Progress.

This summer session, which will be hosted at Bay Ridge Manor once owned by Senator Golden, implicitly suggests that job placement for women revolves around their ability to act the feminine role. Women who can create a sense of feminine mystery, sit down gently and shake hands in the correct fashion, according to this event flyer, have what is required in the business world today.

City and State quoted the reaction of Democratic Senator Liz Krueger:

Rather than passing legislation such as the Fair Pay Act to assist women in the workplace, the Senate Republicans appear to be offering career advice on posture and how to act feminine… Perhaps this would be appropriate on Mad Men, but not in New York in the 21st century.

Comedy Central’s Ilya Gerner poked fun at the event stating:

If nothing else, these kinds of workshops are a way for the New York GOP to demonstrate a commitment to women’s issues and simultaneously promote fiscal discipline…Is the SUNY higher education budget threatening to grow out of control? Just replace tuition assistance with a series of Golden-hosted events on “Earning your M.R.S. degree.”

Rather than ameliorating the high rate of pay discrepancy between men and women and the constant fears of sexual discrimination in the workplace, the summer series aims to reinforce gender roles on people in the workforce. Rather than taking aim at the lack of legislation that demands more equality in the workplace, Senator Golden’s summer session for women in the Brooklyn area aims to encourage gender role play in landing jobs and career advancement in the business world.

Senator Golden removed the event page from the New York State Senate page. Links to that site from other webpages now only lead to a “File Not Found” page. Perhaps the removal of the link was an effort at repairing the PR damage for Senator Golden that concocting such an event could cause. In any case, the event was imagined, planned and promoted as a serious suggestion for improvement for women in the workplace.


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Photo Credit: George Bush Presidential Library

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2:22PM PST on Feb 15, 2013


9:56PM PDT on Jul 13, 2012

Michael... you're a brave soul for trying psychiatry. I've been primarily med/surg, with a brief period of time in post-partum care, OR, and community health. Gained a lot of new insight through community health, it was a very valuable experience. Right now I'm at a Specialty Hospital... ventilators, extensive wound care, long term antibiotic therapy, and there are plans to open a long term ICU with cardiac and vasopressor drips... fun stuff...

8:28PM PDT on Jul 13, 2012

:-) Thanks for the comment, Michael. Do you work in a hospital, too...

8:19PM PDT on Jul 13, 2012

I hate myself for even doing this but i wanted to say sorry for the things i said last night and this morning and for my friend jumping on here earlier. A few glasses of wine and nothing on tv made me want to debate and prove my point and we just got more and more into the fun of it but not so fun sober. Fyi i am real everything i said was true and i am 33 but probably acted 19 last night.
As for future post i think i am done with this site

8:19PM PDT on Jul 13, 2012

I hate myself for even doing this but i wanted to say sorry for the things i said last night and this morning and for my friend jumping on here earlier. A few glasses of wine and nothing on tv made me want to debate and prove my point and we just got more and more into the fun of it but not so fun sober. Fyi i am real everything i said was true and i am 33 but probably acted 19 last night.
As for future post i think i am done with this site

8:08PM PDT on Jul 13, 2012

OMG... REALLY??? In my career, I don't have the time or inclinations for such niceties! On any given night at work I can be found in navy blue scrubs, comfortable shoes, pounding the halls from one end to the other, cleaning poop or vomit, inserting catheters, and given narcotic injections. At the end of the 12 hour shift, I couldn't care less if anyone sees me as an image of feminine beauty and graces... I just want to know that I helped to make a difference in some patients life. Once I go home from the hospital... all I want to do is soak in a hot bathtub (because it feels good and plus I want to get all of the C-Difficile and MRSA off of my body, and whatever other nasty thing I might have picked up), put lotion on my hands that are dry from the damned alcohol hand rubs, slip on my most worn out, comfortable pajamas, play with my cats, and GO TO SLEEP!!! I could hardly care less about feminine business etiquette!

7:31PM PDT on Jul 13, 2012

@Michael ... thank you for the star! I would have sent you one as well but I can't for some reason! So Megan turns out to be Joel or some lame joker - I wasn't fooled for a moment! Hoax was written all over those posts - but Michael your comments were worthy rebuttals.

9:17AM PDT on Jul 13, 2012

Can sombody tell me how to get all these things off here. we taught we was funny but didn't really want to leav em on here. heck even the guy we was fightin with thiught it was funny but they got to now go so if somebody could tell me how please

8:53AM PDT on Jul 13, 2012

Hi Michael
Joel here, Megans friend who can't spell. Sorry for some of the rotten things but you really ticked her off and when she gets annoyed she gets a little mean. She wasnt talkin out her a$$ about the polite training for kids she is setting up a class for the at risk kids group she works with and the runaway shelter. She even found some ppl who do hiring to teach a little bout what they look for in people to hire. I think she was hoping to hepl the kids with getting a job but you really made it sound bad and that made her defensive. So since she didn't bother to log out I figured I would put in my 2 cents. Shes not so bad but she talks way too much and types way to much too i gues. haha and she likes to be right but you gotta admit you were a little harsh on the kid. i figure shell come home all sorry once she realises what she did I know I am feeling pretty dumb right now and its not even my thing. So dont take what she said personal she was just ticked to have her idea dissed and my bitch side just had to egg her on cause shes crazy funny when shes mad - like a tiny fire cracker.

Now how do you delete these things so the rest of the world can't see em anymore? Is rthere some special thing U hvae to do? tks x

8:12AM PDT on Jul 13, 2012

And please don't take the fact that I think you are a jerk and a snob who likes to put other people down and destroy whatever positive self image they have, to heart. You couldn't knock my self esteem no matter how much you nit pick the stuff I say, its too hard won and it isn't going anywhere. All you did was annoy my because you refuse to just admit that you were wrong. lol sorry about your luck and maybe if you ever become the kind of person who can admit to being wrong then we can "talk again" but I typically don't like perfect people who are never wrong and point out peoples flaws in such a critical way. I mean its a liberal blog dude not some respected organization. Who is ever going to see what is on here other than a bunch or pot heads who are board now that the thread has gone cold? So your incessant need to correct every little thing we said was too perfect. And like I said it saved us from being really board checking the context of your quotes and laughing about how far fetched some of them were compared to what I really wrote. We also wanted to see just how many of these replies you would respond to before you realized you were wrong all along.

The sad thing is you probably don't even realize you come off as a no it all jerk just like I really didn't think I sounded like a little miss perfect. I can admit when I am wrong and I will defo say thank you for pointing out the goody 2 shoes impression I was giving and I can also admit when I am wrong and I

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