Argentina Makes Gender Change Surgery a Legal Right


Argentina’s senate voted unanimously on Wednesday to make gender transition health care a legal right.

Reports the Associated Press:

Senators approved the Gender Identity law by a vote of 55 to zero with one abstention and more than a dozen senators declaring themselves absent — the same margin that approved a “death with dignity” law earlier in the day.


“This law is going to enable many of us to have light, to come out of the darkness, to appear,” said Sen. Osvaldo Lopez of Tierra del Fuego, who was appointed to his seat after the previous senator’s sudden death, thus becoming the only openly gay national lawmaker in Argentina.

“There are many people in our country who also deserve the power to exist,” Lopez added.

The law will give citizens the legal right to officially change their gender markers on their birth certificates and other identity documents without having to go through a lengthy and sometimes costly court process.

The law also mandates that health care providers offer change related health care, including hormone treatments and surgery, as part of the “Obligatory Medical Plan,” meaning that providers will not be able to charge extra costs for those services.

Argentina isn’t the first Latin American country to approve a gender change rights laws, but it is believed that with this new law Argentina positions itself at the forefront of catering for its citizens where medically necessary gender change treatment is concerned.

Argentina’s president, Cristina Fernandez, is expected to sign the measure into law shortly.


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Kathy Perez
Kathy Johnson4 years ago


Beth M.
Beth M.4 years ago

Thank you Argentina!

Carlos B.
Carlos Bagram4 years ago

De la manera que contestas mi pregunta de solo aspecto parcial me da la impression que si fue mas de base politica que actualmete dercho medico necesario. No estoy atacando los homosexuales de Argentina, solo que el aspecto de el nivel de necesidad medico actualmente no tiene razonamiento suficiente para ser considerado mas importante que otros aspectos de la humanidad con condiciones medicas no mortales pero si de incomodidad mas grave comparado con un cambio de sexo.

Juli G.
Juli G.4 years ago

carlos yo no creo que sea importante si es un movimiento politico!...hay muchisima gente que esperaba con ansias este tipo de leyes como el de la muerte digna..porque no nos olvidemos que la otra ley aprobada fue la muerte digna...que nada tiene que ver con la eutanasia...i think it does t matter if that is a political move!...there are many people wishing that aproved law...that day also aproved the law about dignity dead...the argentina govermment is legislating to all!

Carlos B.
Carlos Bagram4 years ago

This is an interesting medical right that Argentina has made. Is it a stride forward? I would not call it that since this falls under the category of elective surgery and not life threatening. Now those of you who don’t know me please don’t start with the ‘Homophobe’ talk, I do have a valid point if you are willing to keep reading. I don’t have a powerful grasp of Healthcare in Argentina but to my understanding a Sex Change operation is lower on the Queue when compared to other operations that are also considered ‘optional surgery’. For example those who are Over-weight with some genetic problems will be at risk for diabetes and other overweight complications, but Liposuction and a few other medical procedures are also considered optional surgeries. So it would be interesting to find out if this move was actually added for health concerns or more as a political move. Does anyone know if Argentina Healthcare also makes the following medical procedures a right; Laser eye corrective surgery, Planned Parenting Surgery, vasectomy, weight lose surgery, General Plastic Surgery, Mold removal, Facelifts, Hair Removal/ Implant Surgery, elective Vaginal reconstruction surgery, tattoo removal, voluntary amputation, etc. I do not hate those who elect a sex change at all, but if a sex change surgery is considered a right why not other surgeries in similar categories?

Juli G.
Juli G.4 years ago


Juli G.
Juli G.4 years ago

soy feliz de ser argentina...el pais mas igualitario del mundo!!...i´m so happy ti be an argentine...the most equality country in the all world!!!!...

Past Member
Past Member 4 years ago

On the one hand, putting gender-reassignment treatment on the OMP. On the other, pushing for the invasion of another country's sovereign territory against the will of the inhabitants. A bit of a mixed bag, this Argentine government.

Jen Matheson
Past Member 4 years ago

Good for Argentina, they've come an incredibly long way!

Leslea Herber
Leslea Herber4 years ago

Argentina: adds rights for Trans people & their health care, declaring them equal citizens...

Canada (where I live): denies Trans people equality at every turn & tries to deny them any health care at every opportunity.

USA: sliding backwards at an incredible rate.

So much for the "civilized industrial countries" being so civilized...