Arizona GOP Impeach Independent Redistricting Commissioner

It’s hard to think of Republican power-grabs without picturing the state of Arizona and the coup led by nativist state Sen. Russell Pearce. But this latest move puts to shame even his most blatant partisanship to date.

Unsatisfied that the independent redistricting commissioner rejected the heavily gerrymandered GOP redistricting map, Pearce led a movement, alongside Republican governor Jan Brewer to have the independent commissioner impeached. And they may have succeeded.

Like so many of our political narratives these days, this is the stuff of soap operas. Unfortunately though, the stakes are so much higher.

Eleven years ago Arizonans, in a ballot measure, took the power of redistricting away from the legislature and gave it to an independent commission. The panel is required by law to be bi-partisan: it contains two Democrats, two Republicans and one independent. The idea was to avoid the outright monkey-business currently afoot in the state.

The law also provides that the commissioners can be impeached only for a serious neglect of duty, so it will be interesting to see Republicans argue how a proposal that keeps so many GOP seats safe amounts to serious neglect. The commissioners have threatened to sue Brewer should impeachment move forward, so it looks like we’ll have yet another lawsuit coming from the Republicans in Arizona.

At this point Arizonans must be longing for the days when their legislators actually cared about governing rather than consolidating power.

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Photo from miheco via flickr.


LMj Sunshine

Thank you.

LMj Sunshine

Thank you.

Ed G.
Ed G5 years ago

These clowns in Arizona are putting Texans to shame in outlandish politically driven behavior

Can we please boot them out of the US and only let them back in if all politicians resign and stay out of all elections say for the next 50 years.

Ira L.
Ellie L5 years ago

Thank you, Dan B. You nailed it with accuracy! Couldn't be better said. KUDOS to you.
Vote Democrat and save America.

Winn Adams
Winn A5 years ago

Republicans are bottom feeders.

William Y.
William Y5 years ago

Right on, Robert O.

Vernon W.
Vernon W5 years ago

If Arizonans are too corrupt to vote out their fascist legislators, then they deserve the results. In a democracy, people deserve the government they get.

Linda T.
Linda T5 years ago

This corruption of peoples votes must end. Vote out the corrupters.

Jamie Clemons
Jamie Clemons5 years ago

Nothing absolutely nothing the gop does surprises me.

Christopher Fowler

Dan B. Is almost entirely right, but he missed the descriptives "Fascist", "anti-Constitutional" and "morally irresponsible", to properly fill out the true face of the GOP.