Gov. Brewer Claims Illegal Immigrants Are Beheading People

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has opened her hate-spewing mouth yet again. 

Last month Brewer appeared on Fox News in yet another attempt to defend SB 1070 — her anti-immigration law set to take effect in Arizona on July 28. On the show, Brewer said the law was necessary to combat the crime seen in her state, including kidnappings, extortion and BEHEADINGS?!

When questioned about her beheading accusation on a local Arizona political show, 12 News’ Sunday Square-Off last week, Brewer had this to say:

“Our law enforcement agencies have found bodies in the desert, either buried or just lying out there, that have been beheaded,” said Brewer.

One problem: officials from six county medical examiners around the state could not back Brewer’s claim, saying they’ve never seen or heard of such attacks.

photo credit: White House flickr


Phil Smith
Phil Smith4 years ago

@Shelley W. ~ Where are you getting your information about how many illegal Mexicans Obama is deporting?? Please share with us so we can All be on the same page with your facts..
At the time of all these past posts He was not only “Not doing it ~ But was also hindering the efforts of the AZ authorities about them doing anything.. That is why Gov. Brewer was in Washington.. Either help out or take off the handcuffs..

Illegals are more than just Mexicans too.. Our borders are so open they are just walking across our borders day and night.. (from all around the globe) Remember this the next time a terrorist act is committed on U.S. soil.. The time to stop them is Before they get across..

Finally ~ I agree with you.. Bring our troops home; (we are not the worlds police).. And we can not be telling another country how they should govern themselves or their land.. That’s their business…

Shelley Watson
Shelley W4 years ago

It seems we all feel pretty much the same - except I disagree that Obama is doing nothing. He has deported more illegal Mexicans than any other President.
Sometimes I wonder why we go across the globe to tell countries how they should live, when Mexico (next door!) is so horrible the people flee in droves? Why don't we tell the President of Mexico to clean up his country or else! Let's bring home our troops and take care of our own piece of the planet!

LMj Sunshine

Thank you.

LMj Sunshine

Thank you.

Claudia Durand
Claudia Durand5 years ago

Over 90% of investigators identify race as a factor in gang involvement. Mexicans were more than twice as likely to be in a gang.

Claudia Durand
Claudia Durand5 years ago

Don't call me racist. Even if they make anchor babies, they need to leave. Along with their children.

Claudia Durand
Claudia Durand5 years ago

Why should we stand up for their rights when they have jobs that WE need. People need jobs, yet illegal immigrants are employed everywhere. At Mc.Donalds. As bus drivers. As farm hands. As meat packers. In factories. I'm not trying to pin them down as bad, but it is MEXICANS who are the illegal immigrants. Not British. Not Korean. Mexican. Sure they can be good people, so long as they are legal immigrants. If you go to a public school, you see MEXICAN kids with their pants hanging low, failing class, and fighting in the halls. Because their parents were illegal immigrants who came over the border to feed their 8 children. They may or may not have beheaded people, but either way, they need to GO.

Linda R.
James Rockhold5 years ago

I also support Gov. Brewer. My DD lived in AZ, and we were going to move there. Not noW! It has been taken over by ILLEGAL immigrants and so many parts of AZ are just terrible ghettos where crime is rampant. Some areas are like ghost LA.
We live near Denver which is also taken over by illegal immigrants. But then what part of the US has not been? I live in fear, and we keep guns at the ready.
I especially hate the "click one for English" and the commercials aimed at Mexicans. This issue is making me feel racist, but the Mexicans brought it on themselves.

Amy D.
Amy D5 years ago

I support Governor Brewer and Sheriff Joe 60,000% and beyond. They are doing the job of the Federal Government and protecting American citizens while the Feds and Obama want these criminals over here. Gone too far? Not far enough. I live in Waukegan, Illinois and the illegals have completely taken over. The illegals started coming to Waukegan in the 80's and nobody did a thing about it. If they would have been deported one by one 20 years ago we wouldn't have the problem we have now because now it is way too late. Nothing is in english anymore and 20 people live in a house, cars all over the place, drunk driving, no licenses, no insurance, welfare benefits and housing because of anchor babies, and child molestation every other day in the newspapers. Some 45 year old man lovin some 12 year old. However, in Mexico 12 is the age of consent so they don't get it. The United States have let the illegals get way out of hand and because they keep breeding anchor babies we will NEVER get rid of them.

Kathy M.
Kathy M.6 years ago

Apparently, Investor's Business Daily is saying it as well:
"Drug cartel violence is a serious problem in Mexico. An Investor’s Business Daily editorial noted last month, “Beheadings, stonings, car bombs and terrorist attacks speak to a lust for power every bit as implacable as that of the Afghanistan’s Taliban or insurgents in Iraq.”

Nice try to paint Governor Brewer in a bad light, but it's not working on the majority of Americans. We don't need anything as extreme as beheadings to show us the illegals need to go home. So, beheadings or not, we are adamantly opposed to illegal immigration.