Arizona Sheriff Accused of Misusing Public Funds

Is Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio ripping off Arizona taxpayers?  According to the Arizona Republic and the Maricopa County Office of Management and Budget, the answer is a pretty clear yes.

The controversial sheriff allegedly misused millions of dollars in funds intended for jail operations.  In Arizona, jail operations are funded by an exclusive tax levy distinct from the sheriff’s office funds.  County officials charge that Arpaio’s office allegedly used the jail operation funds for sheriff’s office expenses such as salaries for deputies who worked on public-corruption investigations into county supervisors and judges, many of whom Arpaio felt were standing in the way of his immigration sweeps.  Other uses of the funds included trips to Belize, Puerto Rico, Alaska, and the Disney World Yacht Club Resort.

County officials also allege that the office deliberately misused purchase codes, used outside bank accounts, improperly used county credit cards, and made capital purchases during spending freezes.  The misspending dates as far back as 2006 and averages approximately $16 million per year.  In total it would appear that Arpaio fleeced Arizona taxpayers of close to $80 million. 

Not surprisingly, Arpaio is refusing to cooperate with investigators and is being evasive in accounting for the funds.  This latest scandal could cause some real problems for the sheriff who is also facing federal indictment for the violation of civil rights laws.  Arpaio had publicly campaigned for the jail tax that he now stands accused of misusing revenues from.

It would appear that the man who claims to be clearing Arizona of a wave of Latino criminals is one himself.

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LMj Sunshine

Thank you.

LMj Sunshine

Thank you.

LMj Sunshine

Thank you.

Karen C.
Karen C.5 years ago

If the sheriff refuses to cooperate in the investigation he should be put out on a leave of absence until the accounting of the money is corrected.

Jane R.
Jane R.6 years ago

People the law of this country states "Innocent until proven guilty".

Michael Cunningham

"There is a link in the below article to a letter from the Justice Dept. to Mary Rose Wilcox. Sounds more and more like the pot is starting to boil in Arizona for Arpiao."

Nice to see that someone is willing to do more than parrot. But the article makes it clear that the Sheriff is not the target of the investigation!

Frank S.
6 years ago

There is a link in the below article to a letter from the Justice Dept. to Mary Rose Wilcox. Sounds more and more like the pot is starting to boil in Arizona for Arpiao.

Joe Arpaio aide's misconduct allegations investigated by U.S. Attorney's Office, FBI
by Yvonne Wingett and JJ Hensley - Oct. 6, 2010 12:00 AM
The Arizona Republic

"U.S. Attorney for Arizona Dennis Burke, in a letter Tuesday to County Supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox, confirmed that his office and federal agents are examining allegations of wrongdoing by Chief Deputy David Hendershott, Sheriff Joe Arpaio's second-in-command, and others." -

Michael Cunningham


What figures?

jane richmond
jane richmond6 years ago


Frank S.
6 years ago

No more high priced attorneys for old Joe. Now that the county has fired his private attorneys, he will be represented by a county attorney.

New Attorney To Represent Sheriff Joe Arpaio
Fired Attorneys Handed Case To County Lawyer

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