Arizona Still Confused About Federalism

Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with all the efforts going on in Arizona to secede from the Union. This latest attempt comes in the form of a revived nullification law that is designed to overrule any federal law the state believes is outside the scope of Congress’ Article I powers.

As reported in Talking Points Memo, Senate Bill 1443 would create a 12-person “Joint Legislative Committee on Nullification of Federal Laws” which would “recommend, propose and call for a vote by simple majority to nullify in its entirety a specific federal law or regulation that is outside the scope of the powers delegated by the People to the federal government in the United States Constitution.”

Of course, this is what federal courts are for. But be that as it may. The bill was introduced by State Senate Russell Pearce (R) who was also the sponsor of the state’s immigration law and has made it clear that a working knowledge of federalism is not one of his strong suits. “If we don’t take back our sovereign ability for the states to control the federal government, I guess we have no right to complain,” he said to the Arizona Republic.

The Arizona bill now goes to the House for a vote and, if it passes, Gov. Jan Brewer is expected to sign it.

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Edvanir L.
Vanie L4 years ago

David M. wrote; 'The size the the federal government, along with the debt, grew quite a bit under Bush/Cheney, yet where was the Tea Party complaining about big government?

David, the debt didn't grow quite a bit during Bush administration: It grew a lot with the two wars - one of them absolutely unnecessary - and the tax breaks Bush gave us. That man and his irresponsible policies were a terrible mistake and we all are paying for it.

Helen Krummenacker

Noncitizens who want to be U.S. citizens have to pass a test to show their understanding of our political and legal system.
Maybe it's time to insist government officials pass the same test before taking office.

LMj Sunshine

Agree with Miranda L.

LMj Sunshine

Agree with Miranda L.

Mary Leon
Mary A Leon5 years ago

If the Governor and the Arizona Legislature do not understand or know the difference between State Government Laws and Federal Government Laws, then the good people of Arizona should be able to recall All of Them and elect Politicians who actually Know what they are doing!

Sandi C.
Sandi C5 years ago


Mary L.
Mary L5 years ago

Myron S, Do you think they weld the green sunglasses on everyone in AZ like they did in the OZ books?

Taylor Svete
Taylor Svete5 years ago

Maybe we should just forget that state.
It can go be it's own conservative hell hole WITHOUT the rest of the country's tax money and government aid.

Myron Scott
Myron Scott5 years ago

Miranda speaks the truth. (Is it really the sun, Miranda? Heat stroke CAN affect the brain.)

PS: I'm in Tempe.

Miranda Lyon
Miranda Lyon5 years ago

I have lived in Arizona for the last 48 years. Believe me, our state government here is confused not just about this issue, but about more things than you can shake a stick at.