As Death Toll Rises, the CDC Is Practically Begging Americans to Get Their Flu Shots

Written by Tara Culp-Ressler

On Thursday, officials from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) issued a statement warning that the influenza strain that caused the 2009 swine flu pandemic, H1N1, is back with a vengeance. Since January, the flu has contributed to “epidemic” numbers of deaths among middle-aged and young Americans. The CDC suspects that flu activity will continue for at least another few weeks, and is emphasizing that it’s not too late to get a shot.

“Flu can be serious for anyone, and it can kill. Vaccination is the single most important thing you can do to protect yourself,” the CDC’s director, Dr. Thomas Frieden, noted this week.

Although the flu typically takes the biggest toll on elderly Americans, this year’s H1N1 strain is hitting younger people the hardest. Young and healthy Americans typically skip out on getting vaccinated for influenza, since they assume they don’t need to take the extra precaution. So they’ve been left especially vulnerable this season. The hospitalization rate for people 18 and 64 has doubled, now representing 61 percent of all flu-related hospitalizations. And more than 60 percent of this winter’s flu deaths have occurred among people between the ages of 25 and 65.

The stories of unexpected deaths have been heartbreaking cautionary tales. In Arkansas, a woman lost her unborn child after coming down with H1N1, only to lose her own life a month later. Another pregnant woman in Los Angeles also recently passed away. In San Francisco, a healthy 47-year-old women who worked at a local ABC News affiliate died from the flu just a few days after she started feeling sick — and now, her family is urging strangers to get their vaccinations.

The outbreak appears to be hitting California the hardest, where 243 people under the age of 65 have died from the flu so far this year. That’s a dramatic spike from last season, when just 26 people in that demographic had died by this point. Hospitals are overflowing in the Golden State, and medical professionals have been forced to set up makeshift tents to quarantine people with flulike symptoms.

The CDC is encouraging every American to get a flu shot — including pregnant women, who sometimes incorrectly assume they should avoid vaccinations to ensure a healthy pregnancy. The only exception is babies under six months. Since the influenza vaccination is considered a preventative health service under Obamacare, it’s covered free of charge for Americans with private health insurance.

“We are committed to the development of better flu vaccines, but existing flu vaccines are the best preventive tool available now. This season vaccinated people were substantially better off than people who did not get vaccinated. The season is still ongoing. If you haven’t yet, you should still get vaccinated,” Dr. Frieden urged in the CDC’s new statement.

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Mary B.
Mary B2 years ago

Barbara D..... I'm SO sorry to hear that you have been so ill.....if you're like me, you hate being in hospital as a patient.......I have routinely taken my "jabs" as Pamela W. calls them and I would not miss a works for me but everyone must make up their own minds hopefully after doing their OWN research and having a discussion with thier health care provider......

Kevin Brown
Kevin Brown2 years ago

Lol, sorry we don't watch videos posted by the insane (particularly the very "rude" insane).

Mary B.
Mary B2 years ago

Dale O.... you have more patience than I do.....Maybe if John L hadn't been such a rude, inappropriate individual some would be more inclined to hear his point of view, (his rational point of view)

Dale O.

I see that John L is back posting links to YouTube that take hours to watch about conspiracies yet again. And he had promised that he would not be back to the thread after his swearing and vitriolic insults campaign.

Here comes the latest onslaught: “Murder by Injection...the story of American medical conspiracy against America...against Americans, against you and I."

Dale O.

A video that John L posted drones on about the ‘New World Order,’ ending with scenes of various mayhem such as the exploding Twin Towers, (flu syringes in the Towers, perhaps?), the imagery of six syringes standing together in formation like a Mighty Flu Vaccine Army no doubt set to 'cull' the world's populace by injections of the nefarious flu vaccine and then followed by the U.N. flag, 'War is Peace,' 'Freedom is Slavery' and of course, the all-encompassing 'Ignorance is Strength.' Mercifully and eventually, fade to black on a soldier with a machine gun. I expect that he is using the barrel as symbolism, like a syringe to 'inject' the American/global populace with the flu vaccine.

Dale O.

Another one of the videos from John L is called "In Lies We Trust: The CIA, Hollywood and Bioterrorism (Full Length Documentary).” This video's written intro intones darkly: "This feature length documentary about medical madness, cloaked in bioterrorism preparedness, will awaken the brain dead. It exposes health officials, directed by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), for conducting a "War of Terror" that is killing millions of unwitting Americans."

Fascinating. Yet another plot that warns of the ‘killing’ of untold 'millions' of Americans. ‘Awaken the brain dead’ it states, is it aimed at zombies, the Undead? Plenty of footage about more plots and violent mayhem and ending with children getting ...drum roll...the flu shot.

Dale O.

The Theatre of the Absurd continues with Grade B movies. It is all a 'plot to dominate the world' not to mention the 'extermination of millions of Americans' if one buys into getting the flu shot this year.

John L, do you really expect everyone to sit back and watch endless hours of videos on conspiracies? The last three that you posted were hours long as well. It's not that bad if some astronauts are being launched on an interplanetary flight with a lot of time to kill before reaching another solar system and need some conspiracy theory style entertainment.

John Loughton
John Loughton2 years ago

Dale O.

Some of the older comments still aren’t loading at times, perhaps this is an ‘Agenda 21 plot’ to muzzle the comment board from the ‘wisdom’ of the conspiracy theorists. Linda M, having had your flu shot, I see that you still alive and kicking. You asked the intriguing question: "Gee Dale - If the rich will inherit the earth, who will do all the work?"

Good question. The rich and powerful will, of course, still require vaccines and other services, so they will require some medical personnel. Then, of course, given societal prejudices, whoever has the most money in the Let's Pretend Brave New World after 2/3 of the populace have been supposedly ‘culled’...they will then require that the ones with the least accumulated wealth will then become their serfs, after all…the rich still need a work force, so they will feast on the least of the rich in their cabal.

Dale O.

Interesting, Pamela W, please pass the almonds, but not the scat, as that is someone else's department. There are some rather new interesting articles popping up, including one entitled: "Ancient Poop Reveals Secrets of Gut Microbe Evolution." Not to mention, I see some déjà vu. Remember the ‘eh, eh’ thread? It appears that Spring has arrived a bit early, with the sighting of polliwogs filling the wilds of the swamp/billabong yet again.

John L, I thought that you were permanently taking a hike from this thread, remember how your last ‘contributory’ comment on March 1, at 10:33 p.m. contained the lofty "...may you all eat shit & die" directed at those not buying into your conspiracy theories? But here you are yet again. Surprise, surprise. Not. I knew that you could not stay away and are back weaving more threads to the web of conspiracy theories, if only by posting those three YouTube video links that I don't believe for a second.