Walruses Head for Land as Ice Disappears (Video)

In yet another example of the dramatic effects of climate change, retreating Arctic sea ice is forcing massive herds of walruses ashore. During this move to land, calves and yearlings are especially threatened because they are easily trampled by bigger walruses.

World Wildlife Fund
 has been active in raising awareness of this terrible situation. The following video shows an estimated 10,000 walruses gathered in Point Lay, Alaska.

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Photo credit: thanks to flickkerphotos via flickr


Penelope D.
Penelope D.6 years ago

I need this entire area and all of the life within the area, including all of the carcasses, ice, area of melted ice, and transported animals that were moved to other regions to be rewound through the immediate use of the Delarosan materials, and for all animals to be healed and cleansed, entirely and returned to their protected and perfected final destinations, within the Everklasting Kingdome of Life that I have hereby ordered to be created for these beautiful walruses, as well as all other arctic creatures, even those that have become extinct. Refusing to act immediately upon this order will result in your urgent punishment through God, where your blessings will then be removed and you will rot off, not deserving to be included within His pearly gates. I need my planet cleansed, entirely, immediately, which means this second, and all of the aspects of climatic changes must be rewound RIGHT NOW! Queen Penelope Elizabeta Delarosa

Klaus P.
Klaus Peters6 years ago

I am not surprised at all. Global warming is a fact. Nowbody can deny it, we must act. Multi Nationals will not help $$$$$.
But we little people can do our part. Look at anythink you buy, is it recyclable, or do you really need it etc.

Dianne D.
Dianne D6 years ago

It is our responsibility to protect all animals and the environment. Time we make the greedy big corporation help save us all.

Past Member
Heather T6 years ago

We must stop this greed for more oil and help Mother nature instead or else nothing will be left.

Carole H.
Carole Hagen6 years ago


paula D.
paula B6 years ago

Its hard to believe that scientists cant find a way to at least temporarily make ice for them until they could figure out what to do in the long run

AELLA TEAM6 years ago

thank you, Cris, it is not long before we lose so many, many more of our wildlife!
my heart breaks for them all.