ASPCA Gives Donor Dollars to For-Profit Poultry Farmer

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is in the business of slaughtering birds for human consumption, and it is funneling donor dollars to a for-profit company to do it.

According to its own press release, the organization gifted over $150,000 to a poultry ranch called Good Shepherd Ranch “to promote humane poultry welfare.” One might think that humane welfare would include not being killed at a young age, but no such luck. Still, the ASPCA seems proud that the chickens and turkeys whose slaughter it pays for are “heritage breed.” Apparently having a pedigree makes the birds’ lives more humane because they have not been overbred to be chronically ill, but it certainly doesn’t make their deaths any kinder.

Birds live in family groups and miss individuals who disappear. No matter how quick, painless, or “humane” the slaughter process is (and I doubt that it is any of these), it hurts the survivors, not to mention ending the life of a sentient being.

Humane Farming Association founder Brad Miller explained,

“It is simply delusional to think that getting humane organizations into the business of promoting meat from heritage breed chickens will result in even the slightest reduction of animal suffering. The ASPCA decision to fund the commercial production of chickens for meat raises a number of troubling issues. Beyond the obvious ethical issues from the animals’ standpoint, there is also the matter of using charitable dollars to further the commercial interests of a privately owned, profit-driven poultry company.”

A group called Farm Forward will administer the ASPCA’s grant. FF’s mission is to “reduce farm animal suffering” — not to reduce the number of animals on farms or the amount of animal products people eat. Together with ASPCA’s “donation” to the for-profit Good Shepherd ranch, this makes it crystal clear that ASPCA subscribes to what animal advocates call the “welfarist” position — that non-human animals should be treated well while alive, but that exploiting them in many ways, including killing and eating them, is acceptable.

Another twist to this story is that Good Shepherd Ranch’s owner and operator, Frank Reese, sits on Farm Forward’s board. The fox is in charge of the money that funds the hen house.

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Annmari Lundin
Annmari Lundin4 years ago

No money for them from me. I put the few dollars I can live without towards real rescues and not large organizations that outlived their own existance.

Dale Overall

Factory farms are brutal while free range operations, organic are far superior. The same goes with factory farms and veggies such as spinach as these veggies are soaked in pesticide toxins yet the organic operations are far healthier.

If one wishes to be vegan or vegetarian, that is the lifestyle one can follow. Yes, birds are sentient beings but life on this planet was designed to feed on the once living. That is why there are carnivores, obligate carnivores (cats, lions who must eat meat), omnivores along with vegans, vegetarians, raw food purists.

Who are humans to say what life is sentient? Plants do not have nerve endings but it is a living entity. Who are we to put value on one life form and ignore the other? We would starve if we could not eat living organisms.

When Mother Nature returns and redesigns life on Earth to survive by eating rock pate then we can all survive by eating inorganic matter.

If one wishes to be vegan or vegetarian fine, but others will continue dine on traditional fare. Organic is healthier.

Jingli Z.
Jingli Z4 years ago

This is a bad decision from ASPCA and certainly looks like a misuse of donor funds.

Jingli Z.
Jingli Z4 years ago

This is a wrong decision from ASPCA and certainly looks like a misuse of donor funds.

Carrie Anne Brown

thanks for sharing this :)

Reinhard B.
Reinhard B4 years ago

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.

"Die Größe eines Volkes und seine moralischen Fortschritte können daran gemessen werden, wie es seine Tiere behandelt."

Those who are cruel to animals cannot be righteous human beings.

Wer gegen Tiere grausam ist, kann kein guter Mensch sein.

Katherine Wright
Katherine Wright4 years ago

Just another reason why I pulled my support away from the ASPCA a long time ago. Add to that the HSUS and PETA. They are not in the business of helping animals and only care about lining their pockets.

There are plenty of local, small grassroots no-kill and low-kill shelters and rescues who do great work on behalf of the animals and need our support.

Christine C.
Christine C4 years ago


Christine C.
Christine C4 years ago


Lydia Stone
Lydia Stone4 years ago

I wanted to add that while I applaud farmers attempts to be more humane to the animals they raise I prefer to support iimproving the lives of animals through anti-cruelty laws, anti-battery cage laws etc.. instead of monetarily supporting these farms . I only want to donate to non-profits that don't monetarily support for profit businesses. I just didn't realize the ASPCA provided support to the business of animal slaughter.