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Atheists Have Stronger Family Values Than Evangelical Christians

Atheists Have Stronger Family Values Than Evangelical Christians

The family that prays together may be less likely to stay together. Research shows that the folks trying hardest to force their religious beliefs on other people, Evangelical Christians, are more likely to divorce than those with no religion at all.

Atheists have the lowest divorce rate when compared to religious groups (except Catholics and Lutherans, with whom they are tied). This is according to a Christian polling company (which confusingly refers to evangelicals as “non-denominational“). The company, The Barna Group, published the numbers in 1999. While many news outlets reported on the study, their links to it are all dead, suggesting that Barna pulled the study off its site. Still available on the website is a 2008 study that, not surprisingly, came to different conclusions.

The original findings about divorce among non-believers are borne out by a 2009 comparison of geographical regions by the U.S. Census Bureau: the Northeast, known as the home of educated liberals (both liberalism and high levels of education correlate with atheism), has the lowest divorce rate, while the Bible Belt has the highest.

The gap between what evangelicals preach about morality and what they do extends beyond their love lives. Federal Bureau of Prisons numbers show that Christians commit more crimes per person than atheists, who commit fewer than the followers of any religion.

In the United States, the “more religious a state’s population, the higher the crime, STD and teen pregnancy rates,” reports Al Westerfield in Knoxville News, summing up the findings of empirical studies. The same pattern holds true when comparing countries: more religious people means more crime, more sexually transmitted diseases and higher teen pregnancy rates.

The numbers make it all the more bewildering that Christians find atheists about as trustworthy as rapists.

A Guardian article discussing what science says about non-believers concludes that atheists are “less authoritarian and suggestible, less dogmatic, less prejudiced, more tolerant of others, law-abiding, compassionate, conscientious, and well-educated.” In a word, based on scientific research, atheists are moral. But that won’t sway evangelical Christians, as they are generally not big fans of science.

They also won’t be moved by the Catholic Church’s acknowledgement that the godless can be good, moral people, since they do not follow the Pope.

The truth is that adherence to a belief in right and wrong doesn’t require a belief in God, and the admirable lives of countless non-believers proves it.

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5:16PM PDT on Jul 13, 2014

...I don't think religion and morality are necessarily tied together.....

9:54PM PST on Jan 20, 2014

I am a non-denominational Christian and I have never once thought that Atheists are amoral. I don't think that morals are a religious thing, they are an individual and personal thing. This is an argument that I have seen many Atheists use against Christians, yet I have never met one Christian who actually believes that Atheists don't have morals.

I also don't see divorce is immoral at all. I think it is more moral for someone (especially with children) to get out of an abusive marriage than to stay in one.

The article said: "The numbers make it all the more bewildering that Christians find atheists about as trustworthy as rapists." -Where is your source for this information? I am actually disgusted that this was said. I don't know any Christian that holds this belief. Some of my best friends are Atheists. I trust them more than anyone.

I feel that this article was just a way to bash Christians and reading these things did hurt. I am not saying that some of the things mentioned in the article aren't true, but some, like the quote mentioned above, seem to be opinion.

1:31PM PDT on Sep 17, 2013

Interesting, to know, you can say that most Christians preaches one thing and do another just because one calls themselves something do not make that so. Atheist are humans to but they are not in the spot light like the so call Christian is preaching dam nation while fleecing the very one that they should be taken care of. Preaches love to the unbeliever yet they show none, it is very rarely that one meets a true Christian as for divorces, if other are in your marriage it is doomed from the very beginning, I and this is what the church do it is into others lives, that is not what a teacher of God's are suppose to do yet they do it. Some churches before you take a seat ask "is this you wife or husband"? if the answer is no we live together the next thing is oh you must be Married to server God, this is before anybody can say if they want to become a part of this particular church or not. Some couples do stay and get married, but did they get married for the right reasons? Other do not return and give up on becoming a christian all together (not that I blame them). It is no where written in the Bible where anyone obtained a license to get married. That is man made up. As far as divorces, the churches teaches that the male is the head of the house female, I guess are the children rearing , this teaching can be a cause for a divorce especially in today's world where Women go out of the home and work just as he do this is our home nobody have a head we both takes care of

9:47AM PDT on Sep 13, 2013

imho, atheism vs evangelical Christianity >>>>> 2 extreme points on a long continuum. maybe we need the values of non-extreme spirituality of some sort, to help us learn to be ethical and moral. I wasn't reared in a family steeped in spiritual values, and I regret that. I need "Something" bigger than mere people to reach out to in those Dark Nights of Hard Times. maybe that's just me.

12:40PM PDT on Sep 12, 2013

It should also be noted that most wars throughout history were perpetrated because of religion...primarily Christianity...the most brutal of all cults created by humans IMO.

7:57AM PDT on Sep 12, 2013

Janice T.... bahahahahahah bahahahahaha atheism.. a religion? Oh my the ignorance hurts but is so hilarious all at once! We are all dying from the hilarity over here. Atheism is a religion as much as bald is a hair color, or off is a tv channel. Please educate yourself before opening your mouth, so I don't have to wipe the tears away after the laughter has died down. Sigh.

3:48PM PDT on Sep 11, 2013

Amanda, I understand the Rede and Threefold law, but a little information might not hurt. It’s ignorance that causes ill feelings.
In the several Christian churches I’ve attended in my life, and the biggest rule was “Thou shalt not ask questions!” All of the churches taught that we were “at war with Evil!!!” (with a capital “E”) So, after living in terror that Satan would jump out from under the bed and steal my soul, I decided a good general would learn everything possible about the enemy. And it was through reading about “Evil” that I learned there are other spiritual paths that were peaceful, loving, positive and so wonderfully “Good”. There were times it would’ve been nice to have somebody give me a little literature on Wicca or other ways of life to counterbalance what I’d been taught. Something like, “This is what I believe” so I could read it and say “no thanks” or come back and say, “I want to learn more.”
What I loved about the “Evil” was that these people were more than willing to answer my questions—even encouraging me to ask more.

11:19AM PDT on Sep 11, 2013

Not surprising. Atheists live a life of kindness and values simply because they think it's right and not because of a fear of going to hell. My husband is an atheist and he is the kindness, most wonderful man alive.

3:13AM PDT on Sep 11, 2013

Of course.

8:34PM PDT on Sep 10, 2013

i wonder if part of the problem is that religious teaching demonize questioning authority or the world around you, so becoming a freethinking educated person is a bad thing to these sad people. they dont seek out answers but instead do what they are told regardless of whether or not it makes sense. teaching abstinence only and harking on and on about how natural instincts and urges will send you to hell ect.... all that does is alienate and endanger youth. so it isnt being religious or spiritual but refusing to look outside said beliefs. plus the hatred towards those who are different, that increases violent crime. racism and religion are as old as time. and go hand in hand. they fear anything and hate anything that doesnt directly coincide with their little stories and indoctrination.

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