Australian Police Seize Unreleased Whale Wars Footage

On February 20, 2009 an Australian federal police ship pulled up next to the Steve Irwin, the Sea Sheperd Conservation Society flagship. The cops boarded Captain Paul Watson‘s vessel and served him a warrant. It authorized the seizing of “all edited and raw video footage, all edited and raw audio recordings, all still photographs, producer’s notes, interview transcripts, production meeting minutes, post production meeting minutes as well as the ship’s log books, global positioning system records, automatic radar plotting aid, purchase records, receipts, financial transaction records, voyage information and navigational plotted charts.” Most of that data belongs to the Animal Planet documentary film-makers who are collecting footage for the second seaon of Whale Wars. It’s clear that the Australian government is trying to stop the second season of Whale Wars. But why?

In 2008, Whale Wars embarrassed not only the Japanese government, but the entire Japanese whaling industry. Japan does not wish to see the airing of the second season of Whale Wars. No doubt the country is putting serious diplomatic pressure on the Australian government to prevent further exposure of their illegal whaling operations in the Southern Ocean.

“It’s a very one-sided affair,” says Captain Watson. “The Japanese ships have not been boarded by the Australian Federal Police; they have not had their video and navigational data confiscated. They have not been questioned nor will they be, yet they violently attacked my ship and crew in the Southern Ocean. Does the law only go to bat for those who destroy nature’s creation? Are we about to see the ultimate kangaroo court where Sea Shepherd will be legally crucified because the Australian government has not lived up to their promise of taking the whale killers to court? The truth is that we would not have to be in the Southern Ocean defending the whales if the governments of the world would simply enforce the international conservation treaties they once so proudly signed into law. Without enforcement there is no law – just ecological anarchy.”

Watson continued, “If need be we will be in court to answer to charges of defending endangered whales in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary and to this we proudly plead guilty.”

Let’s show the Australian government that they cannot cover up the brutality of whale hunting and Sea Sheperd’s resistance. The DVD of the first season of Whale Wars is available from amazon. Today I’m going to buy 5 copies: 3 for family and friends and 2 to donate to my local library. What are you going to do to spread the word?

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In an effort to prevent further embarrassment to the illegal Japanese whale hunting industry, Australian police siezed Animal Planet footage of Sea Sheperd crew defending whales from the illegal hunting.


Margaret Brewster

Hi Roxanne and everyone,

Yes, I'm afraid it's so. Anyone that has watched most of the episodes of the program in question would know. He shot himself. His injury was small. And then he lied about it. The incident was also reported on TV news, newspapers and magazines. I'm really worried about his mind set. So I'm glad courts are getting involved.

The killing of all whales needs to stop!

Bye all!


Roxanne Mehl says
Mar 7, 2009 7:12 AM
is it true that watson was shot? roxanne

Roxanne Mehl
Roxanne Mehl7 years ago

is it true that watson was shot? roxanne

Margaret Brewster

Dear Judith,

Hi! Maybe you missed some episodes of the TV progam in question. One episode SHOWED Watson having been shot! I think it was the last episode of the season. News reports of it were abundent too. I hope you get to see it. &&&&&&&&&&&&&&

Judith H. says
Mar 4, 2009 11:47 AM

Yes, Margaret, Greenpeace does nothing but tries to get donations implying that it does. They have photos on their website and phamplets that they are in the water protecting whales. I stopped donating to them and now donate to Sea Shepherd Conservation. Your comments are hard to decipher. Which side of the fence are you on? Captain Watson is to be commended for putting himself on the line for the whales, otherwise you would be hearing nothing about this nor anyone else. Sea Shepherd is effective and that is why they are trying to stop his spreading the word about the brutality and illegality, of the Japanese whaling in protected waters. Sea Shepherd does not use violence, hear that, does not use violence. You need to read the web site for Whale Wars or Sea Shepherd. Captain Watson did not shoot himself, and who has proof or information that he did?? Stop your libel and slander, now. I will stand up for Sea Shepherd and Captain Watson anytime as they are doing what no one else will do to bring an end to illegal whaling.

Margaret Brewster

Reply: It was shown on the television program in question. Have you seen the program? It is one sick incident. Watson wasn't hurt much when he shot himself. News reports about it were abundent. &&&&&&&&&&

Marena Chen says:

What? Paul Watson shot himself? Who came up with this ridiculous claim? What utter rubbish.

The STEVE IRVINE was in Australian waters when the police seized the material. But I am quite sure wily Paul has back-ups stashed somewhere.

Mandi T.
Mandi T.7 years ago

Make a living doing something decent. This killing is not the way to do so, and it's illegal!!!!

Chris H.
Past Member 7 years ago

The Japanese should be embarrassed - whaling is brutal and unneeded. Japanese villagers still slaughter dolphins too. This barbarism must be stopped. The Japanese government needs to hear what we think about this disgusting industry. Can someone start an action on this?

Theresa W.
Theresa W.7 years ago

Both sea sheperd and greenpeace are valuable...too bad that disagreement , or whatever it is that is causing this rift is actually destroying the purpose and goal of their goals . these two must unite and do what each is good at. One is peaceful and one needs to be aggressive.....just like sending out the tough guerillas for a sneaky attack against the enemies.....I do not see anything wrong in this. These two shoudl stop bickering and do their job . Animals are at stake here while they are picking on each other.

Theresa W.
Theresa W.7 years ago

What is Australia relation with Japan?????

The rapid development of Japan's relations with Australia in the post-war era was based on mutually complementary trade links. Since then, the relationship has expanded to economic activities, politics, culture and various other fields. As trusted partners in the Asia Pacific region, Japan and Australia share a common interest in regional stability and prosperity.

april m.
April m.7 years ago

I'm shocked that Australia would act in such a way! I am disappointed that they would side with japan.

Marena Chen
Marena Chen7 years ago

What? Paul Watson shot himself? Who came up with this ridiculous claim? What utter rubbish.

The STEVE IRVINE was in Australian waters when the police seized the material. But I am quite sure wily Paul has back-ups stashed somewhere.