Author Of VA Abortion Regs Takes Name Off Final Draft

The Virginia Board of Health is scheduled to vote today on permanent regulations for abortion providers that are so burdensome and necessary one the original architects of the rules has refused to sign off on them.

Dr. James E. “Jeff” Ferguson II was one of a handful of advisers who helped draft the regulations and has said that the rules the board approved in September are vastly different from the ones submitted for review by officials, including those from the offices of Attorney General Kenneth T. Cuccinelli II (R) and Gov. Bob McDonnell (R). Ferguson told The Washington Times “I couldn’t support the unnecessary regulations relating to building codes and the like as they didn’t have anything to do with physician care or safety,” he said. “They do not reflect the recommendation from the physicians and the medical community. This is discouraging to me.”

Critics of the new TRAP law argue the regulations are designed simply to drive providers out of business. Rosemary Codding, director of Falls Church Healthcare, which offers cancer screenings, annual care and first-trimester abortions, said the size requirements make the janitorial closet larger than some of their patient rooms. She estimated that the changes could cost from $500,000 to $1 million. She also noted that in 10 years, the facility has had 11,000 abortion-care patients. Four had complications — or 0.00036 percent. “How can that be improved?” she said. “If I spend a million dollars, will that improve that rate?”

That’s exactly the point. It can’t, because the regulations were never intended to in the first place.

If approved, the draft regulations would go through executive branch review and be published in the Virginia Register. A 60-day comment period would follow. The board would then come back to approve the final regulations and the governor would sign off on them.

After final a 30-day period during which the governor can make final decisions, new regulations become effective unless they are suspended or at least 25 people request another public comment period.

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Evelyn M.
Evelyn M.4 years ago

Green star to Mari Garcia, very well said.

Sophia Haythornthwaite

Amanda W: Yes, a fertilized egg is life, but so is an unfertilized egg and a sperm cell. Do you consider men who masturbate to be murderers? Because they're killing life. Completely non-sentient life, just like fertilized eggs. Your remark that only rape victims and women with a high-risk pregnancy get legitimate abortions and the other women are just sluts shows your contempt for women. We have more than enough misogynistic men, who don't female misogynists too.

Sophia Haythornthwaite

a safe abortion shows that they are either completely ignorant about abortion facts or that protecting life isn't their motivating reason.

Sophia Haythornthwaite

It was proven 2 years ago that fetuses can't feel anything until after 6 months of gestation. Only 0.17% of abortions happen after that point and they are only done if continuing the pregnancy will put the woman's life in danger. In my mind, the fact that 99.83% of abortions involve zero suffering whatsoever completely removes it as an issue to protest.

What about all the children in third world countries who slaved to make your clothes? The animals who underwent despicable cruelty to make your food? The people working in highly dangerous conditions getting payed next to nothing to make the computer you're using and just about everything else? They are living things who can feel pain; unlike zygotes, embryos and most fetuses. It is disgustingly insensitive to moralize women by calling them murderers while you eat your animal products, wear your child slave-made clothes and use goods produced using slave labour. If you're going to lecture people about how they cause human suffering, you'd better make sure that you don't contribute to it at all.

If people who oppose abortion really do it because they care about life, they would want abortion to be legal, affordable and available, because 13% of all pregnancy and child birth related deaths among women worldwide are due to illegal abortions and the complications that follow. Legal abortion-related deaths didn't even make a demographic large enough to chart. The fact that the "pro-lifers" don't want anyone to be able to get

Mari Garcia
Mari Garcia4 years ago

I really don't understand why people feel that their personal beliefs should dictate other's lives? It's really selfish if you think of it. Force a complete stranger to undergo a horrible illegal abortion or birth a child that is unwanted, for whatever reason, because of one's person choice. It is not selfish of a female to decide that at that time and moment, having a child is not in the best interest of anyone, esp if that child is deformed or has a disease. Abortion rights is an issue for two reasons, people think opinions are fact and the anger at women for taking control of her life. Opinions meaning that people have opinions when life begins, but it can't be backed by fact. I knew a guy from India, and in his religion, life did not begin until 3 months into the pregnancy, when god gave the fetus a soul. Other's feel life begins at moment it's concieved, which means natural abortion occurs regularly. Some other opinions state life begins once the fetus is vaible, while others feel it's alive once the baby is born and he/she takes their first breath. The moment of life is a philo. debate, not an actual scientific one. The other problem is mistogynist, sexist, patrichical assholes HATE the idea of women being able to control their own life, make their own decisions, become educated, independent and equal. Giving women access to safe abortions enables this.

Yvette S.
Yvette S.4 years ago

I'm pro birth control and choice!!!!

Glenna Jones-kachtik
Glenna Kachtik4 years ago

By the way, Amanda W - that baby's heart that beats at 12 weeks? Their heart is at least open & not closed to pain & suffering... You have the coldest heart I have ever seen. Yes, it IS alive - but lots of things are alive. I am not sure about you - because living means that you care for other humans who are alive....the unborn may or may not be born - with or without an abortion. Why don't you care for some of those children already here? Don't they at least deserve as much of your care as those who might never be born????

Glenna Jones-kachtik
Glenna Kachtik4 years ago

Amanda W - Slut???? That term would be preferable to a cold hearted person such as yourself. So the babies are precious little lives at conception??? Fine, the minute YOU adopt everyone of them - offering to open your home to them & support the mother until she gives birth & the child thereafter for 18 years - you should butt out of other's lives. They are making decisions based upon their ability to care for a newborn not you. Also, what about babies born with incurable diseases that leave them in constant pain? Should they be born only to suffer & die shortly afterwards in extreme pain? Children born with EB have constant pain because any touch from another person or thing causes their skin to fall off - you think their lives are your responsibility to save??? What are you going to tell them "God caused you to live because ....." What about their medical bills - are you going to pay for them? What about women with ectopic pregnancies - are they sluts also because they choose to live for perhaps their other children rather than die for this one that will die anyway & take her with them???
God who gave you the idea you could call women names???? You seem awful judgmental...I think God would be really pissed about that.

Angela N.
Angela N.4 years ago


Sheryl Young
Sheryl Young4 years ago

In 1989, I knowingly gave birth to a child with a chromosome disorder. As a reward, the Republicans want to make sure she can't afford health care. In fact more than half the women with the same disorder end up on Medicaid -- unable to work for pay because it'll jeopardize their health benefits. High risk pools are unbelievably costly. How can my daughter have a future if she must pay over $2000. a month in insurance?

From where I sit, the Republicans only give a damn about the fetus. Once they take a breath the Republicans JUST WANT THEM TO GO DIE!!!