Autistic Girl’s Service Dog Stolen, Found Dead In Yard

Last week, Toby, an American bull terrier who was specially trained as a therapy dog for 9-year-old Allie Nolan, who is autistic, was stolen from the family’s front yard in Moncks Corner, South Carolina. Today has brought terrible news: Live5News reports that Toby was found dead in Allie’s front on Sunday night.

Blood was seen coming from Toby’s mouth but it is not clear how the more than beloved dog died.

Allie’s mother, Kelly Nolan, says that witnesses told her that they saw someone snatch Toby from the the family’s’ front yard last Wednesday.

Toby, as Nolan said, helped to keep her daughter safe and was attuned to her crying and emotions and to when something was bothering her. Nolan even called Toby her daughter’s “voice when she’s upset or in danger” and said that Toby being missing was like having one of her own children gone.

I was troubled to hear about Toby being stolen and speechless to learn of him being left dead in the Nolans’ front yard. The cruelty inflicted on Toby, on Allie and on her family is beyond measure: What will Allie do without her “voice”? What might Toby have suffered after years of being an essential part of a family and of one child’s life?


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Photo by jankgo


Leanne B.
Leanne B.about a year ago

The cruel nasty actions of some people are just incomprehensible. RIP Toby sending positive energy to that family's daughter.

Paulinha Russell
Paulinha Russellabout a year ago


Peta-Ann Smith
Peta-Ann S.about a year ago

I'm wondering if they stole him for the fighting circuit, then killed him when they realized he was 'useless'.

Some people have no conscience.

Maria M.
Maria Micallefabout a year ago

How awful I'm so sorry for your loss my heart goes out to this little girl and her family. I hope justice is given to this pos that has killed this dog.

Valentina R.
Valentina R.about a year ago

Marion F: Definitely, but if you can't use the photo of the actual dog, at least choose one of the right breed. A Bull Terrier is very different from an American Staffordshire Terrier or a Pitbull.

Teresa W.
Teresa W.about a year ago


Marion Friedl
Marion Friedlabout a year ago

Oh, sometimes people don´t want their pics or videos to be published, maybe that´s the reason...

Marion Friedl
Marion Friedlabout a year ago

Valentina R., agreed, the dog on the photo´s a Staff or a Pitbull, but maybe that dog ain´t Toby?! Yesterday there´s been an article about a two-legged Chihuahua who found his forever hom, but the video showed a tripod Chihuahua....

Marion Friedl
Marion Friedlabout a year ago

Oh nooooo, I hope they´ll find and prosecute Toby´s killers, even if that won´t help Allie and her family, but at least they´d get belated justice!!! Prayers sent to the family, and may poor Toby R. I. P., it´s a weak comfort to know no one can hurt the dog anymore now...

Linda Barnett
Linda Barnettabout a year ago

How terribly, terribly sad for this little girl, Allie and her distraught family. Somebody, somewhere must know who carried out this despicable act of cruelty to a much loved and valuable pet. Whoever has killed this beautiful dog, Toby, must be caught and severely punished, no question. This poor little girl must be utterly heartbroken. There must be justice for this very much loved family pet. The perpetrator who took the life of this innocent and voiceless family pet deserves nothing less than the maximum penalty and prison sentence for their vicious and heartless crime.